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Thread: Naruto Fanfiction: Second Life In Death

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    Default Naruto Fanfiction: Second Life In Death


    Sum: How did she end up there? Sakura’s gone but life in the Ninja world still continues, albeit, worried about her state. Sasuke still leaves, Naruto still trains but Sakura doesn’t know this. She’s too wrapped up in school exams! Where is she?!

    I’ve never actually tried this type of story before. Meaning modern version of Naruto. Actually, I haven’t written a Naruto story full stop! How sad… and I’ve been into it for I don’t know how long.

    Anyway, the story might get confusing sometimes so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask so I could possibly elaborate on something confusing. Although, that doesn’t mean I’ll give away spoilers however.

    I hope you enjoy reading my first Naruto story. I try to get characters in character but I am also semi-experimenting with out of characterness as well.

    If you'd like a full summary, do tell me so and I'll see if i can manage to conjure one up. Ta!

    Constructive criticism is lovely. I don’t normally get them but I’d like them all the same.

    A small warning is that there will be pairings. As far as I have planned so far, one is definite but the ‘main’ one might change. Hint: The female in the ‘main’ pairing is Sakura. This is just a heads-up, it doesn’t mean that all the pairings are coming into play right now.

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto world, its characters and everything else that belongs to the universe because all that stuff rightyfully belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

    Please enjoy reading and if time, comment too!
    Sakura’s eye twitched as the persistent chiming of the doorbell was pressed another five times per second. To say that it was getting irritating was an understatement, a major understatement.

    ‘Why won’t Hoshi get up and answer it? It’s his friends.’ The pink haired girl sighed quietly to herself, her hands tightly clutched around the book she was reading before the barrage of ‘Jingle Bells’ was played. Her skin on her fingers was slowly turning white with strain while she held tighter to the novel.

    She scowled. “Hoshi!” The scream was undeniably also heard at the front door as there was a moment of pure bliss called ‘silence’ that was heard.

    Sakura faintly heard the sound of running feet on the plush carpet in the hallway below her room which she smirked at, her eyes looking in the general direction of her door before being cast back down onto her novel; a serene look planted on her face.

    “Let the nightmare begin,” she muttered to herself, turning a page delicately at an attempt to calm herself down before the storm erupted. No more then a few seconds later, she heard the front door opening and a sea of suspicious giggling, which Sakura gladly chose to ignore and not wonder.
    ‘Underage Readers’
    Thirty minutes later, Sakura neared the end of her novel, the ending reaching to a climax that made her skin crawl. She sighed as she reluctantly told herself that she was dying for a drink and that her eyes were getting slightly sore. She flung her legs over the side of her bed that creaked under the weight; her eye twitched out of annoyance for a second.

    ‘I’m not that heavy!’

    The pinkette sighed and relaxed her muscles, staring at the white door in front of her. It only hit her then –and it hit her hard too –that something was definitely not right.

    It was silent –too silent –and she began to get curious… and suspicious. Normally her brother would run around the house cackling like an old witch while their parents weren’t at home; and with her brother’s friends there, the racket should have multiplied by now.

    Standing up from her bed, she snuck downstairs and momentarily halting as her foot put too much pressure on the carpeted floor boards and loudly squeaked. Half grinning because she wasn’t heard, she tip-toed to the annoying siblings room, which was at the end of the hallway, below her room and next to the stairs.

    The pink haired girl began to hear girlish giggles and her curiosity was amplified. Putting the shell of her ear on his door, she heard one of the boy’s gasp loudly.

    “Woah,” Sakura heard another child breath seconds after, sounding completely breathless and awestruck.

    Her brow knitted in confusion as she looked at the white door, as if demanding an explanation from the inanimate object.

    “What?” she mouthed to herself before putting a steady hand on the handle and quietly pushing it down. Luckily it was silent and Sakura opened it further, seeing her brother and his two friends facing away from the door and sprawled on the floor, crowding around something Sakura guessed was a magazine.

