this is my first fanfic so here it goes

A scream rang out through konoha. A young boy about the age of 8 was running from an angry mob chasing him through the streets. “DAMN DEMON!” one of the villagers yelled as a kunai flew past narutos head. He ran down an alley and jumped over a wall only to find more villages waiting for him.
why are they doing this!” he thought “I only wanted to see a movie!”
Before the villagers got to him, 2 ANBU poofed into the alleyway.
“please help me!” Naruto yelled
The ANBU looked at him through their masks. Then nodded at each other.
Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu!” one of them yelled
Naruto screamed in pain as the giant fire ball slammed into him, burning his flesh. The villages then became even more enraged after they saw that he had survived.
“why wont you die you damned demon!” one of the villagers yelled as he let ,loose a hail of shuriken. Naruto barley managed dodged them. But behind him he was caught by one of the ANBU. He held him in place as the other stabbed him with a kunai. Naruto dropped to the ground. He was so weak he could barely scream. The villagers cheered as the ANBU raised their swords and prepared to finish the boy off.
Just then, an explosion was heard. Naruto looked up and saw that the ANBU soldier’s swords had been shattered. A man in a green trench coat appeared beside the ANBU and struck them with his sword. Surprisingly the men were thrown back and slammed into a wall rather than being sliced in half. The man then glared at the villagers with hatred in his eyes.
he then swung his arms out and down. As he did this, the earth rose up and swallowed the villagers up to their necks.
The last thing naruto remembered was the man picking him up and carrying him away.