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Thread: Card Captor Sakura & Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Fanfiction: This Future of Ours

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    Default Card Captor Sakura & Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Fanfiction: This Future of Ours


    AN: WARNING: CONTAINS POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 189! That’s right, I saw spoilers (from a site who has not got it wrong just yet). This deals with a thought of mine I thought should be addressed quick – it appears that real Syaoran is indeed a Li. Or more specific, Li-Kinomoto. That’s right, Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li from CCS are ‘Syaoran’’s parents. Wow, talk of a confusing plotline.
    Let me tell you I saw this coming the moment Seishirō told ‘Syaoran’ was just like his father. Syaoran Li’s father (and ‘Syaoran’’s grandfather by definition) is dead, so I drew that conclusion already. I did have a phase where I thought Syaoran was Syaoran Li (he uses Li Syaoran as a false name the same way Yūko uses Yūko Ichihara). The purpose of this story is to clear up any confusion (or at least some of that confusion). As for what to look for, this uses Tokyo Revelations OAD 3 (The Dream the Princess Saw) as a base for some part.

    This has nothing to do with my Alternate Universe series ‘Through the Looking Glass’.

    Disclaimers: CLAMP owns Cardcaptor Sakura, xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE. I have most of this plot save for the ‘Syaoran’ is Sakura and Syaoran Li’s child thing. I wrote it, it’s mine. All mine. Belongs to me. Me, me, me. (Damn that Smith)

    Plot Summary: Sakura Kinomoto is about to receive two lots of shocking news. One, she’s pregnant. Two, her child will be involved in a battle to save two futures.

    Ages: Sakura, Syaoran and Tomoyo are all nineteen. Young, I know, but the Japanese Age of Consent is a lot lower than the UK and US. Besides, England is where the law no longer matters.

    News and Revelations

    Syaoran looked at the clock. It was already nine o’clock and he wanted to be gone by now.
    “Sakura!” Syaoran called up the stairs.
    There was no response, as Syaoran tapped his foot impatiently on the first step. He had only gone out to get the morning papers and some other stuff, and he had expected Sakura to be ready by now because she had suddenly developed a streak of being ready on time. Of course, Syaoran had mocked her a little, so he had to wonder if Sakura was doing this to prove some sort of point.
    But the minutes ticked by and there was no response.
    “Sakura, come down or I’ll come up.” Syaoran warned.
    There was more silence, so Syaoran headed upstairs. She was not in the bedroom they shared. Neither was she in the guest room, so Syaoran stopped at the bathroom.
    He was about to leave when he heard a retching sound from behind the door.
    “Sakura?” Syaoran whispered, and he noticed the door was ajar. The sound came again, and Syaoran forced the door wide open.
    Sakura was on the floor, with her head over the bin.
    “Sakura!” Syaoran rushed to her side, and when she looked up, her face was gaunt and pale.
    “We should get you to a doctor.” Syaoran suggested.
    “No…” Sakura gasped, before bending back over the bin.
    “That settles it.” Syaoran said, his hand on her back, rubbing gently, “Wait here.”
    As Syaoran rushed out of the bathroom, the doorbell rang.
    “Aww, what now?” Syaoran groaned, and he rushed downstairs and practically threw the door open.
    “What?” Syaoran growled, before noticing it was Tomoyo on the other side, “Oh, uh, Hi, Tomoyo-san.”
    “I thought I’d drop by.” Tomoyo smiled, “Where’s Sakura-chan?”
    Syaoran looked upstairs, and then answered, “Why don’t you see for yourself. Follow the sounds of throwing up.”
    Tomoyo’s smile fell, and then she grabbed Syaoran and hauled him upstairs back to Sakura.
    “What were you doing, leaving Sakura-chan alone like that?” Tomoyo asked with a frown on her face.
    “I was going to call a doctor!” Syaoran protested, “Tomoyo-san, let go of me, I can walk perfectly on my own, thank you very much!”
    Tomoyo let go and rushed to Sakura.
    “Sakura-chan!” Tomoyo knelt down.
    “Ugh, I don’t feel so good…” Sakura answered.
    “You don’t look it.” Tomoyo placed a hand on her forehead, “You’re boiling.”
    “I feel frozen all of a sudden.” Sakura shivered.
    “Go lie down and rest.” Tomoyo ordered, helping Sakura to her feet.
    Tomoyo disappeared from the room and Syaoran went to pick up the phone to call a doctor.

    “It’s begun.” Eriol sighed.
    “Master?” Spinel Sun began, “May I inquire as to what you are planning to do?”
    “I am merely carrying out the wishes of my prior incarnation.” Eriol sat back.
    “Is there something you’re not telling us?” Kaho asked.
    “Yes, Kaho.” Eriol nodded, “There was something I never told you about.”
    Eriol looked away.
    “Sakura-san and Syaoran-san are not Clow’s only descendants.” Eriol said, “There is another.”
    “His name is Fei Wong.” Eriol’s face was hidden by shadow, “He wants what many people can only wish and dream for, only he wants to make it real.”
    “And what does he want?” Nakuru asked.
    “To bring someone back.” Eriol said finally, “Clow Reed worked hard to try to find a way to stop him. Alas, it may not work all to plan.”
    “What do you mean?” Kaho persisted.
    “The Clow Cards serve more than one purpose.” Eriol looked up, “They serve the purpose of helping in the fight to end Fei Wong’s dream. Fei Wong is old, not as old as Clow Reed was, but his plan has already begun, it will not be long before the two he seek are born, one in this world, the other in a different world. The key to defeating him lies with a chosen few. A young boy named Kimihiro. Sakura-san and Syaoran-san… and their unborn child.”
    “Excuse me?” Kaho blinked, “Did you say…?”
    “Yes, I did.” Eriol smiled, “They’re going to have a child in the future. Near future.”