    ‘It better not be a dirty one!’ Sakura angrily thought to herself, her inner backed her up with a loud ‘Cha!’

    She quietly placed her bare feet into the semi plush carpet and slowly walked over to the three visibly blushing boys.

    ‘Oh no,’ Sakura mentally warned them, though she knew the chance of them hearing her was a zero.

    Stopping briefly at the sudden movement of her brother’s legs suddenly moving in a scissor movement, the heel of his foot hitting his backside, she glowered over their heads, taking in what the three nine year old boys were looking at. Within seconds, Sakura’s face was fully flushed and one side of her brain was ticking violently.

    Lightly touching her cheek and feeling the heat, she breathed in and shouted her brother’s name, her hands in fists by her side, going white with the strain.


    Three hitches of breath were followed soon after; the younger Haruno’s body visibly turning into stone before glancing over his shoulder to look at an angry sister. One of his friends quickly grabbed the book they were reading and stuffed it up his shirt, while the third boy scrambled to a cross-legged position and gulped, looking guiltily to the floor but with a tinge of red smudged on his cheeks.

    Sakura growled softly, sending a menacing glare to Hoshi and simple stares to the two friends.

    “No point in hiding it. I already saw it,” she stated firmly. She turned back to her brother. “What if mother and father hear about this?”

    Sakura was met with silence as Hoshi moved to a kneeling position at his sister’s feet.

    “Don’t think I’m cutting you slack Hoshi, I amgoing to tell them,” she put her hands on her hips like a protective mother and faced the other two boys. “My parents are probably going to call your parents about this too.”


    “Where’d you get the book, boys?” Sakura asked, her voice softening by a level, though anger was still evident in her green eyes.

    The boy that still had the book under his shirt spoke up first, his hand on his stomach where the Cherry Blossom guessed the book was. “I snuck it out my brother’s room.”

    ‘These boys don’t look exactly guilty. Their minds are still probably filled with the smut they were reading.’

    Inner Sakura nodded. ‘Typical boys,’ the internal female replied nonchalantly.

    ‘Come to think of it, how could they understand half those words in the book anyway?’ The question was rhetorical.

    Sakura straightened up, towering down over Hoshi before extending her arm out to the boy with the book; her hand was open, ready to grab the layers of pages.

    Reluctantly, the boy pulled it out from under his shirt and put a corner of it in Sakura’s hand, shuffling back further once the female had a grip.

    The elder Haruno brought the book to her face, the cover displaying in bold letters the title of the comic.

    “Icha Icha Paradise?” she mumbled to herself aloud, turning to the next page with a blush on her cheeks; though it was very light.

    She stared at the white page for a few seconds before slamming it shut in her hands, glaring at the three boys before storming out of the male room, closing the door behind her.

    Heading for the kitchen and placing the book on the corner of the table, Sakura strutted to the fridge; she pulled out a soda and a straw from a nearby holder before sitting in one of the wooden chairs that circled the table. Her face was distant as she stared at the other side of the kitchen, unconsciously twirling her pink straw between her thimble fingers.

    ‘I wonder what school is going to be like?’ she asked herself, imagining her first day at school since she was sick for the last three days. ‘Just my luck to get sick on the first day of school.’ Grumbling something incoherent, she propped an elbow on the table and put her chin into the cupped hand, eyes turning lazy and far-off.

    Sakura coughed lightly, half-heartedly looking at a clock nearby. ‘4:18? Great.’ She sighed. ‘They should be coming home soon.’

    Green orbs trailed over to the naughty book on the corner of the table; in Sakura’s eyes, it looked as though it was glowing like a god or something, and at the same time it felt as though it had an air of innocence trapped in its cover. The pinkette scoffed before turning her head away from it, mentally rolling her eyes.

    Again, Sakura stared into nothing, her mind seemingly ending and leaving her at a dead end. Words that were very distant and distorted were ringing in her ears as they came closer to her identifying them. She blinked; her straw in her soda now as she stared at the counter on the other side of the table, her long pink locks trailing down her shoulders and rustling as she moved her head by only a little.

