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Thread: Naruto Fanfiction: Demon Master chapter 7

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    Default Naruto Fanfiction: Demon Master chapter 7

    my fav chapter
    (toned down the language)
    After 3 months of doing nothing but D ranked missions it was easy to say everyone was fed up, even sasuke was showing signs of boredom.
    “ojii san...” naruto complained “this is boring, all we’ve done so far is D ranks.... cant we do something a little more challenging”
    “well naruto, how about a C rank mission then” the hokage said “it’s a simple escort mission, you are escort tazuna the bridge builder to the land of the waves so he can complete the bridge from the island to the mainland”
    “i still think a B rank would be better...” naruto mumbled as tazuna stepped into the room drinking a bottle of sake
    “these are my escorts?” he said “they look like a bunch of brats” he said
    “your a bridge builder?” naruto asked “you look like a drunk” tazuna sobered up at hearing this and looked at the blonde smart mouthed ninja
    “well...ill take what i can get” he said as he walked off
    “meet tazuna at the gates in 1 hour with your supplies for the trip” the hokage said
    At the gates of the village everyone was waiting for naruto to show up, when he did nate was walking with him
    “hey dobe, why do you need a babysitter on this trip” sasuke smirked
    “there has been lot of conflict in the land of the waves lately and from what ive heard tazuna is wanted by the crime lord gato for building a bridge which will destroy his hold on the land” nate explained “this is more or less of an A ranked mission rather than a C so i am going to be escorting him with you in case naruto needs to use his ‘abilitys’”
    “what abilitys?” sasuke said “as far as im concered the dobe is as useless as sakura”
    Sakura was a little taken back by this
    “watch what you say teme, you don’t want a repeat of what happend last time do you?” naruto said
    Sasuke just hmphed at this and turned away
    “do you have permission from the council?” kakashi asked
    “i am not part of this village and am thus not affected by the decisions of the council hatake, and before you object i have official permission from the hokage to accompany naruto on any trip he might embark on” nate stated
    “but what about kyu chan?” naruto asked
    “here i am!” kyuubi said as she ran up to the gates
    “she is coming too for her safety” nate said “lets get moving everyone, we have alot of ground ahead of us” nate said as he started to walk off
    While walking kakashi was reading the book naruto gave him, sakura was trying to convince sasuke to go out on a date with her and naruto wasn’t walking at all, he and nate where floating on a cushion of air they were making, the team had gotten used to narutos antics now.
    “hold up everyone” naruto said as he dropped to the ground, everyone stopped and looked at him. Naruto took out his sword and smashed it into the puddle of water by the road, two very stunned looking ninjas appeared and were thrown backwards, before they could get up they were pinned to a tree by 4 wooden stakes
    “first question, what are you doing here” naruto said
    “why the hell would we tell you” one of the ninja sneered
    “because if you don’t i’m going to have to destroy your chance of ever have kids” naruto said
    “we were hired by gato to take out the old man!” one of them blurted out, not wanting to lose his manhood
    “hmmm... that could be a problem” nate said “why did you pay for a C ranked mission anyway old man”
    “the wave country is in a very poor economic state right now and the villagers could only afford a C rank when we put our money together” tanzuna said “if you want to turn back we wont hold a grudge but it will mean the death of many more innocent people”
    “well we cant let that happen, now can we” naruto said “we might as well continue, we’ll get payed for a C rank but it’ll be a welcome change from D ranks”
    “so what do we do with these guys?” sakura asked
    “ill simply send them back to konoha, the anbu will find and capture them” naruto said as he started to make hand seals, he then slammed his palms into the 2 enemy ninjas, they quickly fade from existence
    “what was that jutsu?” kakashi asked
    “its was a long range version of the body flicker technique i made, it allows you to send people and yourself over long distances , its like a scaled down version of the harashin”
    Kakashi was amazed that a genin could have mastered something as close to the harashin. Sasuke was starting to get pissed off at naruto constanly showing him up and when sasuke is pissed off, sakura is pissed off. After 5 hours of walking it was 8 o’clock and the genin were getting tired.
    “ok everyone, we’ll camp here tonight” kakashi said as he put down his backpack of supplies
    “ok then, ill set up camp” naruto said
