Well, not sure I never posted this around here... But probably not, since it's like the 2nd time I post on this forum... I wrote quite some time ago, but I reallly like it. Others said it's pretty good too, so... I hope you guys (and girls) like it.

The tears he cries are just his broken wings
He is the one that only sadness brings
He's fallen in the dark and lost
He is now where he hates the most.

But who is he and what he wants
What's the purpose of the lie he starts?
Is he real, does he exist?
In this world can he resist?

He can't run and he can't hide
Is the prisoner of his mind,
Just a dream that I can't touch
Which says that I've been sad too much!

I don't actually write in English to often, 'cause it's not my native language... but I hope I at least wrote it correctly. And I'll put some more if you want... (probably not, right?)