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The next morning naruto was awaken by cold water being dumped over his head
“Wake up naruto! Today we start your training!” Nate yelled as naruto got up groggily
Naruto walked out of the make shift shelter Nate had made for them; it was a solid rock igloo type house with an area for cooking, sleeping and storage. After naruto had washed in the river Nate went into the forest to get some breakfast, he returned a couple of minutes later carrying a large boar; he used his wind manipulation to cut it up and then cooked it with fire.
After they had had their breakfast, nate pulled out 2 weights and strapped them onto naruto legs and arms.
“These are gravity weights” he explained “when I activate the seal on them they will increase the weight of your body 2 times what it is now”
He made a seal with his hands and naruto suddenly felt like he’d gained 70 pounds. The rest of that morning was something naruto would like to forget. Nate made him do 500 sit-ups and push ups with the seals and then 1000 kicks and 1000 punches. By the time 9:00 am came, naruto was about to fall asleep. Nate came and sat down next to him
“naruto, im going to teach you how to go into a meditative state that is a lot more relaxing than sleep but also allows you to snap back to reality whenever you want to” Nate said
Naruto copied the position he was in and closed his eyes
“ok naruto, first I want you to only focus on one thing” Nate said
“what do I focus on?” naruto asked
“it doesn’t matter” Nate said “just focus on that thing and that thing only, soon you’ll be able to become harmonised with it and fall into a deep peaceful state”
Naruto did this, at first nothing happened and he was getting impatient, but then he suddenly felt light headed, a sense of calm washed over him and he felt like he was floating. He heard a voice calling him, it was Nate “naruto come back”
Naruto opened his eyes and found Nate standing in front of him
“its time to continue with your training naruto, Im going to teach you about seishi chakra” Nate said as sat down next to naruto and held out his hand
“watch my hand naruto” Nate said
Naruto looked at nates hand, nothing happened at first, but then small flakes of green glowing chakra appeared in it and eventually build up into a steady stream of flowing green chakra. Green chakra was flwoing from the eath and plants around him into his hand and compacting its self into a tiny ball.
“this is seishi chakra, it is the life force of everything in the world, from the earth to the sky to the sea, it all depends on seishi chakra being produced” nate said as he walked over to the river
he face d the cliff and threw the ball of green compressed chakra, the cliff exploded nto tiny fragments of rock and dirt. nate turned to naruto
“if you can learn to harvest this, you will be able to bend any element to your liking” nate said “i want you to try and reach out while in your meditative state and grab some of it, in our meditative state you will be able to feel the world around you, I want you to grab hold of some of its energy and concentrate it into your hand until you have a steady stream”
“ok” naruto said as he closed his eyes and slipped away from reality.
He saw colours all around him, eventually the colours took shape into a sewer type place with pipes lining the walls, a voice bellowed out to him
come closer kit” it bellowed, the voice was strong yet gentle at the same time
naruto walked up to a giant cage in the middle of the room, a white piece of paper with the kanji for seal imprinted on it locked the cage shut. Naruto looked into the bars and saw 2 giant red eyes staring back at him, eventually his eyes adjusted to the light and he saw the giant malevolent fox staring at him
so you’re my container?” The kyuubi asked “some times I think kami hates me…”
“hey!” naruto yelled “you think I’m pathetic! You’re the one locked in the cage!”
you dare talk to the great kyuubi no kitsune that way!” kyuubi screamed “watch yourself kit, I could easily break out of here and kill you!
“then why haven’t you done that!” naruto retorted, kyuubi paused and though for a moment
because kit, if I break out of here, you would die and take my chakra with you” kyuubi explained “when that idiot of a hokage sealed me within you, he sealed my chakra in one part of you and my soul in another, if I broke out of here, I would be nothing but a fox in human form with no powers or chakra”
“so what do you want with me?”” naruto asked
I figured if your training with Nate you could use a little help, he is a tough trainer” kyuubi said
“and what could you do about it?” naruto asked “you’re trapped in here”
im offering you a deal naruto” kyuubi said “im offering to merge my chakra with you, that way you’ll have near limitless chakra and perfect chakra controll” kyuubi said
“sounds good….so whats the deal with you wanting to merge with some you concider to be pathetic” naruto aksed, he was douting that the kyuubi was serious
I have grown restless and bored here in your mindscape” kyuubi said “ll I ask is that you let me roam the free world along side you”
“yeah right” naruto said “you’ll just kill me and go on a rampage”
how can someone with such a loud voice be so stupid” kyuubi sighed “like I said, my soul and my chakra are sealed in different places in your mind, even if I were outside, I would be a shell. I would have a physical body but no chakra and regular human traits, no super strengh, no jutsu abilitys and no chakra, killing you wouldn’t do me any good, it’s a win-win situation naruto, I get a body in the real world again and you get all my powers”
naruto sat down and though for a moment. If he did it, he would be super powerful and have another tariner to help him but what would nate think. Nate had trained him to the bone today and he didn’t want to have to go through the same tiredness everyday when he could get it all now. Naruto stood up.
