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Thread: Love Hina Fanfiction: A New Arrival, Book 1 of the Tomoro Trilogy

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    Default Love Hina Fanfiction: A New Arrival, Book 1 of the Tomoro Trilogy

    Josun Tomoro wacthed as one of the many trains nearby startes to move. He watched as it gained speed and soon dissapeared into the distance. Sighing, he looked around, hoping to see his train arrive.

    Just my luck, he thought, the one train im able to get tickets for is late. he sighed once more. The story of his life.

    He always had problems. His most recent one was failing his druid test. He had been living in the Osaka druid shrine for the past eigth years, trying his best to become one of the greatest druids of Japan.

    And after eight years of hard work, i failed. He mumbled as his train finally pulled in.

    After turning 9 years old, his parents had decided to send him to the Osaka druid shrine so that he could become a healer like his granfather, who was now one of the 5 druid consul members.

    Feeling numb as he was about to board the train, he sensed something familiar. A feeling of failure. Looking around, he saw a young man of at least 17, maybe 18. He wore square classes and had the look of someone who life also hadnt been kind too. A short feeling of comradery came over Josun as he looked at him.

    We're in the same boat. We've both failed in our dreams. After a moment more of thought, Josun quickly boarded the train before it left him, where he would be forced to make his trip of thought and healing longer.

    After showing the ticket master his tickets, he punched them in and pointed Josun towards one of the passanger cars. After thanking him, he might be a failure but hadnt lost his manners, he procedded to search for his seat.

    After a few moments, he soon found his seat. He noticed that the guy he had seen was sitting right in front of him. He seemed to be righting in a journal. Josun couldnt see a title, and so wasnt exactly able to understand why a few other passenger seemed to be laughing at him. The man toke the laughter in stride. He seemed used to being laughed at and mocked.

    After a moment though, after considering asking the mans name, he saw him place his journal over his eyes as he quickly fell asleep. Seeing how fast he fell into slumber, Josun remebered he hadn't gotten much sleep either. Streching outwards, he was about to fall asleep when another passenger sat down near him.

    This passenger was a young woman, who he didnt bother guessing age, since he had never been good at guessing womens age sicne he was ten. He chuckled a little as he remebered some bruises he had gotten from guessing far off.

    Suddenly, he heard a pounding sound and came back to reality to see the girl pummeling the seat in front of her, letting loose a torrent of insults at someone named "Keitaro." Josun tried to scoot back some as to not anger this already angry woman. He had the disticnt feeling that if he tried to consul her, shed turn the rage on him.

    After apolgizing to the man in front of her, she seemed to calm down. he got the distinct feeling of failure again, but this time more of an acceptance of it. The man sitting next to her exuded a feeling of annoyance.

    After the train had been traveling for a few moments, she got up and headed to the rear of the car, a phone card in her hand. Josun apid this almost no heed till he realized that he had forgotten to call his parents to tell them.

    Cursing himself, he began searching his pockets for his phone card, oblvivious to the man getting up and heading for the same direction. Finally, having found it, he followed the girl to the rear.

    When he got there, he first saw too people sprawled on the ground. then, a split second too late, he heard a soft crunch under his feet. Looking down, he saw the shattered remains of the mans glasses. he also saw another pair laying a few feet away.

    "Oh no!" they both said, unsure it seemed as to whos glasses had been broke. Gingerly, Josun picked the glasses up and, hanidng them to the man, said "Im sorry mister, I believe i broke your glasses. IF you want, ill pay for the damage mister,...?"

    As the man was answering "Thanks. Thats no problem, im sure you need the money more then i need it. The names Keitaro!" Josun was half way thru shaking this keitaros hand when he noticed that the girl had gotten her glasses back on, but flinched when she heard the name.

    "KEITARO YOU STALKER!!" She shouted as she reared her fist back and, with devastaing force, sent both Keitaro, and accidently Josun, flying into the front of the car.

    Well what do ya folks think. This is my pre story for my love hina rp character Josun Tomoro.

    Chapter 1
    Naru was starting to breathe normally again after sending Keitaro into a wall. Then she noticed that the other young man was missing. Looking around, she quickly found him sprawled near Keitaro, still holding his broken glasses.

    Naru gasped. She had never hit anyone else when hitting Keitaro. She wasnt exactly sure what to do.

    She thought about what he had been doing. If she had heard correctly, he was simply handing Keitaro his broken glasses. She suddenly felt very guilty.

    After a moment, she decided to simply help the guy out till he woke up. She quickly went over and picked him up, repeatedly saying the same lines Keitaro used when he peeped. "Im sorry! Im very sorry! I didnt mean to hit you! I was just trying to kill that pervert..."

    Josun groaned as he slowly woke up. He tried to sit up, but his entire body seemed to be hurting all over. After a few more tries, he finally gave up.

    He stared into the darkness that filled the room. He had no ideal where he was, nor who had brought him, where ever he was. He decide hed try and remeber all the good times he had had at the Druid school.

    Snickering, he thought, What good memories? Past setting the teachers hair on fire,..

    Suddenly, Josun heard movement, and a voice. He strained his ears, though this made them hurt a little bitmore then everything else did. After a moment, he regonized it as a womans voice.

    "Hmmm,.. I think Ill go relax in the open air bath. After I check that guy I decked." He heard her say as she slowly approached the door. Trying once again, he finally succeded on sitting up.

    Naru opened the door and switched on the lights. As she walked in, she saw the young man slolwy sit up, till he was looking straight at her. "Hello miss. May I ask why Im here?" Naru blushed as she hastily explained what had happened.

    "..And thats it. Im deeply sorry for hurting you. I was only trying to hurt that perverted idiot!" She shouted as she thought of that idiot. After a moment thought, she realized that she was forgetting something. "Oh. By the way, the name is Naru Narusegawa. May I ask what yours is."

    Josun got the strange feeling that if he didnt tell her, shed deck him. Smiling a little he stuck out his hand, shaking Narus hand after she, somewhat relucntantly, reached hers out. "Josun Tomoro. Pleasure to meet you."

    I know its short, but im thinking on the fly here.

    (Note:This chapter is based on the ideal they were in Kyoto longer then it is shown in the manga)
    Chapter 2

    Josun stayed in Narus apartment for three more days, doing his best to get healed up as fast as he could, so that he could repay the kind young woman for letting him stay. Luckily, if it hadnt been for some of his good druid skills, such as herbal remedies, it would of taken much longer. Naru had been kind enough to buy some of the herbs he didnt have with him. Josun had also made sure she bought it with his money. He was already in her debt for all she had done so far.

    By day three, Josun was only showing a few light bruises that hinted at being sent flying across a train car. He sat in the main room, sipping one of his herbal drinks when Naru came in, a confused look on her face.

