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Actually. Yes i do. And i also belive in spirits and stuff like that..
I do too! I have a lot of friends that belive in ghost. So far i only had 1 expierience with a ghost or spirit. Here's the story.

I was in sixth grade and my mom was doing my hair in the living room. I was on the floor and she was on the sofa. As I looked into my family room I saw something in the air. It was yellow and fat. It flew passed the family room doorway an d I started to cry. When it flew passed the doorway it was going towards my basement door. My mom ( she believs in ghost and stuff like that too) didnt know what happened until i told her when i was crying on the floor. I was so scared. It didnt harm me or anything it was just the site of it that scared me. It wouldnt bother me if i saw a ghost.