Mainly writing about Se's cold personality. And the encounter of Gaara and Toshimi while she is sleeping. The next chapter will be new. And i will carry on the other chapters in this thread. So please look this thread not the previous one.
You will be able to understand what is the pain from me deeply, than any Jinuuchiki.

Dawn…Sky is blazing as the flame dancing so desperately on the volcano.
Night…Engulfed the light all over the world…as the lion beast swallow the last feather of fragile robin…
I…died…in peace…of the black.
Softness around in his sand…Blood spread out like the spark poured out from a sea of fire, there is no pain as he said…then…
My life vanished…I killed by him…that damn boy with greenish eyes like sapphire stone from deep underground…and I shall remember his red hair like blossom rose in the garden surround by butterflies.

Chapter 3

“My, my! You face still hasn’t change yet! How pretty creature you are, Se?” A girl came up with flattery, teasing voice trying to poke fun toward a figure stood in the top of the stone that slim figure with pride and power.
“ Ten don’t put you neck under the knife.” Another female voice warned cautiously with very careful gaze, stared at that figure.
“ Yea, yea, I know, I know. No.1 of the organization, the strongest person…I mean monster.” Her eyes glanced at that figure in taunt.
“ Ah!!! My arms! Damn you.” Plentiful bloods as the stream flow instantly from the shoulders on two sides. Scream and shouting release the pain from deep inside. There is no step, no sword, no actions, but hurts…the plainness moan cursed the brain…become the memories of unforgettable.
“Keep a good tongue in your mouth, No.2, so that your head won’t fall out next time.” Se’s eyelid even did not move. Long eyelashes still calm stick with eye frame. If there were really a temperature level for the voice, that voice would have been condensate all the space all the air within a few second.
“Ten!” girl squat down on the heels, she is in hesitant of touching those bloody, badly mutilated wounds. But the blood still dance at the wound, flowing like the waterfall from a high mountain, it’s unstoppable.
“ Hearse, don’t think that your power would be enough to heal her, even you are No.3, stay away, I guarantee that she won’t die.” Se warmed a slightly bit of her voice…trying to reassuringly the others.
“ Leader, My deepest sorry to say, but what are we suppose to do?” another male stand out, his pupils stared in respecting, admirable, obedient, but loyal.
“ Nothing else, but don’t be careless and be sure that no one knows our existence, especially those anonymous journalists. Dismiss.” Simply, but pure of power and noble voice in order sounded out without any doubts and suspicious.
“Yes!” Then as the wind swept through, those figures disappeared in darkness night within a second. Still, two of figure left out.
“ Se- Chan you killed Ten- Chan.” A sweetly voice poured out.
“Evilly, you ought not to be in here.” Se sighed deeply.
“ S always nicely to weakens.” A boy said in a warm smile. “ But don’t you think you overdid it a bit, I mean for bring a human child in here.” It pointed out straight, directly without hesitance.
Se did not say a word, she gazing those stars in the middle night meaning, significant in her purest blue eyes. Then, those black wings stretched quickly, surge in the sky in a blink of eyes. A gleam of wind left behind with sand drops lift by the great of force.
Se symbolized S, the strongest one among our origination as leader and the center. No one had ever known anything about her. In fact, no one would know us- the creature reborn by grudges- Black. We born because we hate…we hate the things that happens when we alive. We don’t have ages so our hatred grudges will go on forever until we killed of our careless. As a result, we are never going to escape this sea full of grudges, complains, hatred desire, lusts of blood and the truth of out faint, secretly existence. Boy stared at sky with those thoughts inside his brain.
“ Let’s go, evilly.” Boy grinned at little girl, lead along her tiny hand.
“Ken- Chan…ok.” Girl watched in relief at the sky, then they both left.
Se, be careful…you are also reckless than everyone else. Ken closed his eyes relievable, believable with the perfect curve waved in his mouth corner.
“Damn, that moron! I won’t forgive you, Se!” Ten frowned heavily; hatred grudge full of her eyes…seems blazing with angry.
“Calm down, Ten! Carry on like this you will die!” Hearse shouted to her loudly, then murmur as quiet as possible like she is talking to herself
“As expect from Se, but I am sorry I couldn’t strong enough to heal you.”
“No way, you are the Top Healing Black among us, what does it suppose to mean?” Ten screamed. Her eyes in disbelief of lost her both arms at the same time.
“ I did my best, the wound opening has been condensate, regeneration nervous cannot reach those wounds…plus…No one can ever heal Se’s faint sword apart for herself…you know that. And I don’t have top regenerative ability, you know is her.” Hearse guilty watch at Ten…she could help…no…not Se’s attack.
“ Don’t make freaking joke at me! How can you tell me I lost my arms at once all! That’s…so cruel!” Tears falling from her entire eyes…covered her face…flowing like the quiet droplet into the sea.