    Syaoran had gotten changed into something less smart than the clothes he wore for university, and he and Tomoyo had to practically drag Sakura out of the house (with the reluctant help of Keroberos, who would be feeling Sakura’s wrath when she felt better) and to the doctor’s surgery.
    “Kinomoto-san.” The doctor called out. Sakura got up, and Syaoran got up with her.
    “Syaoran…” Sakura looked at him, “Please, wait here for me.”
    Syaoran looked at her worriedly.
    “I’ll be fine.” Sakura attempted a smile.
    “If you’re sure.” Syaoran sat back down and looked at the floor. Sakura went into the doctor’s room, and the door closed.
    “She’ll be alright.” Tomoyo told Syaoran, “Though the next few months may be hell.”
    “What do you mean by that?” Syaoran looked at Tomoyo with challenge in his eyes.
    “Oh, you’ll see.” Tomoyo smiled.
    Minutes passed by. Then Sakura came out of the room back into the waiting room. Syaoran stood up. She looked distant.
    “Hey, Sakura…” Syaoran rushed to her, “Is it serious?”
    “You could say that.” Sakura looked at Syaoran, and a tear streamed down her cheek.
    “Don’t tell me you’re dying.” Syaoran turned pale.
    “Not that serious though.” Sakura swallowed, looked at Tomoyo, who nodded, and then faced Syaoran, “Syaoran… I’m pregnant.”
    Syaoran froze for a moment. His mind was slowly digesting each syllable of what Sakura had just said to him, and when the words registered, his eyes widened.
    “You’re… you mean… you…” Syaoran did not manage much more than the same stutters he suffered when he tried telling Sakura that he loved her years back. Sakura simply nodded.
    “What are we going to do?” Sakura whimpered, collapsing into Syaoran’s arms.
    “We’re not going to worry about anything for the moment.” Syaoran looked at her, and he smiled, “This is supposed to be a happy moment.”
    “You won’t be so happy when Onii-chan gets hold of you.” Sakura sighed.
    “I could do without that.” Syaoran admitted, “But let’s not worry about that just yet.”
    Syaoran kissed Sakura on the cheek.
    The pair, with Tomoyo behind them, walked out of the surgery, and Syaoran and Sakura returned home, where he found his mother and Meilin waiting for him.
    “Mother! Meilin!” Syaoran called out, “What brings you out here?”
    “To give congratulations, of course.” Yelan Li beamed.
    “How…?” Syaoran began.
    “Do I know?” Yelan asked, “Someone called Hiiragizawa called me and told me that it had happened.”
    “Eriol-kun…” Sakura sighed. She might have known Eriol would know.
    “Four-eyed demon should learn to keep his nose out.” Syaoran growled.
    “Don’t be that way, Syaoran.” Sakura asked, “Eriol-kun is just looking out for us.”
    “I don’t trust him.” Syaoran looked away, “He hasn’t given me good enough reason to, what with those ‘trials’ and everything.”
    “Well, now that this has happened…” Yelan began, but Syaoran noticed Meilin was not looking at either of them. It was well-known by now that Meilin had been engaged to Syaoran when they were younger, but had been heartbroken after he told her that he loved Sakura most. Meilin had packed up her things and stayed with Tomoyo that night, to which both Tomoyo and Meilin had said they would not tell Syaoran what had happened, although Syaoran had his guesses. He knew Meilin would have most likely gone to Tomoyo’s place to get everything off her chest with someone who was neither Syaoran nor Sakura.
    “Meilin…” Sakura looked at her friend.
    “Oh, uh…” Meilin stuttered, she was lost in thought and had been caught off-guard, “Oh, yeah. Congratulations!” she beamed, “Have you decided on names yet?”
    “Huh?” Sakura blinked, causing Meilin to giggle.
    “Always the same, Kinomoto-chan!” Meilin smiled, “Always as spacey as you used to be.”
    “I’m not!” Sakura defended herself.
    Syaoran stood back a little.
    “It…” he stuttered, “It’s a bit early to be deciding on names isn’t it? We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet.”
    After the laughing subsided, Meilin looked between Sakura and Syaoran.
    “May I talk with Syaoran for a moment, Sakura-chan?” Meilin asked.
    “Sure.” Sakura nodded, and Meilin took Syaoran aside.
    “What is it, Meilin?” Syaoran asked.
    “Have you told Sakura-chan yet?” Meilin asked, “About the premonitions you had back in Hong Kong?”
    Syaoran bit his lip.
    “Obviously not.” Meilin looked away, “You have to tell her, you understand? You’re putting Sakura-chan at risk. I won’t stand by and let both of you get hurt.”
    Syaoran swallowed.
    “I’ll think about it.”
    “There’s nothing left to think about.” Meilin shook her head, “Syaoran, ‘that time’ is coming. Your mother prepared you for it. She thought it would be you who dealt with it from her visions, but it can’t be you. It might very well be your child who is the key to ending it.”
    Syaoran looked away.
    “Why can’t things ever be normal?” Syaoran asked, “For once in my entire life I wish there was no magic, no Fei Wong, no Clow, no Clow Cards, nothing, just me, Sakura and our child.”
    “But this isn’t normal.” Meilin protested, “Neither you nor Sakura-chan are normal. You’re both unique. Your child will be unique.”
    Meilin turned away.
    “His dream will devastate your future, Sakura-chan’s future and the future of your child.” Meilin turned her head slightly, “Do you really want that?”
    Syaoran bowed his head.
    “No, I don’t.”
    “Then tell her the truth.”