“ok baka fox, you’ve got yourself a deal” naruto said and smiled
outside, nate was carefully watching naruto ‘there is a chance he is talking to maria, but what is she planning’ he thought, just then a surge of seishi chakra burst into narutos hand, the ball of chakra grew and grew untill it was as big as naruto himself.
“oh crap” nate said as the ball exploded
the entire area aorund them was ripped to shreds, the trees where broken into splinters and the rocks crushed to pebbles. Nate managed to bring up a wall of rock to protect himself from most of the blast.
“naruto!!” nate yelled “are you all right!!”
as the smoke cleared he could make out two figures in the smoke one was a young boy as and the other was…
“hello nate looks like we’re going to be working together for a while”kyuubi said as she grinned a foxy grin
naruto walked out of the smoke. He had grown at least a metre higher and he had 9 golden tails swishing behind him. His eyes where blood red and his canines where alot longer. The marks on his face were thicker and his nails had become claws.
Nate sighed and said “this is going to be one hell of a year”
Timeskip 6 years--
Naruto, now 14 ,nate and kyuubi where returning to konoha after 6 long years of training. Naruto had become quite skilled in the art of element manipulation and was able to use all elements at once, he had near perfect seishi chakra control and had become a master of seals. Nate had taught him element manipulation while kyuubi had taught him jutsu’s. when naruto turned 10 nate had made a blade for him, it was a double bladed katana made out of kromite cystals, nate had explained how these crystals took spirtal and emotional energy and put it into an attack, the sword was purely concussive and couldnt kill unless the user truly in their heart wanted to kill the person. kyuubi and nate had lost interest in each other, kyuubi had become quite attracted to naruto and could be always be found around him, she had also made him replace that horrible orange jumpsuit he wore with a black shirt and crmson vest ,and a pair of khaki pants. and some how naruto had picked up itachis love of pockey. As they approched the enterance to the village 2 ANBU appeared in front of them
“im sorry sir, but we cannot allow this demon into our village” one said
“and why is that?” nate asked calmly
“because he left konoha six years ago and since then has been decleared an S rank missing nin with a kill on sight order” the other said as he drew his sword
“so it looks like its our lucky day” the first one said as he carged at naruto
naruto stood there waiting for the blade to hit him, off course it wouldn’t, naruto had devloped a kind of subconious reflex that would manipulate the wind to stop any attack. The ANBUs sword came crashing down and shattered into a million pieces as t hit the barrier.
“I am not that weakling you once knew and disipsed” naruto said “I am now more powerful than the kyuubi sama herself”
“herself?!” one of the ANBU asked “the great kyuubi no kitsune is a girl!” they yelled
“damn staright boys!” kyuubi said as she blew them a kiss
“you damn demon!” the other ANBU yelled as he charged at her with his katana out
naruto charged some seishi chakra into his arm and punched the ANBU as hard as he could, the ANBU went flying across and smashed through the hokages window
“what the hell is gong on here!” the 3rd hokage yelled as he hurrdedly hid his icha icha paradice book he was reading
“narutos….back….” the ANBU croaked before he passed out
meanwhile back at the gate the other ANBU was throwing a flurry of punches and kicks at naruto who was effotly dodging every one
“these guys just don’t know when to give up do they” naruto sighed as he dodged another kick to the face
over the years naruto had developed his own style of fighting which consisted of interconneting free flowing moves that no other style could match or predict, which he aptly named rain dance style
naruto then went on the offenive, he delt a sweep kick to the legs then a powerful kick to the side which sent the anbu rocketing, he then axe kicked him to the ground and delivered a finishing flying spear tackle.
Naruto then went back to his old aprtment but when be was at the enterence to the complex, he was approched by the thrid hokage
“naruto!” the hokage yelled as he threw his arms around him “its great to see you’ve returned, where have you been?”