    After setting his cup down, he looked up at her and asked "Whats wrong Narusegawa? Did you forget to go to one of the sightseeing spots?" He remembered her saying something about sight-seeing while she was here in Kyoto.

    After setting her bags onto the floor, she came over to the kotatsu and sat down, sighing in contentment at the heat it held. Then she said "I thought I heard a familiar voice today while I was out, but when i looked in the direction it came from, no one was there." She said as she pulled out some books that she bought onto the table. Josun noticed they were college level study books.

    He still could sense a feeling of failure. He hadnt felt it was right to ask, but he was cuirous, so he decided to ask, "I dont mean to pry Narusegawa, but why are you buying so many study books? Are you going too do a summer class to pass a class?"

    Naru kept her head down after he asked the question. He had seemed kind and cordial so far, so she wasnt sure wether telling him was a bad thing or not. Finally, she said "No, I failed the Tokyo U entrance exams, and decided to go on a trip to think and heal..."

    Josun nodded. He had heard that Tokyo U's exams were hard. He had known a few friends back in Osaka who wanted to go, but Josun had been to busy trying to simply pass everything in the Druidic school.

    In an attempt to comfort her, he passed her a class of his herbal tea and said, "Dont feel too bad Narusegawa. I failed a major test as well. It was real important to me," and the rest of my family, he thought. "But ive decided not to try again for a long time, not till i get better..."

    Naru let out a small smile. It was kinda nice too know there were others who had the same troubles as she did, but then she noticed he hadnt said what he failed. Since she had told him, she felt it made sense to ask him, but he beat her too it.

    "It wasnt a college or university i failed at, if youre wondering. I failed a test to join an ancient group of healers called the Druid clan of the East and west. They used to be something close to exorcists, like the Aoyama clan. But we were more of advisors, diplomats, and healers. My parents wanted me to become one like my grandfather,but..." he looked very sad as he said the last bit, making NAru wish she hadnt even thought of it.

    Now it was Narus turn to try and comfort Josun. "Now now Josun its okay, really it,.. oahha!!" Naru shouted as she tripped getting up from the kotatsu. in almost three seconds, she fell on top of Josun. (AN: sound familiar? Book 1 reference) Both their faces heated, but before Narus brain could react, Josun lightly pushed her off and picked up one of his herbal books and started hitting his head with it. Naru heard him softly yelling at himself, saying it was his fault. Naru started giggling as she watched him beat him self up for her own clumsieness.

    Afterwards, Josun asked if he could go sightseeing with her, since he hadnt been to Kyoto in years. She thought for a moment and agreed. What harm could be done in it. She also tried almost futily to get Josun to not repay for the increased rent she had to pay for two people living in the apartment...

    So what do you think folks? That should shed a little light on things. It also sets up Josuns abusive behavior towards himself when 'accidents' happen. Also, whenever you see a (AN: ) that means im inserting an authors note.
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    A great webcomic!! Full of humor, angst, and occasional fanservice!

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    First: It´s too long O.o please. Do it in three oder four posts. Not many people have the time to read all of this. Better often a new Chapter than such a cruely long passage. The storyline is okay. Please. Go on^^
    Calamity befalls oneself. Like Icarus who fell to earth when his wings were burned by the sun.

    Don´t pay too much attention to my bad english^^

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    Default Chapters 3 & 4

    (fixing now. Each post will have two chapters)

    Chapter 3
    Kitsune stood in the middle of the main room with Haruka and Motoko. They had been searching the Dorm for some time, but hadnt been able to find out where Keitaro and Naru were. Kitsune kept saying they had left to elope, but everyone else were against the ideal.

    But it had been four days, and neither of them had called back. Elopementwas starting to seem plausibale, which was making Motoko blush to no end. She wasnt sure to thank the lord Keitaro was gone, though she wished Naru would come back. But the ideal of them eloping,...

    Naru wouldnt do that, she isnt like that,... is she? Motoko started blushing even more. She was too distracted to notice Su and shinobu slowly sneaking towards the door. After a few minutes, they were clear and were running staright for the train station, or rather, Su was running, while Shinobu was being pulled and dragged.

    I hope everything will end up alright, Shinobu thought as they sped onwards,...

    ( AN: Im going to leave Keitaro o to dry for a moment)

    Josun looked around as he and Naru continued there sightseeing tour. They had passed a photo-booth along the way, and Naru had decided she wanted a picture of her trip, and didnt want too take a single picture, so Josun had willingly gone in, sorta.

    I feel sorry for whoever this girl's boyfriend is. Im tired from simply walking along with her, Josun thought as he rubbed his strecthed arm. This girl was very exhuberant when it came to being on a trip of healing.

    They soon came to the legendary Stage of Kiyomizu. Naru went up to the rail while Josun looked around. The last time he had been here was when he was 5, and his older brother had shown off his magic skills by jumping off and landing without a scracth. That had gotten him interested in magic, but the only place any Tomoro ever went was to the Osaka Druid Academy.o while he had learned some magic, it was mostly the healing magc they taught.

    Josun smirkd at a memory that had floated up. He had also learned some minor things involing 'Ki magic', which involved the natural spirit energy within a person. But even there, he hadnt done well.

    He was quickly brought ack to reality when he heard Naru saying "I doubt anyone could jump off here." Since he was in the real world again, he noticed the form of a young man hitting his head on the rail.

    Keitaro could not believe how many times he was seeing Naru. Shes following me. Theres no other explanation. He thought as he quickly hid round the corner. He couldnt let Naru spot him no matter what reason she was here.

    Josun wacthed in mild amusement and confusion. He qucikly regonized that guy as being Keitaro Urashima, the man that had also been punched while on the train. He seemed to also be taking a trip of healing, but was very keen on avoiding her. I would too, if i pissed her off in anyway.

    After a while, Josun and Naru made it to a small treahouse. Josun made sure to remind himself to get the pill before Naru could. She had been helping him, and so he planned to take care of anything that involved money.

    Suddenly, there was a noice near them, and Josun got the lcuky spot of witnessing one of the Naru Keitaro yelling matches.

    Yepp. Never want to make her angry... Josun though as he wacthed the fight.

    Chapter four
    Shinobu dashed up the escalator, trying to keep up with the energetic Su. Su was already past it and was hoping around, giving no sign she had lost any energy. "W-w-ait up Su!" she shouted as she flopped onto the groun. Su tunred around and grapped her arm, yanking her up and pulling her forward.

    "Come on Shinobuu... We got to hurry so we can catch up to Sempai!! Now come on!!" She shouted as she began to drag shinobu instead of pulling her.

    As soon as they boarded the train, Shinobu asked aloud she had been wondering th entire time. "Um,.. Su? What are we going to do about money?" Su looked at shinobu for a moment, then grinned as she began to dig into her pockets. "No worries! I gots lots of money from home!" she said as she soon pulled out a huge wad of bills with an elephant on them.