    Sakura hardly slept that night. She felt so many different things at once. It was all so hard to register.
    “Syaoran…” she had said earlier in the evening, “Meilin-chan has a point. We should really decide on the name of our child.”
    “Didn’t my point count?” Syaoran had replied, “We don’t even know whether you’ll give birth to a boy or a girl!”
    Sakura had dropped the matter but it turned over in her mind so many times that night. What would her child be called? Would it look like Syaoran or her, or perhaps a bit of both?
    These were some of the questions she turned over in her head as she turned the light out and went to sleep.
    In a brief flash she saw many things at once. First was a young boy who looked startlingly like Syaoran, as he looked at a younger version of Sakura. Then there was the scattering of what looked like feathers. The younger Syaoran and Sakura before a woman with long black hair and a strange black dress, a small white manju bun thing, and two other people, one a slightly built-up man wearing all-black, and the other was a much thinner man wearing all white with sandy-blonde hair. She then saw the same Syaoran, but opposite him was another Syaoran with a blue eye, and the Syaoran wearing black summoned his sword, and Sakura could hear the echoes of ‘Raitei Shourai’.
    The flurry of images was becoming a heck of a lot faster, but she could make out a small wrinkled child with long sandy blonde hair, a black-haired child slaughtering anything in his path, flashes of someone who looked like Clow Reed, and many other nonsensical images flashed in her mind for a few moments, before she woke up.
    She looked around. It was already morning. Syaoran was not in the bed, so she threw the covers aside.
    “Morning.” Syaoran smiled, and he was carrying a tray with breakfast. Sakura went to get up, but Syaoran shook his head and closed the gap quicker than she could move.
    “No, no, don’t get up.” Syaoran smiled, and he placed his hands on her shoulders.
    Syaoran noticed the look on her face, and his smile faltered.
    “What is it?” Syaoran asked, concernedly.
    “I…” Sakura struggled for a moment, so she cleared her throat, “I had a premonition.”
    “Hmm?” Syaoran’s expression became more serious, “Don’t tell me we lose our child.”
    “No.” Sakura shook her head, “At least, not in that way.”
    “Then what?” Syaoran asked, worriedly.
    “I saw someone who looked like you.” Sakura looked away, “Much younger, but he was with someone who looked like me… And there were these feathers that scattered everywhere…”
    Syaoran sighed. Sakura picked up the sigh straight away.
    “Is there something you’re not telling me?” Sakura lifted Syaoran’s chin up so their eyes were level.
    Syaoran nodded.
    “It would seem you and I are not the only people descended from Clow Reed.” Syaoran began, “There is another.”
    Sakura was listening thoroughly.
    “I want you to understand something before I say any more.” Syaoran looked at Sakura, “Until I met you, I always thought I was the one destined for this, to defeat someone who stood in the way of the future. Do you understand what I am saying?”
    “I’m with you so far.” Sakura nodded.
    “There was a reason Clow Reed created the Clow Cards.”
    “What reason?” Sakura asked. Syaoran drew breath for a moment.
    “As you know, Clow Reed had the power of foresight.” Syaoran began, “He saw the future, and the future showed him three descendants who have the ability to change the future. You, me, and another man.”
    “He goes by the name of Fei Wong Reed.” Syaoran lowered his head, “And his purpose is the same that you’ve probably only dreamed of. He wants to revive someone who has passed away.”
    “Do you know who?”
    “No.” Syaoran looked away, “Clow never foresaw that. But he foresaw people who could see that, and change it too. One of them…” Syaoran placed a hand on Sakura’s stomach, “Is our son.”
    “Son?” Sakura blinked.
    “You gave it away when you said ‘a boy with my looks but younger’.” Syaoran nodded, “That has never happened to me, and I’m too old for it now. I don’t know the others destined to stop Fei Wong, except for someone I met once. A young boy. He is called Kimihiro Watanuki. I met his parents once. He’s about three years old at the moment. I knew his parents personally.”
    “They died several weeks back.” Syaoran looked away, “Car accident. They both died protecting their child.”
    “Oh…” Sakura looked away sadly.
    “The young girl who looks like you… it is you, but not…” Syaoran looked at her.
    “Huh?” Sakura blinked.
    “We’re not the only universe in existence.” Syaoran looked up, “Clow Reed knew that. He knew that along with a woman calling herself the Dimensional Witch. And in those universes, many, many versions of ourselves exist. The person you saw is, or rather, will be, a princess. That’s all I know about her. Not even her name.”
    “I know who she is.” Sakura looked away.
    “You do?” Syaoran blinked.
    “I had a dream when I was thirteen.” Sakura looked at Syaoran, “I was in a destroyed city. That girl, not much older than me, was trying to find her way back. I sensed someone there already that felt familiar. That presence I felt… it’s him… That’s our son, it’s got to be… I knew it was him before I even saw him.”
    “Then the future has been set.” Syaoran looked away, “There isn’t anything we can do to change it.”
    Sakura took the hand Syaoran had placed on her stomach, and she held it.
    “No, there is.” Sakura shook her head.
    “Prepare our son for it.” Sakura nodded, “Make sure he’s ready for what will come to pass.”
    Syaoran looked away. He got up and headed to the window.
    “I don’t know what to do.” Syaoran shrugged, “It all depends on whose power he is closest to.”
    “We can teach him a bit of each of our magic, surely?” Sakura asked, “Syaoran?”
    Syaoran nodded.
    “Then when the time comes, I’ll send him to her.” Syaoran said, looking up and out of the window.
    “‘Her’?” Sakura blinked.
    “The Witch of the Dimensions.” Syaoran turned around, “The only one who can send him where he’s supposed to go. We need to figure other things out too.”
    “What do you mean?”
    Syaoran clapped his hands together and summoned his old, faithful Jian sword.
    “I no longer need this.” Syaoran said, twirling the blade in his hands, “He may need it. I’ll teach him to use the spells that come with it, and how to use it as best I can.”
    Syaoran looked up.
    “Syaoran…” Sakura sighed, “This is going to be really difficult, isn’t it?”
    “Yes.” Syaoran nodded, “Yes, it will be, I won’t lie about that.”
    Syaoran closed the distance between him and Sakura again, and sat on the bed with her.
    “It will be difficult.” Syaoran repeated, and he placed a hand on Sakura’s shoulder, “It will be… but we’ll have each other to get through it. And we’ll make sure he returns safe. I promise that.”
    “Oh, Syaoran…” Sakura sighed and she hugged him tightly, “I don’t know what I’d do… without you…”
    Syaoran swallowed and said nothing. Words were not needed for the moment.

