i have a group of friends, we've known eachother for about 3 years and im the only one in the group who seems to like anime.
i tried to show my friends of it but they either laugh at the concepts or find the voices stupid. they dont actually seem to get it when its serious.
e.g. i tried introducing my friend george to death note and he found the voices stupid and couldnt seem to grasp the plot. death note is simple! guys kills people and trys to evade the law. what else is there to it?

im in new zealand and have only in my entire school found a couple of people who are interested in anime.
i did a statistics project and aked the question 'do you like anime' to my schools students year 7-13 (thats grade 5-11 for the americans)
here's the results

yes: 2%
no: 80%
whats anime?: 18%
number of students in my school: roughly 500
2% of 500= 10 people

only 10 people like anime and 90 people dont know what it is

any tips/suggestions for me to find some people who share my interests?