    Money from home? Shinobu thought as she looked at them. "But Su!! We cant use that! We need Yen!" Su looked a bit sad and guilty as she stuffed the money back in. Shinobu could have almost sworn she heard her mumble "Why cant i use it.." But ignored it as she pulled out her checkbook that her parents had lent her. Sorry mom, dad, bu this is an emergency! I have to find sempai!

    Her thoughts were interrupted when a voice came over the speakers, "The Northeast Shinkansen heading for Morioka is now departing platform 12." Shinobu looked up in alarm as Su stated the obvious "Is Morioka different then Tokyo?" Shinbu started sputtering an letting out low screams as the train ran on.

    Josun sat and watched as Keitaro and Naru ran in circles, Keitaro trying to escape Narus rage and Naru thrwoing anything within arms reach, which sometimes happened to be Keitaro. He followed Keitaros path as he was again sent flying off towards another building.

    Slowly sipping his tea, he contemplated of what he knew of the pair. Naru, as far as he could see, was a generally kind hearted person, who had some severe anger problems. Naru had been brushed up by a guy as they were leaving the hotel for a walk. Josun, who had gotten a little angry himself, had expected a simple slap to the face.

    He smiled a little as he remembered watching the man crash a few blocks away. He had just stood there, full of shock and a bit of fear.

    I better not ever make her angry, for any reason. Josun thought as keitaro came running his way. Unfortuantely, this was the day for his second accidental Naru beating. Keitaro was running for the bench, running for his life, that he didnt exactly realize that Josun was a person. He simply ducked and dodged the incoming fist and ran past the bench.

    But poor Josun, hadnt seen the fist. Seconds later, Josun himself was flying into the distance, though a short distance, seeing as how he hit a tree.

    Narus anger took a few seconds to dissapear as she realized she had hit someone she hadnt meant too hit. A moment later, she was running pver to the tree. Keitaro had finally stopped, seeing as how Reaper Naru was fading. But then he saw where she was going.

    Whose that guy, and why is she running over to him? he asked himself as he straitgened.

    Naru got to Josun after a few seconds, and was lightly shaking him, trying to get a reaction. Finally, Josun mumbled "Mom, make Kalrya stop shooting boulders at me..." His eyes were swirling. Naru slowly helped him up, and glared at Keitaro as she slowly made her way back.

    Before she turned the corner, she shouted "See what you did you pervert!! You made me hurt someone whose innocent!!" She then turned the corner, racing to get back to the hotel. Josun had shown her the herbs he was using to help heal faster, and she was hoping that would work in this case.

    Meanwhile, Keitaro was simply staring. He almost flet like running after her and asking why she was treating him differently.

    She never does that with me, no matter how much i tell her it was an accident. He didnt understand it.

    She must secretly had a boyfriend Keitaro, you had no chance. A part of his brain was telling him. But the other half was saying Its because she didnt hurt you, she hurt that guy. She is a kind person after alll...

    Sighing, Keitaro picked up his bag and slowly made his way to the hotel.

    What do you folks think?
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    A great webcomic!! Full of humor, angst, and occasional fanservice!

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    Default Chapter 5 & 6

    Chapter Five
    Deciding to be careful, Naru, and a revived Josun, left the hotel and went looking for another one. Josun didnt exactly see what the probelm was, but he felt it better not to argue with Narus impression that Keitaro was following them.

    "Honetly Naru," Josun said as he carried his bag, "I dont get the feeling that hes a stalker, though im not sure about the pervert part."

    Actually, he was certain at that moment that he wasnt, but he felt it wise to leave that there in the open for now.

    Naru rounded on him shouting "Well you dont know him enough!! Hes the most perverted man ive ever met!!"

    Backing away a few feet, with a big sweat drop coming down his face, he said "Alright, alright. I agree, just please dont hit me."

    Naru tapped him on the head with an umbrella she had bought as a souvenier. She then left it at that, and they soon found a hotel that she thought was faraway from whereever Keitaro might be.

    Josun placed his bag in a corner of the room where they were staying, and flopped down on the ground. He let his staff rest against his knee, and wacthed as Naru began to set up the bed.

    When she was finished, she turned to him and said "Im going to go take a dip in the hot srpings. Ill be back." Josun sat up a little, and began to rummage through his bags. Naru watched curiously as he pulled out a sleeping mask. He then grabbed a towel and said "Ill Join you. its been a while since ive been in a hot spring."

    Naru was about to make a comment, but he said "Relax Naru, I always wear this, no matter where i am, when im in a bath. It helps me relax. Plus, it doesnt let me see anything."

    Sighing, she nodded and walked off to the girls changing rooms, while Josun headed off for the nearest sink, getting some hot water ready for his herbal tea.

    Keitaro flopped down onto the bed and sighed. Worrying that Naru might decide to come after him, he had changed hotels. But that was no longer what was on the top of his mind.

    Why was she being so nice to that guy, he thought as he tried to figure it out. It just didntmake that much sense.

    After a moment, he decided it was best not to worry about it, and decided itd be relaxing to take a dip in the hotels resident hot spring.

    "Besides," he said to himself, "Who knows when the next chance to relax i might have will be." He then marched off towards the baths.

    Soaking in the warm water, Keitaro felt most of his worries and misery go away. Most, but not all.

    He was still a little curious about that guy, but now he was simply thinking about everything that had happened.

    Try to pull it together man, try to think for a second. So i didnt get into Tokyo U... again. And Naru turned out not to be the girl from my memories. The girl from my memories... i dont even know where she is right now. But she...but shes here, always with me. And even though shes beyond anything i even deserve, shes always there for me...

    With all these thoughts in his head, he didnt here the sound of footsteps, and a sliding door opening and closing.

    While he was lost in his thoughts, he said to himself "Aw.. dammit. I should have at least asked her where in kyoto she was staying."

    Naru heard someone say something, and as she entered the water, she saw a blurry image turn to face her.

    "Na-Naru?" keitaro asked as a Naru apperead through the mist of steam. She was soon lifting her glasses up to her face, and she then saw the face of someone she was hoping to avoid.

    While Naru started throwing punches at Keitaro, Josun pulled open the door and slwoly stepped in. He had asked the innkeeper if they had any earplugs, and his ears werent able to catch the sound until he was, unlukcily for him, stuck in the middle of the brawl.


    For the third time, Josun got hit by Naru on accident. this time though, he took Keitaro with him in the fall.

    Josun sat lazily nearby the two 'friends' as they chatted. Josun was only paying half attention because his ears were still ringing from the hit to the head. He was suddenly reminded of a friend of his favorite audio skit, "Boot to the Head".

    Narus the Karate Teacher, and im the guy who gets a boot to the head, he thought as he relaxed and drank his tea.