    No one expected what happened next, naruto waved his hands and and wooden pylons rose from the ground, the pylons twisted into themselves until they became a house, naruto walked inside
    “well are you going to come in or not?” naruto laughed
    “he...he made” sakura stuttered
    “well this kid is full of suprises” kakashi said as he walked in
    “ok everyone, since naruto has set ‘Camp’, sasuke will collect fire wood and kyu and sakura will collect food” kakashi said
    Naruto laid down and pulled out a scroll he had brought with him to study while kyuubi and sakura went off to get some food and sasuke angrily stomped off to look for some fire wood
    (in the forest with kyuubi and sakura)
    Kyuubi had managed to collect 2 boars while sakura had only gotten some berrys and fish, sakura was looking worse for wear.
    “so...whats your relation with naruto?” sakura asked “you seem to hang around him alot”
    “i guess you could call me his girlfriend” she said “naruto and i have known each other for a long time and we’ve grown fond of each other, whats your relation with sasuke? He dosent seem to like you alot kyuubi asked”
    “well...i kind of like him but he’s so distant from everyone” she said sadly
    “naruto can be like that sometimes too” kyuubi said “sometimes i wake up and he’s on the roof staring at the moon, he’s a strange kid, people think of him as a happy little idiot but deep down he’s really just needs someone to love him, he’s a sad kid” kyuubi said
    “but i don’t understand, why is he sad?” sakura said “he always acts so happy”
    “well its because he was brought up being hated by the villagers” kyuubi said “he was beaten and scorned by them, he was mistreated and starved by that bastard village!” kyuubi shouted angrily
    “but...why?” sakura asked
    Kyuubi had started to cry, Tears rolling down her cheeks onto the ground
    “its because of me! Everyone hated him because of me! I was always the reason! They wouldn’t even listen to him!” kyuubi sobbed
    Sakura put her hands around kyuubi as she let out all the emotion she had held up over the years
    “but why do they hate him because of you? Should they hate you instead?”sakura asked
    “to tell you why i have to go back to the time of the kyuubi attack” she bgan as she remembered that fateful day “most people think the kyuubi was evil, but she wasn’t, she just wanted revenge for them killing her family. The forth hokage couldn’t defeat her so he used a special seal to seal the kyuubi but it would kill himself in the process, he needed to a vessel for the kyuubi to be held in and there was only one child born on the day of the kyuubi attack, she he sealed her in that child. That child was naruto” she finished as she put her head in her hands.
    “so....he has the kyuubi inside him?” sakura said
    “yes... the villagers thought he was the kyuubi and beat him, they tried to assassinate him countless times”
    “but why was it you they didint hate?” sakura asked
    “its the......kyuubi”she cried out as she ran away in the forest
    “wait kyu!” sakura shouted after her, but she was already gone.
    Sakura sat and took all of what kyuubi had told her, she started to cry too, she realised that she had beaten him too, her parents had convinced her to hate him and he was a demon. She had beaten an innocent kid and hated him all her life for nothing.
    (back at camp)
    Naruto was finishing off the third scroll he had brought, so far he had read one on seal theorys and the other two were on ninja history, when sakura came running up to him and threw her arms around him as she sobbed into his shoulder. Naruto put his hands around her
    “whats wrong sakura?” naruto asked as he looked into her pale green eyes
    “im so sorry....” she sobbed “i didn’t know....”
    Naruto knew exactly what she was talking about
    “kyu chan told you didn’t she?” he asked softly
    Sakura nodded as she cried even more.
    “where is she, she always gets worked up when she remembers those days” naruto asked
    “i don’t know, she ran off into the forest” sakura said
    “i’ll go look for her then” naruto said as he floated high above the trees.
    Over the years he had learned to sense people by their seishi chakra they emitted, kyuubi had alot of it because she had no regular chakra. She soon found her curled up in a ball under a rock in about 5 kilometers from camp
    “kyu chan?” he asked “its ok...its me”
    Kyuubi looked up at naruto through tear filled eyes
    “naruto......” she said before naruto picked her up and floated back to camp
    When he got back he placed her in a sleeping bag and sat next to her, everyone was watching from the door way
    “why is she so sad?” sasuke asked angrily “its just being weak”
    “its called love sasuke, maybe one day you’ll understand” kakashi said as he gave the raven a smack on the head
    Naruto took out a scroll and opened it, he pumped some chakra into a storage seal he has made on it and a gutair appeared. He took it and strummed a few chords then started to sing to kyuubi

