But if I could only walk through
The clockwork gods that bay
I would fine you on the beach
Where hermit children play
And in the tide would find the nectar
Of dreams that passed away
And in cloudless sky, a promise
The promise you would stay

But if I could only listen
To the wind that preached the rain
I would hear your mutters
That are howling out in pain
And the echoes they are casting
Through my ivory tower fame
Which beg me to giver ear
But I have too little shame

But if I could only see you
In eternal moonlight fields
Where the clicking cricket chorus
By you’re grasses it is heeled
And give you’re eyes the stage
The stage the stars will yield
In the forest there is nothing
As you lips are softly sealed

But if I could only burrow
To that place you call your home
Poe’s Conqueror would relinquish
You’re cold and pearly bone
The veil of life would tremble
The break that fate had sewn
Would that night be torn open
With a necromantic moan