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NOTE - There will NOT be a wipe after OB, so dont worry about your character now will be deleted

Race for both faction/kingdom:

Human - u get to buy things cheaper at npc also selling to npc at higher price. there is incrase in atk speed for human too, so make it a perfect race for rogue

Elf - elf is pretty much for mage class, they get heal more when using potion, and aggro range for them is less than other race so make it safer for priest and mage

Pom - for crafter no doubt, they have the ability to wear equip 5 level earlier. For example - a lvl 36 equip they can wear it at lvl 31, also they have the ability to move faster when riding mount that any other class.

Wolf - wolf has a slightly speed boost at walking. also they get more str and hp than other class. good for warrior type and possibly rogue.


both kingdom contain 4 main class, you have to pick ur class when making the character. At level 10 you do a job change quest and u get to pick from 2 advanced class from the class you created.

The four main class are Warrior, Mage, Crafter, and Rogue.

Kingdom of Rogwel -

Warrior turns into weapon master or defender

Weapon Master - they use 2nd weapon and does AoE damage. Note - In this game, 2hand weapon like spear are AoE attack by default even at normal attack which is awsome.

Defender - pretty much like a paladin, they have some buff and healing spell, and AoE spell. So pretty average as a warrior class.

Mage turns into Rune Caster or god caller

Rune Caster - Typical Mage, they do dps and AoE. i believe 1 of their spell does the single most damage in game.

God Caller - Preist and summoner combine. They get to heal, AoE heal, Buff, and summon pet to fight for them. As for pet there is a pick between Range pet and Melee pet. Summon is also their shield, 100% damage taken will be redirected to the summon. So before the Summon die, they will not take any damage. As the summon skill level up, the pet's level go up by 10 level per skill level. Note that there is no other way for summon to level. And normally summon are higher lvl than the caster, example at lvl 31 u will be able to get a lvl 41 pet

Rogue can turn into Tracker or Shadow Walker

Tracker - hunter/ranger type character, their main weapon is bow but also has the ability to use sword as well. they can tamed specific monster from the wild as an extra help. Has slight ability to heal too.

Shadow Walker - Assassin, can dual wield *well most class has the option to dual wield but its most likely SW will* Can stealth and backstab, stun, poison, etc. Very good pvp choice

Crafter can turn into Artifact Maker or Animator

Artifact Maker - they are 1 of the crafter, they has all bow, gun, and sword type of skill, so its very self opinion at what to use. They can make Armor and Weapon *except gun and bow*, also capt and belt.

Animator - Gun user. They can craft accessories, gun, bow, and machine core. Machine core are like special "gem" or w/e you call in it other game. they are used to put into socket item and it gives special ability depend on the core. Each core will give 1 ability. And you can socket into Helm, Top armor, Pants, Boot, and glove.

Elerd -

pretty much the same as Rog. But of coz each class has different skill than Rog. Also like to note that Defender in Elerd is called Paladin, they are able to use summon as well, but i do not believe they get the absorb damage shield like the priest does.

Skill System -

The skill system work with SP and TP. You will get 1 SP per level, as for TP you gain by casting the spell. There is also a AFK TP trainer outside each town, allow you to train TP while afk, u will get 300 TP per 5 mins. Each skill level up 1 SP and certain amount of TP is used.

Before level 21, all the Skill can only go up to 3. And each 10 character level, the limit for skill are raising by 1. So at lvl 21 you will be able to learn lvl 4 skill, lvl 5 skill at lvl 31 and so on. Note that - crafting skill has no such limit, so you can get lvl 10 crafting as long as you have enough SP and TP.

Also if you like PVP, this game is just as good as WoW, there is places where open pvp for both faction, so expect massive killing going on everyday. if you like leveling without disturbed, there is also place at each faction's home land for grinding and boss hunting.

The Quest system is very nice too, most of the time, it will have a flag on the map to locate where to go to finish the quest. And npc will automatic PM you if they have a quest to give out when you walk by them. Of course a ! sign will also appear in the mini-map for easier locate.

Armor Upgrading system is awsome, unlike other game when fail upgrade the item will break, in neosteam depend on the upgrade mats u used, the item will only degrade, IT WILL NOT BREAK. Unless you are doing a special upgrade then the item will disappear after S3. But of course in the future, expect CS item to prevent breaking 100%!!

STOP waiting, come join us now in this great community.