    A butterfly flitted into the garden of a house. The butterfly landed on the fingers of a woman who looked no older than late twenties, with long, flowing black hair.
    “I fear the future will unfold regardless of what we can do.” The woman said, “The acceptable boundaries of interference cannot be tampered with, but I don’t think this is a good way to go.”
    The woman looked away, at the two children behind her.
    “The time will begin soon.” The woman looked up, “The time to destroy one future and to mend two. I’m sure those related to Clow know this by now.”
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    Firstly, wrote this with the intention to clear up any sort of confusion about why CCS Syaoran and Sakura are TRC ‘Syaoran’’s parents. Second, this will be divided into four major parts – Syaoran and Sakura during Sakura’s pregnancy (which will probably be the shortest), the training of ‘Syaoran’, the wish ‘Syaoran’ has, then post-FWR defeat (which deals more with the moral issues of the relationship between Sakura-hime and ‘Syaoran’).

    Problems, Lies, Truths

    The next seven weeks were torture for them. Sakura’s magic was beginning to acquire a mind of its own (the most severe consequence was when the Maze card activated randomly within the house); though thankfully through most instances Sakura was able to reassert some form of control.
    That particular morning, Sakura woke to Syaoran, who was mouthing something.
    “Syaoran?” Sakura blinked.
    Syaoran pointed at his own throat, trying to speak but failing. Sakura blinked innocently. Syaoran’s movements became slightly more frantic but to no avail.
    Syaoran would have groaned, but nothing came out of his mouth. He grabbed a pen and a small notepad beside the bed, and scrawled on it.
    “Voice?” Sakura looked at him, and Syaoran nodded.
    Sakura bolted out of bed, making the small bump of her stomach more noticeable. She grabbed the Star Key from her drawers and yelled out “Release! Voice, return!”
    At that moment a small girl with wings for ears appeared, pouted playfully, and then turned back into a card, which floated back into Sakura’s hands.
    “I never thought I’d be happy to hear the sound of my own voice.” Syaoran gasped as his voice returned.
    “The baby must be affecting my powers.” Sakura held her stomach.
    “Or perhaps he’s using them himself.” Syaoran wondered.
    “Hmm…” Sakura looked away.
    “Perhaps we should seal them away for the time being.” Syaoran suggested, “Seal the Sakura Cards back within the book.”
    “Nothing bad has happened so far.” Sakura said.
    “Nothing bad?” Syaoran began, his voice had a more challenging tone that suggested that while he wasn’t angry, he would prove his point, “We woke up in a maze a few days back, we woke to our kitchen on fire and our bathroom flooded, our garden overgrown and goodness knows what else. We woke early one morning when Song decided to sing at sunrise, we woke yesterday to find the Twin card causing havoc. And now this.”
    Sakura sweatdropped.
    “Ah, I can see your point.” Sakura chuckled nervously.
    “Then are we in agreement?” Syaoran asked, “That we have to seal them?”
    “Yeah.” Sakura nodded, “Just until he arrives, right?”
    “Yes.” Syaoran nodded, and with that, Sakura summoned the Star Wand again. The Sakura Cards floated in front of her for a moment before piling on top of each other. Wordlessly, she brought the staff down onto the deck of Sakura Cards. The cards were instantly surrounded by a book, and the Star Wand dissolved as well.
    “Kero-chan isn’t needed for this seal.” Sakura said, and a small part of Syaoran’s mind whispered ‘Damn it.’, “Neither is Yue-san.”
    “We’ll lock them in the store room.” Syaoran nodded, and Sakura got up and headed downstairs to the store room where Syaoran had placed a few other things of theirs when they had moved in. At the far end on a plinth stood Syaoran’s Jian, where Syaoran swore to keep it so that he could teach his future son to use it. There were several sets of scrolls as well, but Syaoran doubted he would need them. They would be given to his son so that he could practise using the spells first.
    “Things will turn out alright.” Syaoran looked up, “Though knowing the Dimensional Witch the way I’ve been told to, she’ll want something in return.”
    “What do we give?” Sakura asked.
    “Something with the equivalent weight of the wish. That’s what my mother told me.” Syaoran answered, “We will tell him to tell her his name is mine.”
    “Why?” Sakura asked. Syaoran sighed.
    “Because, one thing, I was always told giving your real name to those who don’t need to know grants that person the ability to control your soul.” Syaoran answered, “Second, it is I Fei Wong Reed is after, but I can’t go, and by now he can’t get me.”
    “So you’re putting our child at risk?” Sakura asked.
    “I wouldn’t do it, never.” Syaoran looked up, “That’s why, when he’s born, I’ll make sure he has the best chance of defending himself.”
    “Just you?” Sakura challenged, “I want to help as well.”
    “It all depends on the price the Witch gives us.” Syaoran looked up.
    “I really don’t like this.” Sakura murmured, “I thought it was over years ago.”
    “Clow Reed lived far too long for this to have been over in two years.” Syaoran turned around.
    Sakura sighed, and Syaoran took her into his arms.
    “It’ll be okay.” Syaoran promised, “I’d never let him go through anything which would harm him. Never. I promise that.”
    “There are some things even I can’t see.” Sakura sighed, “This person we’re sending our son to meet after this Dimensional Witch looks exactly like me, so it’s probably me from another world.”
    “I know.” Syaoran swallowed, “We’ll have to teach him to control his own emotions; that he’ll be opposite someone who is his mother in his homeworld. We’ll have to coach him so that he can’t fall in love with her.”
    “We have so much to do and so little time to do it in.” Sakura breathed.
    “It will turn out alright in the end.” Syaoran stroked Sakura’s hair, “I promise that.”
    Sakura looked around the room. She tried to think of something useful. She was doubtless that The Sakura (the book which had previously been The Clow) would not be demanded, but something lesser would be. Perhaps…
    Sakura pulled away for a moment.
    “What is it?” Syaoran asked, puzzled. Sakura grabbed the keychain around her neck and pulled it off, muttering the word “Release” to summon the Star Wand. She placed it on a shelf near Syaoran’s Jian.
    “This will stay in here for now.” Sakura looked up, “I have no need for it whilst the Sakura Cards are sealed.”
    Sakura scrawled a note.
    “What are you doing?” Syaoran asked.
    “I’m going to pay the price in advance.” Sakura stated.
    “But…” Syaoran protested, “If you do that you’ll be unable to summon the Sakura Cards.”
    “Not true.” Sakura nodded, “How do you think the Cards have been activated recently?” Sakura looked at Syaoran as she finished scrawling the note, “I’ll pay the price when the time is right.”
    “Only if you’re sure.” Syaoran frowned.
    “Of course.” Sakura waved a hand through the air.
    Syaoran gave the Jian and Star Wand one last look before the two of them left the room, which he locked behind him.

    A boy, no older than twelve, with light brown hair and amber eyes, stood in a small house which belonged to his adoptive father.
    “Syaoran!” he heard, and he turned around to see Fujitaka walking towards him with many papers in his hands, “I thought you were going to see Sakura-hime.”
    “I was.” The child replied.
    “Syaoran, go see her.” Fujitaka smiled. Syaoran looked at the floor, “Son, what’s up?”
    “It’s…” the child named Syaoran did not look up, “It’s nothing.”
    “Go see her.” Fujitaka repeated, “She’ll be happier once she’s seen you.”
    “I’d rather not bump into her brother.” Syaoran replied, “Even if he is the King, I don’t like him much.”
    “That’s not it.” Fujitaka noticed, “There is something you’re not telling me, isn’t there?”
    There was no reply.
    “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Fujitaka looked up, “But I’m here if you need me.”
    Syaoran smiled.
    “Thank you, father.” Syaoran nodded, before picking up his jacket. Pulling it over himself, he stepped into the wintry streets and trudged up to the palace.
    “For being an alternate… he’s as perceptive as Grandfather is…” Syaoran said to himself.
    Something leaped onto him.
    “Syaoran!” Sakura squealed in delight. The both of them crashed to the steps.
    “Did I hurt you?” Sakura leaped off Syaoran, “I’m so sorry, Syaoran!”
    “You… Your Highness!” Syaoran stuttered.
    “Don’t call me that!” Sakura huffed, “No titles! Remember! I have a name. Sakura!”
    “Well…” Syaoran stuttered.
    “Sa-ku-ra!” Sakura leaned in so the two were nose-to-nose.
    “Sa-Sa-Sa…” Syaoran stuttered.
    “Say it!” Sakura would have leaned in closer, but the thought of being as close as she already was, was making her blush.
    “Sa… Sakura…” Syaoran mumbled, and Sakura smiled.
    “See!” Sakura leaned back and smiled.
    Syaoran looked away.
    “shouldn’t be doing this…” Syaoran mumbled.
    “Hmm?” Sakura leaned in.
    “Ahh, nothing!” Syaoran waved his hands in the air.