    After a moment, he did pick something up. "So Naru," Keitaro was asking, "Why is it when you punch him, you get upset and feel guilty, but when you hit me you show no regret?"

    After chucking a rock at Keitaros head, she said, "Because i dont mean to hit him, and you deserve it."

    Josun simply shurgged, and, using an ability that had been drummed into his head by his parents, reached out with his sixth sense and found the auras of both Naru and Keitaro. He then sidled closer to the two, and extened his hand towards Keitaro.

    "Well, whatever you act like, i dont know about it, so im going to start out on a fresh slate." Josun said, as Keitaro took the offered hand shook it. "The Names Josun Tomoro, a failed druid."

    Keitaro had no exact ideal on what he meant by a 'failed druid', but he was a bit curious about something.

    Keitaro looked at tha face mask and said, "Umm, how can you see me with that over your eyes?" Naru, who knew what he had meant, was curious all the same.

    "Simple," he said, "Its a sixth sense called "Aural Sight". It lets me pick out the spiritual auras of others.

    Before either of them could comment that, there was the sound of talking and shouting, and the russeling of feet as the doors opened and a group of men and boys rushed into the bath.

    "Oh my god!!" Naru shouted, as she hid behind both of them, "I forgot it was a mixed bath!!"

    Keitaro put his hands in front of her, hoping to shield her better, but Josun was taking the mask off, a gleam in his eyes.

    "Dont worry Naru. Ive got a spell i made a few years ago. It doesnt work the way i wanted it too, but the way it does work will do nicely." Josun then started moving his fingers, tracing runes into the air. After a moment, the two of them watched in amzement as a seal appeared in mid-air.

    "Flame Elemental!! Twin Fire Dragon Missle!!" He shouted, and two tounges of flame lept from the seal, arching up into a climb, going up into the sky.

    But, for the first time ever, one of Josuns own home-made spells would actually work. The two flames shifted into the forms of dragons, and came carshing down onto their spot.

    A spray of steam and water came up, and when it cleared, Keitaro and Narus eyes were both spinning.

    "Whoops," Josun said as he surveyed the scene, "It wasnt supposed to work the right way..."

    Thats all of chapter five!! hope ya liked it. PLease R&R if you can!!

    Chapter Six: One rough Night

    Josun, Keitaro and Naru walked down a hall along with the innkeeper. Josun wasn’t paying much attention, since he was too busy lugging all their baggage. Naru and Keitaro both had tried to convince him it wasn’t necessary , but he had simply picked up their bags and left the room.

    The innkeeper stopped in front of a door, and opened it to reveal a small room. It was small, but Josun didn’t mind. He simply dropped the bags into a corner, and began to examine the room. It was only then that he heard what the others were saying.

    “We’re supposed to stay here?” He heard Naru asking. She had a stunned note in her voice, making Josun turn towards her.

    Frowning, Josun asked “What’s wrong?”

    Naru turned towards him, saying “We have to stay in here with, this… this..” she was doing her best to control her frustration at that moment. Needless to say, Josun still didn’t think Keitaro was a pervert. Just very unlucky.

    The innkeeper was nodding as she opened the door to the bedroom, which was made up of two futons on the floor. There was a small shelf in the corner, but that was all that made it up.

    “We usually get a few couples during this season. This is one of our best rooms, fuu fu fuu…” She said, looking up at them. Keitaro and Naru started to splutter about not being a couple, but they were quickly overridden by her point of seeing them leave the mixed bath together, and them having the same address.

    “And besides,” she whispered, not really all that softly, “If you aren’t, then tonight maybe the night for romance.” She then noticed Josun, and said “Maybe for more the one of you, fuu fu fuu…” Josun was soon stammering disagreement along with the other two.

    Sighing, Naru asked “Is this he only room you have available?” Keitaro was nodding in agreement. While sleeping I the same room as Naru sounded really good, he didn’t want to take a chance at being murdered in the middle of the night.

    Shaking her head, the innkeeper lead them into the main part of the room, where a table sat filled with food.

    “I’m very sorry missus, but this is the only room we have to spare. But, since you’re here, you might as well have something to eat.” She said, pointing at the two tables/

    Josun sat I between the two tables, picking food from them at random. Naru sat down after a moment, sighing again. “Oh well, no use complaining. We might as well eat up.”

    As they ate, Josun began to recognize some of the food. It had been a while since he had had some of this food. “Wow!” he heard Keitaro saying, “This food is amazing!”

    The innkeepers smile got bigger. “Oh, I’m glad you like it. Its traditional Kyoto food. Made up of grilled viper, salamander with walnuts, along with freshly squeezed snapping turtle blood.”

    Josun snorted laughter as he watched turtle blood come drooling out of Keitaro’s mouth. He was so busy laughing, he didn’t hear what the innkeeper said to Naru. Still, by the way Naru was protesting, he figured it was better that he didn’t know.

    Naru and Keitaro were sitting at the table. Sipping tea, while Josun read through one of his spell books. Specifically, the one with his own spells. He was still trying to figure out how his spell had worked when, in the past, it had usually hit him instead.

    After a few minutes silence, Keitaro turned towards Josun and asked “Hey Josun, why were you headed for Kyoto?”

    Josun folded the page of his book and turned to face Keitaro. “I failed an exam to become a druid. After I failed, I decided to take a trip of healing. That, and to see if I could find someplace else to live for a while.”

    Naru quirked an eyebrow up at this. “Why do you need to find a new place to live?”

    Frowning a little, Josun said “My parents, wouldn’t be very happy to learn that I failed. They are, very strict. So its better that I don’t go home for now.”

    Silence followed. After a few moments, Josun went back to reading, while Naru and Keitaro chatted for a little while. Josun then noticed another stretch of silence. Suddenly, he heard Naru saying “Pervert! Staring at the futon like that! Its sick!”

    Thinking quickly, Josun said “You know, you could just move the futons away from each other.”

    As Naru was about to agree with him, Keitaro said “But where will you sleep Josun? There’s only two futons.”

    Josun stood up. After a moment, he grabbed his stuff and dropped it in a corner. “I’ll simply sleep here. It’ll be like when I’ve gone camping.”

    As Naru and Keitaro continued, Josun decided he’d take a stroll though the inn.

    Kitsune stood looking over the note she was holding in her hand. After a moment, she noticed her hand was shaking.

    “Those two, why’d they have to run off like that.” Kitsune muttered, shook and some anger showing through.

    Motoko sighed. She had a feeling of what was coming up nest. “Kitsune, we need to stay here and wait for them to call us…”

    No matter. Kitsune had somehow gotten ready for a trip. “Well, we can’t let the four of them have all the fun. We have to make sure their safe after all!” And make sure we have some fu touring the countryside…

    This is the end of Chapter six. Chapter seven will have be coming up soon.
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    A great webcomic!! Full of humor, angst, and occasional fanservice!

