Wrote this one about a serial killer who only killed when he was in a split personality. It is a bit graphic, just a warning.

In Order To Kill You

I see you there, looking at me
You're everything I want to be
I just have to keep believing
That your looks aren't deceiving

No! I became you once, I remember
All the limbs that I dismembered
But all the blood that was spilled
Didn't make my heart fulfilled

So now I stand looking in the mirror
Recalling the blood soaked horror
The blade that took their lives
Is the blade by which you will die

I can't allow you to kill again
But I know I can't keep you within
So in order to kill you with this knife
It seems that I must take my own life

And now I plunge it deep
I smile as blood begins to seep
To comfort myself I just believe
That two heartbeats just stopped