I found youíre note outside the college
I saw it written all across the sun
I found youíre eyes they were bleached with roses
Gazing up into the god whoís on the run
And though I, Iím a heretic-talker
You took head and showed it to the glass
And oh that ditch of the ballroom dancers
Was swirling through my head all class

I took youíre pen and I wrote you backwards
With letters all painted in another tongue
And all youíre spheres that you preside in
Were covered up by music choirís sung
And now I, Iím the last remainder
Iím the man who takes his hand to walk
And gripping my hand I pray to myself
While black nothingness it starts to talk

Oh my friend Johannes de Silencio
Please speak with that twice gouged voice
And youíre endless echoes, existent and lovely
Are drenched with tears of the gods of choice
But then I, I'm the time-debaser
Whose present present never became a past!
I will take up you banner and burn it
So you can rise up from the diamond ash