Hello, everyone!
We're gonna talking about ARIA in here. ^^
So, if you have watch ARIA (even if just one episode), please post something here.

Okay, first..do you know 4 type of fairies which are well known in Neo-Venezia? There are Salamander (fire), Undine (water), Gnome (earth), and Slyph (wind). The people in Neo-Venezia uses that knowledge as a kind of job-title.
Next, I will tell each of their work..but just the short one ^^
Salamander--->controlling the heat and weather from upper island.
Undine --->guiding tourists or locals around Aqua
Gnome --->balancing the gravity of Aqua
Slyph --->transfering goods from upper island to ground island.

The question is, if you live in Neo-Venezia and you must choose one of those available job lists, which one will you choose? May I know the reason?
(Sorry if the thread is too long, i never post a topic before xD)