    “Sakura! Argh. Give her back!”

    She blinked again, a thought ringing along side her ear, asking where she had heard that voice before.

    For a second or two, Sakura felt a sudden jolt in her head; the feeling as though something was burning her insides and pounding a very hard ball against the inside of her head. But it was gone in seconds and she was left with a fleeting question but that too disappeared as she heard another voice echoing loudly in her mind.

    “You bastard.” The vocals boomed in her head –although the voice sounded venomous and deadly –as the next few words gradually fizzled into thin air. “You are going to-“

    Sakura was jostled back to her thoughts as she heard the front door opening, a woman with short red hair walked into the house, carrying a brief case and a set of keys that curled around her finger. Soon after, a man, much taller then the lady, waltzed in behind her, his navy tie and buttons undone; he was revealing his collar bone but no lower.

    “Mom! Dad!” The pinkette stood up abruptly, startled but happy that her foster parents were home. She didn’t know what happened to her real parents but these ones had shown and given her love just the same.

    Her father walked into the kitchen, his eyes trailing over the book that was on the table, which was labelled as ‘Icha Icha Paradise.’

    He pointed to it briskly before he turned to the fridge. “Where’d you get that from, hun? Didn’t think you’d be interested in that.”

    “Not me!” Sakura practically screamed; her hands in a set of fists as she half glared and half smiled at her father, who was in turn grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    “I know.” He took a sip of a beer that he opened and sat down in a chair opposite to Sakura. “Explain.”

    Curious, Sakura’s dad moved the book to in front of him, his cheeks lightly painted with a soft red. The younger female cocked her head at him, partially confused about her father’s actions but also half reminding her as well that what she was thinking couldn’t –wouldn’t –be so.

    She sighed before slamming her palms onto the table, her soda can rumbling a bit under the strength. “Hoshi and his two friends,” she put emphasis on ‘friends,’ “were reading this smut in his room.”

    Her father looked up surprised. ‘My nine year old son?’

    He had a sceptical look on his face, which remained until the mother of the house walked into the kitchen, noticed the book and slapped her husband over the head. “Ow!”

    “Where did you get this?!” Dark clouds seemed to close in on Sakura’s mother that added extra affect to her whole ‘motherly’ posture of putting hands on hips and scowling –although this scowl was meant to kill, not meant to be saying that he was a bad ‘boy,’ although he was, just not in a childish manner.

    Sakura looked at the scene in amusement, biting her bottom lip to stop herself from cracking up and shedding tears of laughter all over the wooden table that would eventually drown. She now had to make a choice with whether or not she would save her father’s bacon or not. The temptation to watch him suffer at the hands of a woman almost overruled her sanity –either that or Inner Sakura was secretly taking over –however she couldn’t risk seeing people hurt.

    It’s a thing she unconsciously felt at times during her life, no matter how short it seemed (1) at the moment.

    About to protest and explain the situation to both parents, Sakura decided not to after seeing her father drop to his knees and practically begging for forgiveness. The pinkette wouldn’t have minded it so much, except for the fact that the two started to get too lovey dovey afterwards that Sakura was more then happy to scurry out of the kitchen and head back to her room, only stopping to send a cheeky grin to her brother and friends that were waiting at the stairs. Inner Sakura almost danced with glee when she just managed to see the image of fear in their eyes.

    ‘I guess I’ll explain it later.’
    (1)Well, if anyone managed to pick up on what that meant it might sound a little confusing. It’s supposed to be a spoiler that shall become clear gradually throughout the story. It’s partially explained at some points.

    Wellz, I hope you liked the first chapter and I would greatly appreciate it if you commented and told me if there was anything wrong with it.

    Oh yes! Before I forget, tell me if you’d like the chapters to be longer… thanks!

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    Please do the underline in the summary away. It´s difficult for me to read it without problems. Your story is simple and clear I think. Nice. I hope you are posting some more parts. Yeah.
    Calamity befalls oneself. Like Icarus who fell to earth when his wings were burned by the sun.

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