Tomb Raider 1 was the first Tomb Raider I played when I was 11. Now, perhaps it was a result of the young age as well as the graphics (which mind you, wowed me) in those days, but it took me 2 years to complete the game! Ever since, that game has been one of my favourites and I baught every single Tomb Raider out there up till Legend for the PC. Legend is the only TR I played on Playstation.

I loved Legend; good story, beautiful graphics and lots of fun. However, I soon realised that the game was... well... easy! It took me a week to complete, compared to the months it took me for the previous Tomb Raiders. And, let's not forget: it was very short!

My guess is because of the new gameplay:

- there is supposedly more freedom, but instead, it's a very linear game. With the new and improved graphics, you can almost tell where Lara has to go next. In the older games, the world was huge and you had NO HELP what-so-ever, esp. in the first game. In Legend, they actually give you too much help.
- Some puzzles did take me some time in Legend, but generally, there were puzzeles that didn't require you to look for keys and such. In the older games, you would travel FAR just to get a peace that can open a gate for you.

When I heard they were remaking the first one you can imagine my joy. The nostalgia it would bring! But when I checked out the trailers (reviews inclusive) on GameTrailers, I noticed that while swinging, they actually guide you and tell you to press X and all that nonsense. I don't want the help, that makes a game easy!

So, has anybody played Tomb Raider Anniversary? Is it what you hoped for or was it a dissapointment? Please let me know!

Also, if you think that the better graphics are making shorter and easier Tomb Raider games, OR if you don't, please have your say.