    Sakura opened her eyes. It was just gone midnight, according to the clock.
    “Syaoran…” Sakura whispered. Syaoran placed a hand on her shoulder.
    “I know.” Syaoran nodded, “I could see you sleeping.”
    “You didn’t sleep?” Sakura asked.
    “No.” Syaoran admitted, “I wanted to be awake just in case anything should happen. You had a vision, didn’t you?”
    Sakura nodded.
    “What was it?” Syaoran asked.
    “I saw him again.” Sakura looked at Syaoran, “He was twelve; he looked just like you did at that age. It was nothing much, but he said something. He said he shouldn’t be doing this.”
    Syaoran sighed, and rubbed Sakura’s shoulders gently.
    “Does that mean whatever we will do to deter him from having feelings for her will be futile?” Sakura asked.
    “It might be.” Syaoran answered, “But we’ll still teach him.”
    “But why?” Sakura asked, “What is the point? Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad because she isn’t me.”
    “But she is you.” Syaoran answered, “And you are her. The same of another world.”
    “But someone who might bear the same name and looks in another world is not the same person.”
    “You share the same soul.” Syaoran explained, “And a part of that soul…” Syaoran slipped a hand onto Sakura’s stomach, “Will be born into him.”
    Sakura shivered at the thought.
    “You’re right.” Sakura swallowed, “But I can’t help but feel what we’ll do to stop him falling for her will be futile.”
    Syaoran said nothing, bringing his other arm round her and hugging her, as well as gently kissing her on the cheek.
    “We can only do our best.” Syaoran responded, “We may not be able to stop him developing feelings but we can teach him to hide them. Get some sleep.”
    Sakura lay her head back on the pillow, and Syaoran sat up for a while.
    ‘As Sakura has said in the past, this will be difficult. For both us and our son.’ Syaoran thought. His eyes were heavy, but he refused to close them. He wanted to be here, not in a dream.
    The future will be a rocky road for sure.’ Syaoran thought, ‘As much as I hate calling on him for help, we’ll have to ask Hiiragizawa-san.