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    Default Chapter 7 & 8

    Chapter 7

    Josun sat and watched as Naru and Keitaro continued there ping pong match. Josun was only partially paying attention, but enough to know it was no 19-2, with the 19 going to Naru.

    Too bad I don’t like ping pong, he thought as he loosely held a book in his hands. It was his journal where he was recording everything that had happened.

    In the past few days, I seem to have made some good friends. He didn’t know if Naru or Keitaro thought of him as a friend, but he really didn’t care at that moment. Naru and Keitaro seem to be friends as well, and they get along well. That was, as far as he could tell, a terrible, thumping lie. But then, he again wasn’t sure. The ping pong match they were having, seemed to keep them from doing much but having fun. Maybe that’s why Naru hasn’t been arguing with him. Josun had followed Naru and Keitaro as they exited their room. He had done a full lap of the floor they we’re on when they came out.

    Josun looked up, listening a little to what they were saying. For some reason, he wasn’t sure whether Keitaro was joking or not.

    “..And so what if I am.. A pervert..” Josun heard him saying. Josun quickly wrote down in his journal,

    Keitaro seems to be a very unlucky person, and seems to have little self confidence. He smirked a little at that. He’d had those problems when he was younger. His sisters traps had always outsmarted him. For a moment, he started to drift back to memories past…


    “Hey Jo-kun!! Come over here!!” Kalrya shouted as she jumped up and down. Josun eyed her warily.

    “Its not one of your tricks is it?” He asked, knowing his sister, it probably was.

    Standing up straight, making her face as clear as possible, she said “Cross my heart and hope to die.” Josun sighed. He finally decided it was worth the risk, and followed his bouncing sister.

    She lead him into one of the spare bedrooms they had, and pointed at a bookshelf on the other side of the room.

    “Its over there Jo-Kun. it’s the big green book.” She stood aside, letting him go past.

    As he was halfway across the room, he realized the mistake. Kalrya had learned much of her magic faster then Josun had, which meant that she knew how to make her seals silent. The next thing he knew, he heard Kalrya shout,

    “MAGIC SEAL BREAK!! ICE PRISON!!” The blue seal in front of her vanished and a barrier of ice surrounded Josun.

    Josun hit the thin barrier over and over, all the while shouting bloody murder at his sister. Grinning, she ran off, making her escape before she could get caught.

    End Flashback

    Josun listened in on the argument that was rising up from the ping pong match. After listening to it for a bit longer, he said

    “You know, you two argue like a married couple.” He soon wished he hadn’t said it, but it was too late.

    The ball was about to hit Narus paddle, but when she heard it, it slanted upwards a little, and instead of going back across the table, it careened towards Josun.

    “HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?!” She yelled, not noticing the ball flying towards him. She was about to add something, but she was distracted by Keitaros nose shooting out a streak of blood.

    Josun was barely able to hear Naru yell at Keitaro, nor watch her kick him out the building, when the ball hit him. For a moment, everything was black, then he blinked his eyes open, and slowly stood up. Naru was huffing and puffing, and basically pushing anyone who didn’t get out of her way through the wall.

    Sighing, Josun got up and left the rec room. He felt like breathing in some fresh air, and decided to take a stroll around the walls of the Inn.
    As the cool air reached him, he thought about all that had happened. About him failing his exam, about running away. About meeting these two,.. Interesting was the best word he could come up with. But even though they both seemed a little eccentric, he felt calmer, more at ease when he was around them.

    I wonder why, He thought as he rounded a corner, and pumped into someone. He fell down, wondering who he had bumped into. He had thought he would be the only person out there.

    His second thought was apologizing to the person. As he was standing, he said “I’m sorry miss..” He got no further. He saw she was on the ground, her eyes were blank.

    Josun, who had never met Mutsumi, like all the others, panicked.

    “Oh MY GOD!!” He shouted, he went up to her, checking her pulse, and finding none. He started trembling, muttering about being a murderer, imagining newspapers with his face behind bars.

    Then he remembered one of his spells. While he had done poorly in most areas of magic, healing was one of the few he had excelled at.

    Not enough to pass the exam though, was a whimsical thought that ran through his head as he traced the seal for the spell.

    Just as he was about to complete the spell, the girl sat up, looking very lost, saying “Oh dear, ara ara, I must have fainted again.”

    Meanwhile, on the Coast of Souya, Shinobu and Su stepped off the train, snow falling all around them.

    “Su, are you sure we’re in the right place?” Shinobu asked timidly, looking around for Sempai and Naru…

    Su bounced off the train and looked at Shinobu. “Its okawwie!! We’ll find them!!”

    Shinobu nodded as Su bounced ahead. I hope your right, she thought as she followed her energetic friend..

    Josun sat on the bench next to Mutsumi, watching her eat a giant slice of watermelon, along with the small turtle sitting on her head. It looked at him and lifted a flipper, saying “Myuh!”

    Josun watched as Mutsumi turned to the turtle and listened to it. After a moment, she said,

    “Tama chan really likes you Tomoro-san.” The turtle flew up for a moment, and then landed on Josuns head. Josun pat the turtle lightly on the head, then turned to be looking at a large slice of watermelon.

    Mutsumi smiled and asked “Would you like a piece?”

    He started shaking his head, but soon had the entire slice pushed into his mouth. After successfully prying the melon out, he asked

    “Mutsumi-san, may I ask why you fainted? Are you sick?” Josun wanted to know because he felt bad for bumping into her, even if it was an accident.

    Mutsumi shook her head. “No, it is alright. I am anemic, and usually faint a few times a day.” She went on eating her watermelon, seemingly oblivious to anything around her.

    Josun pulled out one of the pouches he wore and began to rifle through it. After a moment, he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a bag filled with red and blue leaves in it.

    Josun turned to Mutsumi and said “Here, these herbs should help keep you from fainting.”

    She took the herbs and put them in a pocket, then stood up.
    “Well, I must be off. I have to get some sleep for tomorrow.” She then promptly bumped into a stone pillar.

    Josun and Mutsumi finally reached her room. Along the way she had bumped into one wall and three vases. Tama chan sat happily on Josuns head, watching him help her along.

    Josun opened the door and helped Mutsumi in. “Well, I hope you will be okay from here.” he said, hoping she wouldn’t faint again.

    “Ara Ara,” She said sitting down next to her bed. “Thank you very much Tomoro-san. Maybe we will see each other again.”

    Josun simply nodded, and left the room. I hope the next time we meet isn’t when you faint, he thought.

    After some backtracking, he found the room he was sharing with Naru and Keitaro. He heard something moving, and as he opened the door he saw Naru pulling a small slide into the middle of the bedroom.

