We just lay there drinking sideways
Ann Nui your head was falling
All across the tooth-like highways
We never drove across though calling
Their voices yes I heard them singing
All across the bed were ringing
And if I said, “Ambition’s stinging”
You would say, “Its not worth heeding”
But all our lives are now a coffin
And all you’re smiles have aged and past
And all you’re guns are sounding off in
Some other present that won’t last

Oh Ann Nui with a flower petal
How you looked like mushrooms growing
And all my dreams I left them fetal
They you said were not worth knowing
And as I lay and felt you’re sighs
Go slipping past my tired eyes
We would lay there, softly die
My wings ain’t worth the weight to fly
And every night Ann Nui you look like
A cadaver all bleach with beauty
And then you’re words in silence strike
About this fatigue that was our duty

And Ann Nui you held me down
And let the world take all my pleasure
And Ann Nui you touched the ground
And how you filled me up with leisure
All the books they lose their meaning
Though I hear them softly screaming
And how knowledge on the floor is teaming
“don’t pick them up” you said while leaning
on one arm with hair so pitch black
slow rivers of dark turpentine
and with a white wrist you pulled me back
into some sort of warp in time

Oh Ann Nui where did you take me?
Not a place and no state of mind
With your slothful arms what did you make me
Half awake and yet still blind
You’re still young so I have to tell you
Wake up and look into the blue
The sky you see it’s sad but true
It’s fading into a blacker hue
So Ann Nui wake up from your slumber
Take the shield that kept your eyes
From seeing the sun, that piece of lumber
Use it to help you start you’re rise

But for me you’re sloth has fadesinto
All my bones and have made me feel
So tired and so drunk and too
Dizzy to know what’s real is real
Now you’re blankets are forsaking
All the things you had worth taking
And all the futures you weren’t making
So wake up from the life you’re faking
I watch you in the light you’re standing
While my eyes are blinking shut
You move now to the stairway landing
And finally my eyes they shut