    Several days later was when the more eventful happenings would occur during Sakura’s pregnancy. As usual each morning, Sakura was up early. The first thing she did was make a mad dash to the bathroom to deal with the morning sickness.
    It’ll be worth it in the end.’ Syaoran thought to himself, staying in the bedroom. Sakura had insisted before that she didn’t need help each morning, so Syaoran did not help. Sakura was the sort where what she said would pretty much be true anyway, and that was due in part to her past density before and during the capture and transformation of the Clow Cards.
    Sakura came back. Her face was as pale as it normally was this time in the morning, and Syaoran knew better than to say anything about breakfast at this point, or Sakura would be stuck in the bathroom all morning.
    “We should call Hiiragizawa-san.” Syaoran looked away, gritting his teeth. Even after seven years, he did not like Eriol Hiiragizawa that much.
    The doorbell rung, and Sakura went to answer it, but Syaoran grabbed her wrist.
    “Rest.” Syaoran ordered, “I’ll take care of this.”
    Sakura merely nodded meekly. Syaoran almost threw the door open.
    “What?” Syaoran growled, before stopping dead.
    “Hello, Syaoran-san.” Eriol bowed. Behind him was Ruby Moon (in her false form of Nakuru Akizuki), and on his shoulder was Spinel Sun.
    “What are you here for?” Syaoran asked.
    “I came to check on how the expectant mother is doing.” Eriol smiled.
    “Now how on Earth would you know?” Syaoran growled, “…using your foresight?”
    “No.” Eriol looked away, “Just some of Clow’s memories. He thought it would be you who would be going along with this.”
    “How messed up his vision must have been.” Syaoran grimaced, “Why don’t you come in?”
    Syaoran stepped aside and Eriol and Nakuru stepped in.
    “Suppi!” Kero flew up, “I’m gonna thrash you on that game again!”
    “Not now.” Spinel replied, “There are more pressing issues.”
    “Yes, that is why we are here.” Eriol smiled.
    “Congratulations!” Nakuru beamed, shaking Syaoran’s hand a little too enthusiastically.
    “Yes, indeed.” Eriol agreed, but he looked away.
    “What did you come here for?” Syaoran asked, “Really, this time.”
    Eriol looked at Syaoran.
    “I have some things I should have told you both long ago.” Eriol answered, “Such as why the Clow Cards were created in the first place.”
    Syaoran looked up the stairs.
    “She’s not feeling too good at the moment.” Syaoran answered.
    “Morning sickness?” Eriol asked, and when Syaoran shot him a glare, Eriol added, “I am studying to become a doctor. I’d not be much if I didn’t know that. How many weeks gone?”
    “The doctors told us eight.” Syaoran looked up again.
    “Only another seven months until the birth.” Eriol calculated.
    “Only?” Syaoran looked at him, “She’ll be in hell for the next few years.”
    “So you told her the beginning.” Eriol looked away, “About Clow’s other descendant.”
    “Yes.” Syaoran returned his sights to Eriol, “What did you expect? Me to just stand by and let our child grow into danger? You did know he was after me, didn’t you?”
    “Clow saw that, yes.” Eriol confirmed, “However, can you really guarantee that your child will be safe?”
    “Yes, I swear on my own life I will not let him come to harm.” Syaoran growled.
    Eriol remained silent. The knowing look on his face was a little irritating.
    “Are you going to do what you came here to do?” Syaoran asked.
    “Yes.” Eriol replied, “But only if Sakura is up to hearing it.”
    Syaoran heard light footsteps and looked up to see Sakura at the top of the stairs.
    “I will hear it.” Sakura stated.
    “Very well.” Eriol said.
    “I’ll make us some drinks.” Nakuru said, “Can I use your kitchen?”
    “Go ahead.” Syaoran nodded.
    Nakuru disappeared into the kitchen as Sakura came downstairs.
    Eriol gave an understanding nod.
    “What I have to say is quite a lot to take in. It might be better if you sit down.” Eriol answered.
    Sakura and Syaoran headed into the living room and sat down, with Eriol opposite them.
    “First thing’s first, I had to lie to all of you about several things.” Eriol stated.
    “What do you mean, lie?” Sakura blinked.
    “After the Final Judgment, I said Clow had predicted you and Yukito being together.” Eriol looked up, “That is not true.”
    “Why not?” Sakura asked, “Did Clow-san lie as well?”
    “No, Clow-san never told you.” Eriol looked away, “The truth is that I… or rather, Clow… met with…”
    “The Dimensional Witch.” Syaoran finished.
    “Yes.” Eriol nodded, “And during that time we were preparing for the coming of two from another world. Two who were named the same as you.”
    “How does that work?” Sakura asked.