“hey ojii san, ive been off training for six years with nate” naruto said as nate shook the hokages hand
“I was good a friend of yondimane, its an honour to meet you, sarutobi san” nate said
the hokage noticed kyuubi with them
“and who is this fine lady” he asked
“well….this is..uh…..kyuubi” naruto said a little embaressed
the hokages eyes went wide
“how dd she escape! Wait….she? the kyuubi is a girl!” the hokage yelled
“yeah..every seems to be supprised when I tell them that, and as to why she’s out here…” naruto told him the whole sotry about what had happened when he merged with the kyuubis chakra
“I see” the hokage said “so your sure she cant turn into her demon form and destroy the village” he asked nervously
“if I could, I already would have” kyuubi laughed as everyone sweat dropped
“anyway naruto, ive bought you a bigger apartment, when I heard you were back I though you might need accomodations” hokage said
naruto followed him to a highrise apartment block on the other side of town
“hmm…this wasn’t here last time I checked” naruto said
“yes, it was build during your absence and only opened last week” hokage said
naruto walked into the apartment and found it was huge. It had a living room a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a spa bath in the bathroom
“naruto, ive enlisted you in the acdemy, I know you always wanted to become a ninja so im letting you now” hokage said
“ojiisan, im already ANBU level, why do I have to start at the bottom” naruto complained
“I know naruto, but you’re still a child and I want you to have a proper childhood, growing up making friends” hokage said as he turned to take his leave
“oh and by the way naruto, there’s a pool on the roof if you want to have a swim later” the hokage said before leaving
“YATTA! A POOL!” naruto said as he hurried into his togs and ran up the stairs
“he maybe the most powerful ninja in this village” nate said” but deep down he’s still a kid”
naruto was relaxing in the spa on the roof and admiring the stars when kyuubi walked up to him.
“hey naruto” kyuubi said
“oh hey kyuu” he turned around to see kyuubi in a skimpy one piece swim suit, he was blown back by a nose bleed and nearly fell off the building
kyuubi relaxed in the spa with naruto
naruto looked at her and for the first time noticed that she was really beautiful. For years she had just been a friend and he had never really looked at her closely. He was either too busy training or too busy talking. She has a perfect hourglass body with long flowing red hair with streaks of orange in it, tan skin and deep red eyes. she was perfection its self. He had often wondered about what she thought of him, she loved to hang around him and usually slept with him, she said that after years of being in his body it would feel weird not being around him.
After staring at the stars for an hour and discussing what he was going to do, kyuubi and naruto towled off and went back to their room. Narut heard a muffled swearing coming from his suitcase. He opened it up to find hidans head swearing and cursing at him (did I forget to mention that during the time skip naruto defeated hidan and kept his head as a sovenier?) naruto told hidan to shut up and placed his head on a shelve next to his bed. Nate took the guest bedroom and naruto and kyuubi took the master bedroom.
The next day
“sakura haruno” iruka called out
“here” she answered
“hinata hyuuga”
“here” hinata said quietly
“and sasuke uchiha”
“hm” was all sasuke said
“ok that’s everyone” iruka said just as naruto walked in and handed iruka a note, iruka read it and annouced “class, this s naruto uzumaki, by permission of the hokage he is taking the genin exam with the rest of you”
murmers where heard through out the class
then one uchiha with a superiorty problem announced “why should the dobe take the genin exams with us, he hasn’t even studied with us before”
“sit down sasuke, hokage has granted him permission” iruka said
naruto walked over and took a seat by shikamaru
“troublesome” shikamaru mumbled
“boring” naruto muttered as he pulled out a stick of pockey and started to chew it
“ok class, for the genin exams there will be an hour written test, a henge test and a clone test, you must score at least 40/50 in the written exam and create at least 3 bushins, you can also do another jutsu for extra credit, thn we will test you on your kunai and shiruken skills” iruka said as the written test began.
Naruto had finished it in 1 minute and slept for the rest of the hour. When narutos turn came he henged into a perfect copy of iruka and created 3 elemental bushins, elemental bushins can take the form of any element desired, both iruka and the class were amazed at this. Sasuke just scowled and sakura complained about how sasuke could do better, for extra credit he made a perfect wooden statue of himself using his element manipulation.
When the kunai and shiruken test came, naruto hit the targets dead centre everytime
After the test sasuke walked up to him “how did you make that statue without using hand signs and without the first hokages kekki genkai! As an uchiha I demand you to tell me!
“ok first thing, the uchiha clan does not have power over me and second I used element manipulation, something you could never do” naruto said as he pulled out another stick of pockey
sasuke stared at naruto, then with lightning quick reactions, threw a kunai at him. It siply shattered asit hit narutos wind sheild
“sasuke, get over your self” naruto said “its not about what clan you come from, its about your personal strengh, your pathetic” naruto said as he walked off.
“how dare you talk to me like that!” sasuke yelled as he charged at naruto
naruto turned around and grabbed his arm, sasuke then tried to kick him naruto grabbed his leg and hurled him into a tree, knocking him out cold, he then turned to see a blonde and pink haired girl running at him
“how dare you hurt sasuke kun!” they yelled naruto dodged their punches and performed a perfect flying jump windmill kick.
When he got back to his apartment nate was sittig reading the paper with a cup of coffee and hidan was drinking some OJ thorugh a straw
“how was the exam?” nate asked
“we’ve got an uchiha with a rod up his *** and two fangirls drooling over him, the usual” naruto said as he grabbed a bag of chips and wlaked out onto the balcony.
“I hope I don’t get in the same team as him” naurto said