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Naruto awoke to the sound of water flowing from a nearby waterfall, he turned and saw nate in a meditative position by the large river
“where are we” Naruto asked sleepily as he looked around
“we are in my family’s sacred training grounds” he answered as he got up and walked over to Naruto “here is where i will train you until I feel you are ready for the next stage”
“what next stage?” Naruto asked
Nate sat down next to Naruto and let out a long sigh
“i guess i should tell you from the beginning” he said “my clan was called the yaroto clan. my family was known as the demon masters because of our ability to control all the elements whether or no they had the bloodline. The clan started when the first leader of the clan was exploring a cave that was rumoured to contain certain crystals that when shaped into a blade or weapon, could multiply chakra output up to 50 times the regular. When he was exploring he found a young girl trapped in the cave. She told him how she had been trapped there by a sage long ago because she possessed terrible powers. When the leader freed her, she revealed herself to be a shinigami. The leader was terrified but the shinigami saw this and for helping her break the seal on her, she would grant him one wish. The leader, being a wise man, wished for the knowledge of a shinigami. (shinigami know almost everything since they are gods) when he received this, his eyes where opened to the world around him. He quickly started to write everything he knew so he could pass this knowledge to future generations. Over the years he taught himself and his students how to manipulate the world based in the knowledge he had. Unfortunately, he fell ill and died before he could complete this task. So generation after generation of my clan passed these techniques down and developed them more and more until...” he stopped there with a troubled look on his face
“Until what?” Naruto asked impatiently
“Until the massacre...”
“What happened” Naruto asked
“a man under the name of madara uchiha came to our clan” Nate said with sadness in his voice “he was badly hurt after an assault on him by several S ranked missing nins. Our clan took him in and nursed him back to health, when we heard that he had now where else to go, we took him in. Over the years his master taught him the clan techniques and ways. He became a fully fledged member of the yaroto clan. but one night, he was found to have been developing forbidden jutsu from our clans techniques. He managed to escape with one of our most scared scrolls, that scroll was the scroll of demon mastery. A few weeks later he had gathered up an army big enough to destroy my clan. That night when i returned home from a training trip I was at up in the mountains, i found my clan massacred and the sacred scrolls stolen. Luckily the scared scrolls in the clan household where fake. The real ones are keep in a secret cache that only the highest level clan officials knew about. And do you know who was the master of madara uchiha, Naruto?”
Naruto shook his head
Nate let out a sigh “it was me” he answered “I let my student become corrupted with power. I failed as a teacher” he finished as one tear fell from his eye but he quickly covered it up
“anyway, Naruto, i will be teaching you my clans ways and secrets so that you may one day help rebuild it and become a great leader” Nate said
“you mean i cane become hokage!!” Naruto said with hope in his eyes
“if you train hard enough, then yes” Nate said
“YATTA!” Naruto yelled
“ok Naruto, first we’ll get some breakfast” Nate said.
he walked over to the river and looked into the water. A few seconds later a gush of water rose from the river and propelled 5 fish into the air. A gust of air then stripped the fish of their scales and cut them into even pieces, a ball of flame then engulfed them and cooked them perfectly. A small stone table then rose from the earth in front of Naruto, the cooked fish landed in the middle of the table. Nate then walked over and sat down to eat
“that was awesome!”Naruto yelled “how did you do that!”
“that was simple element manipulation” he answered as if he had done it thousands of times before “you will be learning how to do that and more when I feel you’re ready”
“Awww...why not now!” Naruto pouted
“because Naruto, your body cannot withstand the pressure of seishi chakra yet” nate said as he took a bite of the fish
“what’s seishi chakra?” Naruto asked
“it is the force of life as we know it” Nate said “it isn’t just produced in your body, but also in the water, the trees, the earth and the sky, once you can manipulate it, it’s all very simple to use”
After breakfast Nate and Naruto got to training
“ok Naruto, he is a list of things you will be doing everyday for training”
Naruto looked at the list, the colour drained from his face
4:30 get up
5:00 have breakfast
5:30 500 push ups
6:00 500 sit ups
7:00 1000 kicks
8:00 1000 punches
9:00 break
9:10 seishi training
12:00 lunch break
12:30 jutsu training
3:00 sparring
4:00 60 laps around the training ground
5:00 Kunai target practice
6:00 resource gathering
7:00 gathering for dinner
8:00 dinner
9:00 Sleep
“you didn’t think that becoming would be easy did you” Nate chuckled
Naruto just starred at the paper
“better get some sleep tonight Naruto” Nate said “to tomorrow is going to be a long day