How can things be so strange and yet be so normal
Can I be both in and out of time?
With this angel here above my and that silver devil
Sharp and breathing darkness in my spine
With fireflies for teeth and tongues that taste like murder.
Oh my god you’ve tasted this before!
With dripping blood-red wreaths that flow like water
Moving like a lake across the floor

The black unfrosted gleam of her pupils dilate
And I can see myself deep within
She mutters something soft that aches like landmines
The frost upon this moment running thin
All the cobweb kisses she gave seem now like cold snares
Though I know them true like wind and snow
And her skin is pale like cadavers bleached for skinnin’
All while the shutters scream and blow

She told me once before that her jet black dreams were
Something sweet and simple and yet cold
But never in the past the her crimson ribbons
Look so fleshy bright and bold
The TV news reporter in a word sigh “one dead”
And I have to wonder if its me
She left me still just lying, metallic handle in me
Then she leashed herself to a branch, a tree