“ Kazekage- Sama!” Matsuri said while her breath panted hungrily.
“ What’s wrong?” The pen is scribble quickly in the documents. Red hair like rose blossom of love, Greenish eyes reflect like lake waves rippling at its rhythm.
“ A…a girl died in front of the entrance gate.” Matsuri said worriedly.
Slender figure stand out with its faith. Walk forward to the gate. Night gives horrors and thrilling feel with unsettle…Death.
Enormous door opened gently. Toshimi’s back followed its open, like leaves toppled softly in front of…Gaara.
Look down…a girl…not a pretty one: freckled faces with two thick lips, just as normal as everyone else, not even a bit more. But, she is smiling, a bright smile. Grinned nicely even in the sleep. She must have a good dream. Smoked eye corner stress the beauty of those greenish eyes. Gaara calmly looking at her in peace…smile really make people jealous…
“She isn’t dead, Matsuri, take her to a room.” The figure turned then left.
Why does she so easy to smile?
“But…Gaara-Sama!” Matsuri watched Gaara’s back figure then glanced at Toshimi…hesitating what to do.
“ I’ll do it!” Strong arms involved in Toshimi’s waist and kneel, slowly…holding by him. She is heavy…He can feel his weight obviously…

Dream. Always my best subject, I can be alive actively in my dream. No exams, No mum’s shouting at me, No teacher’s homework, And No those anonymous classmate thoughts of I am a fan girl of non-human person. I can believe what I really believe in, and I don’t have to accept anyone’s expectation. I am not care about I am a dropout or not…as long as I am in my dream.
Dream always so wonderful. So when we go back to reality, all the things just so evil swallow our pride, our thoughts and chance.
I want to be in my dream eternally, forever…never been awaken and bothered by anyone…just only…me.
Flickering shining sunshine shoot at my eyelids, I feel warmth through all of my veins flowing slowly.
I gently open my eyes…this bed is so comfortable…and soft just like my bed.
Whiteness around me…I next to a wooden wardrobe, it’s old-fashioned, seems supportable. Outside of the window…sky still default blue within clouds’ rhythm dance following. The building is…Sandy! Golden sandy Buildings with just perfect design for the desert rounded country…its shapes just like…Sand Village of Wind Country! My god!!! This is incredible…am I still in a dream? Or, I am just died in a heaven.
“You are awake!” A girl…with…ninja dressed…and…symbolized forehand protector around her neck. Black Pupils…and Short shoulder lengthen brown hair…She is …she is…
I dazed, and gazed at her dully…my throat couldn’t move…I have no words to say.
“Matsuri!” Words stand out from my mouth awkwardly.
“Huh? You know me?” She confused watching at me.
“ Sure! You the student of…Gaara!” I said excitingly. This is amazing…I talk to someone who is in the manga…the anime…she looks like so real!!! Wait! If Matsuri- Chan is real alive…then…Gaara! Gaara is alive too! (Writer: Gaara never died, Moron!) Think at there, I blurred out quickly
“ Where is Gaara? Where is Gaara!” I grab at Matsuri’s both shoulder, shaking her hardly.
“Gaara- Sama is in her office with Temari-Sama, by the way…what…” Matsuri prepared to carry on.
I stop her abruptly, and jump out from my bed…Gaara! Gaara! Wait, I am coming! I am thoroughfare as the best of my speed.
“Dang!” Kazekage office door opened suddenly with enormous thud! Gaara! I close my eyes, imagining when I hug his neck and he’s holding waist… what a beauty picture!!!
“Dang!” Another thud. Huh? Where is this cold comes from? Does Gaara really hard like sand stone????
“ Who are you, kid?” Yellow hair with two back braids under neck. Black ninja custom and folded…fan! Temari!!!!!!!! Gaara’s big sister!
“ Gaara! Gaara!” I ignored any other voice, vigorously with my vim and vigour, run to that figure, that figure with blossom rose coloured red hair…that white coat…Kazekage! Gaara!
“ Hey! Hey! Stop! Don’t close to our Gaara!” Huge fan with three points purple dots grasped my way. “Who are you, kid?” Temari frowned at me.
“ Temari- Chan, I am Toshimi, Nice to meet the real you. Please, Gaara!” I shouted loudly.
Temari frowned more heavily. What? Real me? Aren’t I real alive? Who the hell is this kid?
“ Sister, She is a stranger or may be a waif!” Male deepen voice delaying put off. White skinned faced turned…Those Greenish lake eyes just like sapphire stone. And…that Love…in his forehand…so cool!!!!!!!!! My prince! (Writer: who told you Gaara is your prince! Moron!)
“ So, you’d better sent her to orphanage, Gaara!” Temari said thoughtfully.
Those greenish eyes glance at once, then closed. He doesn’t say anything.
“Kazekage- Sama, what is the meaning of this girl?” those civiler asked.
“ She’s been picked up by me, and we don’t have clue where she should go.” Temari explained.
“…She doesn’t have any Chakra, we cannot live a strange at village.” Kankurou said rapidly…those girls always pretending they are homeless children.
“ We could sent her to the other small village’s between wind country and Water country.” One suggested.
“ We agree.” The others followed.
“ No, we cannot. Recently the reports from those village’s attacked by water country…They were complaining about water country’s horrible treating at them, therefore…Kazekage-Sama…are we just stay at see or we going to rescue those.” One said cautiously and warily.
“ We’ll see, that girl will just stay in village recently.” Good-sounded voice flow from his those lips.