    “..And if you cross this line, YOU DIE!!” She was saying, glaring at Keitaro. Keitaro was doing a bit of a weaker version of her glare.

    He was shaking his head. “Like I would ever do something like that. Besides, you killed me during the ping pong game.”

    Naru scoffed. “Sure you are.” Keitaro threw his hands up in frustration, and headed for the bathroom. Josun walked in and grabbed several cushions from one of the closets. He went into the bedroom and set them up against the corner near the door.

    Naru looked up when he came in. She looked at him suspiciously.

    “And where were you Josun?” Josun simply sat down in his corner, and after taking a quick stretch, said

    “I took a walk around the inn. I needed some fresh air.” He didn’t mention being hit in the face by the ping pong ball.

    I don’t want her feeling even more in debt to me, he thought. He pulled a set of headphones. Putting them over his ears, he lay back into the corner, and closed his eyes.

    Naru shrugged, thinking It doesn’t matter really matter Naru. Its none of your business.

    Naru then smelled something. After a moment, she sniffed at the robe she was wearing. She stole a glance at the door, making sure Keitaro wasn’t coming back. Then, she remembered Josun was in the room. She hid behind the slide as she took off her underwear. She grabbed her bag and begun sorting through it, looking for an extra pair.

    Keitaro was just leaving the bathroom, using a towel to dry off his face when Naru was saying “I’m such an idiot!”

    Keitaro shrugged and went over to Josun, tapping him on the shoulder.
    “Hey Josun, Good… UMMF!” he held his head as Josun pulled his staff back.

    “Don’t bother me when I’m listening to my music.” he said, not even once opening his eyes.

    Keitaro turned the lights out and lay down on his futon.

    Keitaro was having trouble going to sleep, seeing as how his mind kept going into the perverted section of his mind.

    Keitaro heard Naru shifting, then heard her mumbling. Sitting up a little, he whispered “Hey Naru, are you asleep?” The only answer he got was more mumbling.

    Sighing, he peeked over the slide, seeing Naru didn’t have the covers up.
    “Naru, you’re going to catch a cold that way.”, pulling the covers up slowly.

    Josuns batteries in his walkman choose that moment to die. He had been getting closer to going to sleep, but the lose of music woke him up. As he was digging though his bag for more batteries, he saw Keitaro kneeling near Naru, her covers in his hand.

    In only three seconds, Josuns blood not only reached the boiling point, but he revised his thoughts on the subject of Keitaros perverseness.

    “KEITARO!!” He shouted, bringing his staff to his side and swinging. Keitaro only had a moment to notice the staff before he was sent into the wall, and bouncing out the bedroom. Josun went over and pulled the covers back up, as Naru was starting to wake up.

    “Its okay,” Josun said, “You were shifting in your sleep.” After a moment, Narus eyes closed back up. Josun went into the other half of the room, carrying some rope and Keitaros futon….

    Naru woke up a few hours later. She stretched her arms, saying “Boy, I was restless last night.” As she finished yawning, her eyes went wide.
    She looked in amazement at the sight of Keitaro being tied and rolled up in his futon. What was most interesting was that he was hanging upside down from the ceiling. Josun was sitting nearby, his staff held loosely in his hands.

    What in the world did I miss? she thought to herself….

    Well folks, that’s all for chapter 7. Hope ya enjoyed it!!

    Chapter 8

    (this chapter is dedicated to my good friend, Reza aka god Keitaro from animeb)

    Keitaro slowly opened his eyes. His head heart and he ached all over. It took him a few moments to realize he was hanging upside down, and was tied up along with his futon.

    “AHHH!! What am I doing hanging upside down?!” he shouted, only to get hit in the face by a staff.

    “Shut up, I’m asking the questions.” Josun said, a small smirk playing at the edge of his mouth. He came up next to Keitaros face and asked

    “Why were you pulling up Narus covers? What were you going to do?” Since Josun thought he knew why, he was pretty sure he knew what.

    Keitaro closed his eyes, using all the energy he had to try and get out. Unfortunately, having his sister tie him up and hide him in closets in the house had taught Josun much about the art of ropes. Sighing after the attempt, he said

    “I wasn’t going to do anything, honest. Naru would have killed me. I was just trying to pull the covers up.” It was true. Naru had been shifting in her sleep, causing the covers to fall down. “She had shifted in her sleep, and the covers came down…”

    Josun looked Keitaro straight in the eyes as he said his side of the story. After searching his eyes for any hints or clues of dishonesty, and then smiled a little himself.

    “Alright Keitaro,” He was saying, as he slashed the staff above him. The robe broke and Keitaro hit the floor head first. “I believe you. You weren’t lying.”

    After some help from Josun, Keitaro was sitting up rubbing his head. “Why the heck did you tie me up?” He asked, making sure he wouldn’t have a headache later by popping some aspirin into his mouth.

    Josun looked at Keitaro sternly as he answered “I saw a 20 year old single lifting the covers of a girl sleeping in the same room. What would YOU have thought if you saw me doing that?” Keitaro sheepishly smiled. That probably would have been his first thought as well.

    Shaking his head, Josun stood up. “Well, weren’t you thinking of catching up to Naru? She’s probably wondering why you were tied up.”

    Nodding, Keitaro got up. He made sure to grab his wallet, so neither Josun nor Naru would end up paying for his food.

    Naru sat down at the table, mulling over everything that had happened in the last several days. Failing the entrance exam, fighting with Keitaro, accidentally hitting Josun on several occasions. And bumping into Keitaro while she was on her trip of healing.

    I still say he was stalking me. She thought to herself, taking a bite full of her breakfast. As she sat there though, a corner of her mind spoke up.

    Maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he’s on his own trip of self healing. Naru pushed the thought down though. She simply couldn’t think like that. The more she thought of him as a pervert, the more she couldn’t think of,…

    These strange feelings I have whenever he’s around. That corner of her mind was being stubborn today. She imagined dropping a ton of books on it, and it politely shut up.

    Deciding not to give it any reason to argue, she started staring into space, thinking of Hinata sou, thinking of her family, thinking of whether or not to try again for the entrance exam,

    After the thought strayed across her mind, she stopped with her chopsticks in her mouth. Swallowing, then taking a long drink of her water, she brought the thought back into focus.

    Why am I thinking of Josun!? She asked herself, feeling her cheeks getting hot. She pulled at her hair, trying to forget these feelings, but noticed everyone was staring at her. Sighing, she slowly went back to her breakfast.

    She soon saw Josun and Keitaro coming into the inns small dining room. They scanned the room for a few seconds, then saw they both saw Naru, and headed over to her table. Soon enough, they were both sitting down.

    “Good morning Narusegawa.” Keitaro said as he sat down. Josun was signaling for a glass of hot water, then turned and nodded his head.