    “Because he foresaw the time when Syaoran was fourteen as well as that Sakura.” Eriol looked back, “Both me and Clow had assumed that the Syaoran that had known that Sakura for seven years… would be you.”
    “But it’s not.” Syaoran shook his head, “So, what’s your point?”
    “Obviously Sakura-san has been frequented by visions of someone bearing a great resemblance to you. Your child.”
    “How do you know?” Syaoran growled. Eriol chose not to answer.
    “That doesn’t matter.” Eriol answered, “What matters is that the future is half-correct.”
    “What does that mean?” Sakura asked.
    “Fei Wong Reed needs to send two people on a journey. One to gather the memories of various dimensions and the other to pursue the feathers. He won’t be able to do it with one of them having his own soul and the other being the only one.”
    “Is this about the vision where I saw the feathers scatter from my other?” Sakura asked.
    “Yes.” Eriol nodded, “I cannot tell you exactly what I mean by what I say yet – I am bound by certain… rules on how much I can divulge to you, the same rules about acceptable interference as Clow-san, Yūko-san and Fei Wong.”
    “The information you’ve given so far has been useless to us.” Syaoran sniffed.
    “I’m not done, though.” Eriol stated, “I said it was time to explain the purpose of the Clow Cards.”
    “I thought it was to gather various spirits for magic.” Sakura answered.
    “That was a small reason.” Eriol replied, “There is another. The reason I put you through the trials was not just because the Clow Cards were losing their power. In truth I could have sustained them. But I wish no more to be involved with Fei Wong Reed now.”
    “So you’re saying the purpose of the Clow Cards and the trials was to…?” Syaoran began, “Do… what?”
    “Surely it must be obvious, no?” Eriol frowned, “Forcing Sakura to change the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards was no option, at least physically. I had Sakura transform them under reasonable circumstances, and the purpose was to make her own power grow. Now it surpasses the power of both me and your father, doesn’t it? And that power will be passed down to your son.”
    “So our son will be able to use the Sakura Cards?” Syaoran asked.
    “He’s been doing so, so far, hasn’t he?” Eriol smiled, “I can sense the aura of a Sakura Card when it is activated. That’s why they’re locked in the store room, right? But it is more likely he will utilise his father’s magic over his mother’s, albeit quite the more powerful because he is born to two powerful magicians.”
    Sakura looked at Syaoran.
    “Those paper scrolls you use commonly, they are used to summon elemental magic, aren’t they?” Eriol stated, “But if he had some of his mother’s magic, he would not need the scrolls. Perhaps the sword, but not the scrolls.”
    “When you said ‘more powerful’…” Sakura began.
    “Let’s take Syaoran’s wind spells.” Eriol stated, “Alone, they can merely summon strong winds used for offence, right? But with his mother’s magic in his blood, he will probably be able to use it for support as well. Flight, protection, among other things.”
    “So the entire business with the Clow Cards…”
    “Was to prepare you for the future to come.” Eriol nodded, “It was a test to strengthen the both of you. What happens has already been determined, and that cannot be changed. Sadly, there is little more that I can do. It is all up to you two now, and of course, the three children.”
    “Three?” Sakura blinked.
    “You’ll see.” Eriol stood up.
    “Are you going already?” Sakura asked.
    “Yes, I am.” Eriol said, “I have some errands to run.”
    “I’ve just made the tea!” Nakuru protested.
    “Wait a moment.” Sakura got up and rushed into the store room (using her magic to unlock the door) and grabbed the Star Wand.
    “Sakura, what are you doing?” Syaoran asked.
    “You’re going to meet with her, right?” Sakura asked, “The Dimensional Witch?”
    “Yes.” Eriol nodded, “There is a few things to sort with her before I return to England.”
    “Then give this to her.” Sakura held the Star Wand out.
    “WHAT?!” Syaoran leaped to his feet.
    “It’s alright, Syaoran.” Sakura looked at him, “I don’t need it anymore.”
    “But without it…” Kero floated towards Sakura.
    “I’ve been summoning the Sakura Cards well without it.” Sakura looked away, “So I think I no longer need it.” Sakura turned to Eriol, “Hand it over to her.”
    “What is the wish?” Eriol asked.
    “To allow my son to travel to the person I saw in my dream.” Sakura nodded.
    “Very well.” Eriol bowed, and he took the Star Wand. Before leaving, he gave a small smile.
    “Best of luck with the birth if I don’t make it before then.” Eriol said, before leaving the house.
    “What were you thinking?” Syaoran wondered.
    “The same thing as you.” Sakura turned to Syaoran, “To give our son the best chance he has.”