    To see you when I wake up
    is a gift I didn't think could be real.

    To know that you feel the same as I do
    is a three-fold, utopian dream.

    You do something to me that I can't explain.
    So would I be out of line if I said,
    I miss you.

    I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine.
    You have only been gone ten days, but already I'm wasting away.

    I know I'll see you again
    whether far or soon.

    But I need you to know that I care
    and I miss you.

    By the end of this kyuubi was fast asleep with a smile on her face and everyone was standing at the door with their mouths wide open, they were amazed that naruto could sing that well, even kakashi was gawking at him.
    “its a special song i made for her when she gets down” naruto said softly as he stroked her hair
    The rest of that night naruto sang songs on the roof while the others ate. Naruto had made an artificial hot spring outside for them all to relax in after dinner. Naruto and kyuubi had their own room while everyone else slept in the one beside it.
    (the next morning)
    Everyone was up at dawn and packing their things up and naruto was preparing breakfast with kyuubi. After breakfast they all set out again for the wave country.
    “what if someone finds the house naruto?” sakura asked
    As soon as she said that, a series of well timed explosions tore the house apart
    “that wont be a problem” naruto laughed
    When they entered the wave country nate felt a surge of chakra coming at them
    “well, well zabuza momochi, the hidden demon of the mist” nate said
    “heh heh, you found me” zabuza said as he appeared in a tree near them “i look foward to killing you lot and taking that old drunk to gato”
    “not if i can help it” naruto said as he assumed his taijutsu stance and pumped seishi chakra into his body to harden his skin.
    “naruto” nate said
    Naruto looked up
    “i want you to use purely jutsus for this battle, think of it as a test of your abilities”
    Naruto nodded as the missing nin launched himself at naruto and swung his sword to slice naruto, naruto dodged his and jumped onto his sword and kicked him in the face, sending him flying, while he was in the air naruto made a series of handsigns
    “Lightning style: dance of the seven blades!” he yelled as seven bolts of lightning descended from the sky and went after zabuza
    Zabuza dodged and the seven bolts slammed into a 7 trees destroying them completely, naurto appeared behind him and went for a round house kick but zabuza grabbed him and sent him flying into a tree
    “looks like im going have to use ‘it’” naruto said as he looked at nate, nate nodded
    Red chakra oozed out of narutos body and a golden tail formed behind him
    “i congratulate you, zabuza” naruto said in a slightly deeper voice “your the first in a long time to see this form” naruto said as he disappeared
    “where’d the brat go?” zabuza said as naruto appeared below him and slammed his knee into his gut, knocking the wind from him, he then reappeard above him and kicked him to the ground, he reappeared yet again below him as he smashed his elbow into his face
    “sasuke! Gimme a light!” naruto said as sasuke saw the 5 explosive tags naruto had placed on zabuza during the battle
    “fire style: phoenix flower jutsu!” sasuke said as he shot 5 perefctly aimed blasts at zabuza which exploded the tags sending zabuza into a rock, before naruto could do anything 2 senbon needles lodged themselves in zabuzas neck as a hunter nin decended from the trees
    “thank you for defeating zabuza, i will dispose of the body” he said as he shunshined away
    “well now that thats over lets get to tanzunas house” naruto said as he walked off
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