    “Same here Naru.” Josun said, flashing a smile before he took the cup from the waiter. When he turned back, he thought for a moment that he saw a bit of a blush on her face, but he disregarded it after a moment.

    Shaking her head, Naru tried to think of something that she could talk about. She then remembered seeing Keitaro hanging from the ceiling, and decided that was a good thing.

    “Hey Josun,” she asked as he made his herbal tea, “Why was Keitaro tied up and hanging from the ceiling?”

    Josun and Keitaro looked at each other. Keitaro was hoping Josun wouldn’t give Naru an excuse to hit him, or do any other sort of bodily harm. Josun was wondering if Naru would believe the entire story, both his part and Keitaros. But he had a feeling that Keitaro would shortly afterwards be flying out a wall.

    Josun quickly thought of something that he was hoping might work.

    “Keitaro heard you shifting in your sleep, and saw the covers had fallen down. He was simply pulling them back up.” Keitaro sighed inwardly.
    Thank you Josun. You’ve saved my skin. Keitaro was thinking, when he noticed Josun wasn’t finished. “After that, he asked me to help him from doing anything he might regret.”

    Naru began to glare at Keitaro, but not for long. Sighing, she let a small smile appear on her face. He had been helping her after all, even though the ideal that he MIGHT have even conceived of doing anything made her want to hit him.

    She opted for both. She smiled at Keitaro, saying “Thank you very much Keitaro. I might have caught a cold sleeping like that.” As Keitaro was beaming from the praise, she threw her book that she brought down with her at his head. Josun winced a little, but paid little sympathy, besides handing him a bandage or two.

    Thinking it best to get both their minds away from the nights incident, as he was thinking of it, Josun suggested a sightseeing tour of Kyoto before they left on the incoming cruise boat. It had been decided earlier by Naru and him that he would pay for most of it, as a way of paying her back for all her help. He extended it to Keitaro as well. Why not? He had all the money saved up through the years with him.

    The three of them were walking down Kyoto station. They were looking for a bench to rest on, having seen about almost all of Kyoto in that day. Josuns wallet was fatter then it had been when they left, since he was paying for most of the cruise ride, they had had to make a stop at the local bank so he could withdraw some cash.

    Nevertheless, Josun pat his wallet solemnly. “I get the strange feeling that everything in you will be gone by the time were done with this trip.”
    Keitaro laughed a little, and Narus already evident smile grew bigger.

    “Sorry Josun. I guess we went a little overboard.” Keitaro said. He was already pulling out some of his money, but Josun stopped him.

    “Relax. I got more in my account. Shows how good it is to save up money. Especially when you have no use for it.” Josun said, thinking of how much of the money he had came from his grandfather, Izu Tomoro. He was the only one who knew what he was doing right now.

    As they rested, one of the outbound trains were speeding by. Two young girls watched from the windows, looking for any sign of they’re friends.
    Su spotted them as Shinobu was looking in the opposite direction. She jumped and pointed

    “Shinobuu!! Its them!! Its Keitaro and Naru!!” Su was practically bouncing with joy.

    As Shinobu turned around, she saw someone else with them. But she only got a short glimpse, before they were being whisked away by the train.

    Slumping in her seat, Shinobu began to wonder if they’d ever catch up. Su bounced down next to her.

    “Its ookkaie Shinobuu. We’ll get them. Then we can play with Keitaro-kun!” She seemed as if she hadn’t lost any hope.

    Shinobu sighed. “Your right Su, but I wonder who that man was that was with them?” Su hadn’t seen him, and so had no ideal what she was talking about.

    Getting onto the cruise ship was easy, and everything else had gone smoothly. Except for the security having a small conniption fit about Josuns staff, everything had gone well.

    Keitaro and Naru stood at the forward of the ship, watching the sun set as the ship cruised along. Josun was sitting in a chair off to the side, writing some more in his journal. Keitaro was trying to pay attention to the sunset, but he seemed to be paying more attention to Naru.

    Josun shrugged. It wasn’t his problem. All he knew was that Keitaro was likely to be swimming if he tried making a move of any sort on her. He heard Naru saying something, but wasn’t paying close attention. He soon heard a hissing sound as he saw Keitaro hurdle through the air and land against the wall. Josun soon saw Naru chasing after Keitaro.

    Sighing, he stood up, closing his book, and grabbed his staff. I seem to be the one that has to break them up for some reason. Not trusting his skills in magic, he would simply hit them both on the head if he had to.

    When Josun found them, they were standing over the body of a young woman who, for lack of any other reason, looked dead. They were both panicking as he came up, but he suddenly recognized her, just as she was coming up from her fainting spell.

    “Didn’t think I was going to meet you again so soon Ms. Otohime. What brings you to this fare boat?” Josun said, helping her up. She simply said “Ara ara” as Keitaro and Naru stared. They had no ideal what had just happened.

    The four of them sat at a table on the dining area of the deck, all enjoying some diner as they were introduced to Mutsumi. Naru and Keitaro were quickly informed of her being anemic, and frequently prone to fainting spells.

    Keitaro, voicing the same thought that Naru had, asked “So how do you and Josun know each other?” Naru nodded in agreement.

    Mutsumi bowed her head and told them of how he had found her while walking around the inn, and how they had gotten to know a tiny bit about each other.

    “And after that, He helped me up to my room after I bumped into a few things.” She said, her face gaining a far away look.

    Josun smirked. “By a few things, I take it you mean the wall and those vases?”

    Mutsumi nodded her head, bobbing it up and down. “That’s what they were, ara ara.” She said, starting to lean slightly out of her chair.

    Josun helped prop her up, and she soon steadied. As Keitaro watched, he got a strange feeling. Suddenly, he saw his dream again, but it was as if more pieces of it had been pulled out. He saw two girls, instead of one. But as he watched, he realized no voices were coming out.

    He felt Narus hand come down on top of his head, Keitaro turned around to Naru, saying “Hey, what’d you do that for!”

    Naru stared at him and said “You had a really goofy grin on your face, and I wanted to get rid of it.”

    Mutsumi smiled at the two, and said “You two sure are a great couple.”

    Naru started saying “I’d never date this perverts moron!” but Keitaro started to have a huge nosebleed, which only caused Naru to punch him.

    A few minutes later, Naru was dragging Keitaro along, muttering something about tying him up and hanging him from the end of the boat.

    Smirking, Josun stood, bowing to Mutsumi. “Seeing as things have gone so far, I think well see each other again very soon.”

    Mutsumi smiled. She came up and kissed him on the cheek. Josuns face turned brick red, so red that Naru would have belted him right there if she had seen him. As it was, she was still trying to decide whether or not to string Keitaro up from something.

    “Ara ara,” she said, looking just a little confused, “I must have done it again. I only do that to people I like.” She then turned around and walked away, no doubt heading for her room.