    Yūko was dressed in her formal robes, those she always wore when dealing with visitors of a magical nature. Because she knew someone would be arriving soon, with a wish, and that someone carried a very familiar presence.
    Into the yard, a young man with short bluish-black hair walked, holding something.
    “You came.” Yūko stated flatly, “Clow-san.”
    “I am not him.” The young man replied, “I merely hold some of his power and memories. We both know something dead cannot live again.”
    ”Of course…” Yūko said, “Forgive me, Hiiragizawa-san. You look like him and you have the same aura, that annoying four-eyed demon.”
    Eriol chuckled.
    “Some things never change, I see, Yūko-san.” Eriol laughed, and then his expression became more serious, “I bring something I need you to exchange for a wish.”
    “What is the wish?”
    “It’s not mine.” Eriol answered, “It’s the wish a friend has, for her unborn son. Sakura Kinomoto.”
    “Ah…” Yūko turned away, “I was wondering when she would require my assistance. Her son will not be able to travel dimensions and she wants me to grant that wish. I cannot grant it on my own, though, and I need something that equals the weight of the wish.”
    “Will this do?” Eriol asked, revealing the Star Wand, “It is the wand Sakura used to summon the Sakura Cards.”
    Yūko took the wand and examined it.
    “It should be a sufficient price.” Yūko stated, “I will accept it as payment in advance from Sakura-chan.”
    “So the future will unfold as we saw it.” Eriol nodded.
    “Sadly, yes.” Yūko looked away, “This world’s future is not the only one threatened, but the future of the world which Sakura-chan wants me to send her son. For this, may I ask you to keep an eye on her?”
    “Yes.” Eriol nodded, “I will.”
    Eriol turned to walk away, but stopped.
    “Someday, your own wishes may be granted.” Eriol smiled sadly, “That other kid will grant it for you.”
    Eriol gave a curt nod before leaving.

    The end of a new chapter. I rooted through some of the manga to see exactly how I could interpret the trials Eriol put Sakura through. I also considered the fact that Clow Reed must have known about Sakura and Syaoran when he made the Mokonas with Yūko (who has also lied to Watanuki about Clow, Sakura and Syaoran, as seen in volume 1, chapter 3 of xxxHOLiC – in fact the only thing she seemed to tell the truth about was that she has never met Syaoran and Sakura). There could have been that Eriol’s memories were not ‘perfect’ (as he said himself in the second CCS movie when he phoned Sakura about the 53rd Clow Card), but that seemed a poor excuse, and I think Eriol would have known about that anyway. It was left open to interpretation on how Sakura’s Star Wand came into Yūko’s care prior to ‘Syaoran’ entering the shop (I’ve gone on the spoilers and very rough Chinese-to-English translations for this, but I’ve been told by several sources the price for ‘Syaoran’ going to Clow Country was Sakura’s Star Wand, and by the time she gives it up, I would assume she would be powerful enough to use the Sakura Cards without a staff, like I imagine Clow Reed could when the cards were Clow Cards). The fact Sakura’s powers are messed with through her emotions/her pregnancy is not a new idea, I have read several fanfics which use this idea. I thought it added a nice touch and an excuse for Sakura to lock the Sakura Cards away.

    As I do for most of my other stories, I am already writing the ending (it’s good practice to know where the story is headed) but due to the nature of the story, I’m going to write two endings. Don’t guess at what will happen, you will not get it completely right, but just think on it.

    Well, enough drabble from me.

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