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Thread: Poetry Rules as of 9 February 2009

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    Default Poetry Rules as of 9 February 2009

    I am revamping the rules as originally written by Princess Ai. I am adding to and subtracting from them now and will continue to do so as I see a need for it. Be sure to check back to the thread title often to see if you have read the most current rules.

    There is a pinned topic in this forum. If you are posting a reply, I highly suggest you pause, take a break, get a cup of tea, and read this thread:

    Guide to basic poetry writing skills/reviewing poetry - Do Read

    With that said, there are a few basic rules you can follow when posting in this forum.

    When posting a poem:
    1. If it is a poem, do not label it as such. Just post the title of the poem.
    2. If it is a song, you can label it as Song: [Name of Song]
    3. Please post only one poem per thread. The exception to this is when you have a lot of poems (at least half a dozen) you'd like to post at once, or if your poems/songs form some kind of collection that's better left together. In cases such as these one of the titles can be used as a thread title, or some kind of indication that there is a collection of works within.
    4. Unless given permission otherwise, post only YOUR poems. Plagiarism is handled seriously here, with infractions given for a first offence.
    5. Post poems and songs ONLY in the default text colors. As there are different skins for members to use, each has its own easiest viewed colors (its default). The only way to make sure your poem/song is easily viewable to everyone is to make sure you are posting it in the default colors. Use italics, bold, underline, and even format your lines to emphasize as you wish.
    6. Attaching a poll to a poem thread is generally discouraged. This falls under the same reasoning rating threads is discouraged. It has been proven to be more detrimental than helpful. Please contact me if you feel a need to include one in your thread.

    When posting a reply:
    Praise has its place and every writer likes to receive it. However, we do ask that our members make an attempt at constructive criticism. This is how a writer grows and improves. You don't require special knowledge or training in writing poetry to be able to say an aspect of a poem does or doesn't work for you, and why you think that. That said:

    1. Treat all members with respect in regards to commenting on their work. I encourage constructive criticism, but do not tolerate blatant flaming or bashing of someone else's work.
    2. Do not spam to increase post count. It is pretty clear when someone is actually reading and replying to poems and when they are posting "I liked it. Write more!" in reply to every thread in sight.
    3. Threads are no longer closed automatically after 60 days, but will remain open. This means you are free to respond to any older poems, but rule #3 still applies. Do not flood the main page by replying to as many poems as possible.
    4. Rating of threads is discouraged. This is more detrimental than helpful, especially when a writer is particularly sensitive to criticism.

    When in violation of a rule:
    In the case of most rule violations, I'll be working on a three-tier system. In cases of more blatant abuse, I will move directly to a higher level as I see fit. In general however, this is the system I will be following:

    Warning 1: You will receive a Private Message informing you of what rule was broken.
    Warning 2: You will receive a negative rep informing you again of this rule being broken.
    Warning 3: You will receive an infraction.
    Further warnings: If you continue to break this same rule I will continue to give infractions right up until you are banned from the forum.

    I am keeping records on what warning was handed out each time I do so, but if you feel I have skipped a level unfairly in your case, please PM me to discuss.

    Poem content as relating to the author:
    I've seen this issue pop up a few times, and feel I should address it. I know not all of you have attended a formal writing class, and so I will pass along a valuable piece of advice I learned when I attended my first one years ago. Do not assume a poem is written with regard to the author's personal life. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but it isn't for the reader to decide. If you wish to make comment about the subject of a poem, I suggest you use the term "narrator" rather than address the author. For example, instead of saying "You sound sad," say "The narrator sounds sad." This is a good habit to get into, whether when reading/critiquing poems or fiction.

    In general, keep in mind that this forum is to display your work for others to see, or for you to enjoy the works of others. Making your poem as easily viewable as possible and writing well thought-out replies is key to having this forum run as smoothly as possible. I'd like to keep it fun and stress-free for everyone, so please do not hesitate to contact me via PMs, email, IMs, or even a message on my blog with any question, suggestion, or concern.

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