    Shaking his head, partially to recover the senses he had, he walked off in the direction that Naru had went. He figured he find Naru trying to drown Keitaro or some sort of punishment for even THINKING of them as boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Keitaro slowly followed behind Naru, who had finally decided it wasn’t worth her time trying to strangle him or kill him in any way.

    Keitaro sighed. He wasn’t exactly sure, but he thought that he had actually fallen for Naru. But knowing the way she was, saying so might cause her to hit him.

    As they were heading toward their room, a couple holding hands were coming there way as well. They looked closely like Naru and Keitaro, but the women’s hair was closer to black, while the guys skin was more of a tan color.

    They were both headed in each others direction, completely noticing nothing of the other pair. Within a few moments, they bumped into each other.

    For once, Keitaro definitely didn’t do anything. Since Keitaro was behind Naru, he didn’t bump into them. But Naru did, and as she was falling, grabbed Keitaros shirt, pulling him down as well.

    When the dust cleared, Naru was lying on the ground, as was Keitaro. But, his bad luck decided it wasn’t done with him. His hand was right on top of,

    “YOU PERVERT!!” Naru shouted as Keitaro was just raising his head. The punch simply sent it back down.

    Reza and Sakura Matsushiro sat and introduced each other to Keitaro, Naru, and Josun, who had fond them on the ground and Keitaro with a bloody nose. Josun had helped both of them into their room, and the couple had stayed so they could apologize for bumping into them.

    “We are so sorry for bumping into you. We’re both a bit clumsy. We hope we didn’t hurt you in anyway.” Sakura said. Reza was nodding.

    “We were simply looking for our room. We cant seem to find it. We had been wondering around for about twenty minutes before we bumped into each other.” Reza said, as Josun fiddled with one of his herb pouches. He was looking to see if he had any thing that was said to increase luck. He wasn’t getting very far.

    Keitaro spoke up “Maybe we could help you find your room!” he turned to Naru, asking “What do you think?”

    Josun piped up saying he had no problem. “There isn’t much to do on this boat, in my opinion, so I’m willing to go do just about anything.”

    Seeing as she was outnumbered, and that she had thought of helping them anyways, she said

    “Fine, so long as Keitaro is far away.”

    It taken them some time, and they had ended up asking on of the crew members where they’re section was. They were now headed for the room, chatting lightly along the way. It was as they neared it that Josun saw Mutsumi. She was standing next to the rail, a far away look in her eyes.

    Josun motioned the others to the side for a moment. Naru was about to ask why, but he simply pointed to Mutsumi and watched. Just as he was about to predict, she began to fall over the rails.

    “MUTSUMI!” The three of them screamed, all racing over. Somehow, Josun made it over first, and was grapping both her legs. He was starting to lose his grip when Naru and Keitaro reached them. Soon, Reza and Sakura were there, helping them bring her over.

    Josun and Keitaro set her down onto the deck, making sure not to bump her head or anything. All five of them were catching their breath when she started to wake up.

    Mutsumi looked around again, and said “Wow, did I just pass out again?” All their heads did a face plant at that, even Reza and Sakura.

    The four of them had said good night to Reza and Sakura, who were going to finally rest and relax in their room. The two had even said they might want to see them again.

    As they were walking, Josun decided to ask Mutsumi something.

    “Hey Mutsumi, why are you traveling anyways. I know why these two are, but none of us know why you’re here, especially since you have a weak body.” He said, wondering a little if it would be a good ideal to leave her by herself.

    Mutsumi turned towards them and began saying “I failed to get into the school I wanted, so I decided to embark on a trip of healing and thought.”
    Keitaro heard this and said “What a coincidence! We failed the entrance exams to get in as well!”

    Josun was the first to notice it, which earned him one of his first Naru slaps.

    “Hey Mutsumi, your skirt is ripped along the side” He said, only to have the back of his head take a slap. “I wasn’t doing anything! One of us would have noticed.”

    Mutsumi pulled at her skirt and said “Oh my, it is torn.”

    Naru was folding Mutsumi’s dress as she put hers on. “Thank you so much for lending me your skirt.”

    Naru nodded. “It’s a good thing we’re the same size. Otherwise, we might have had to go find someplace that could loan us one.”

    Keitaro and Josun stood next to each other. They had been designated as the guards, and were to make sure no one peaked in on them. Keitaro didn’t think there was much he could do to stop someone, but Josun had somehow got his staff with him, so he though they’d be okay.

    Mutsumi tugged at the dress a little, saying “It might be a little loose on me,” Naru sighed.

    “I gained some weight during the hectic days before the exam. I haven’t had a good chance to get rid of it.” She said, feeling a little embarrassed talking about it.

    Mutsumi giggled a bit. “Well next time you need to be more careful about that.” After a moment or two, she continued “But your legs don’t look fat at all, and your bottom is real cute.”

    Both Josun and Keitaro felt there faces heat up at this. Josun coughed a little, trying his best not to hear whatever they said.

    Naru was wondering why Mutsumi was looking at her bottom, but was soon distracted by Mutsumi asking

    “So what school was it that you wanted to get into?” Naru rubbed the back of her head. After a moment, she said “Well, I had wanted to get into Tokyo University..”

    “Oh me oh my! That’s where I was trying to go!” Mutsumi said, feeling a bit of kinship towards Naru.

    Keitaros ears perked up at that, and he slid the curtain back, saying “You tried for Tokyo U! I tried the same thing!!” It was only after that he noticed he was going to be in big trouble. Josun was staring, paralyzed with blood starting to trickle down his face.

    Naru was just pulling a pair of jean shorts up, and Mutsumi was putting the skirt on. Narus face was twitching in anger.

    “YOU PERVERT!! HAVENT YOU PEEPED ENOUGH!!” She shouted, punching Keitaro and sending him flying. She turned to Josun, who was just regaining control of his body.

    “N-N-Naru it was an accident!! If Keitaro hadn’t pulled the curtain…” He stopped, seeing as how she was advancing towards him. In a panic, he hastily drew a red seal in the air, and suddenly, a loud explosion shook the room. When the dust had cleared, Josun and Keitaro were covered in ashes.

    Mutsumi stared at them saying “Oh me oh my…”

    Well folks, that’s the chapter. IT was very long. I hope you enjoyed it.
    I will have more coming later.

    I will fix any italics i left out later.

    A great webcomic!! Full of humor, angst, and occasional fanservice!

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    Nice^^ well done but there are a few little mistakes.

    You forgot the "h". watched.

    It has to be disappeared I guess.

    Yeah, and so on.
    Maybe you could set << and >> if you are writing thoughts however it was quiet interesting to read it^^
    Calamity befalls oneself. Like Icarus who fell to earth when his wings were burned by the sun.

    Don´t pay too much attention to my bad english^^

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