Not fully sure if this is a right forum but here goes.

I am working on a fan/parody animation. (All the animation to be done originally by myself, not using rehashed footages.) I can't reveal too much detail, but believe me when I say things are looking pretty sweet already.

To complete this project, I need voice actress(es) In particular, I need someone WHO CAN SOUND LIKE CHIYO MIHAMA. (You don't have to look like her. Frankly if you look like her in real life, I wouldn't be able to decide if I should feel an irresistible urge to hug you or run away in horror.)

This being a fan/parody film, you don't need great acting skills (although can't hurt.) But closer you can sound to Tomoko Kaneda or Jessica Boone, the better. I know such a role can be tough to fill that's why I am making this open call.

Since this is a fan/parody film, I can't really pay you, but I can feed you, credit you, and reimburse any expense occurred if necessary. I assure you it will be a fun thing to participate in and try out. (All creative projects are.)

If interested, email me at hyunsupul at yahoo

BTW, I live in the Boston area, but I can work with you no matter where you are as long as you have ways to digitally record your voice.