Chapter Two Dream to true

“Open your eyes!” A cold voice for behind said.
Huh? What’s going on? I remember…I jumped for my windowsill…so I should be…die! I…. died!
“Mama, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I have eat my dinner yet, and I have seen Gaara yet, mama!” I shouted, roared randomly…even there is no one that can hear me; I died…Wait…how can I still spoke when I died?
Se started at the girl, her eyes hang down, those eyelashes covered completely her eye frame even the eye corner, formed a beauty views. She glanced at girl. She is not beauty; stupid with a bit overweight…She is just normal as she can see for this blue sky down to the streets of Tokyo. Her expression is very interesting… Is that what does human do when they thought they died?
I opened my eyes…wind sweeping my faces and wiped my brown hair. The sky is still blue with no marks. I am not die!!!!! Yes! But where is it???
“ You will see him soon!” Se said without looking at her.
Se is not dying? I took strange looks at her. Still skimmed body but also “big” in some part. Beauty face with her short hair acted nice and cool look. Wait… I stopped, I amazed…. Her…back??? Her back’s got…wings? What a huge wings, strong muscles around its frames. Glossy, shiny feathers well developed around its skeleton, plentiful. Huh? Why is it black? The storybook said black wings is…. demon.
“Don’t stare at my wings!” An anonymous glance came towards me.
I suddenly spotted, I am sitting in a feather…Black feather, it soft and fury, even comfortable than my bed…but what’s going to happen? This incredible things…and Gaara, shall I really encounter him at once?
Darkness swallowed the lights…surround me tightly…I feel I like a bird in a cat’s claw…I couldn’t resist its seduction from deep…I want to see what in the end.
Eyelids’ pressure is coming up to me…it’s unclear, faint shallow around me…I drowned in this sea of darkness…
“Hey! Hey! Wake up!” A man dressed in Ninja waved his hand in front of me.
I can that forehand protector with their Wind Country symbol. Wait…am I really in…Hidden Village of Sand? This is…impossible! I know I am daydreaming…but this is just cannot happen…I came here…I really came here… Those golden sandy buildings…the ground is softy just like my bed…shining flickering sunshine…this is exactly how it is! Even if I am in a dream…don’t wake me…please let me in my dream forever.
“Hey! Brat, who are you?” Ninjas around me asked impatiently with innocent meanwhile their pupils bring strange feelings. Which awake me…I need to say something…I need to see…Gaara. But my lips won’t open; my body won’t move…I be too much excited too much amazed… And glad that I would have in this dream…although I know one day it will be finish…because I am not the one who could be the princess really in the story…. no, not a dropout.
“Gees, ugly girl!” They said in teasing speech with complaining, then left me behind… I have never been in this frustration before…even though I am the last one of the year grade every time no matter how hard I was…I still could surpass that original genius-Se with her damn beautiful face causes everyone fell for her.
Wait! Se! Where is she? She did come with me, didn’t she? No actually, She brought me here? But how and those pair of powerful wings is still flying in my brain? How could a human do that?
I sit still. My stomach become protest my nervous…I am so hungry…I don’t know what to do when this really becomes so real, so true…I don’t understand after all. Those view like foams, like water vapour, they can be melting through evaporation at one second disappeared…I don’t know where I am going to go…
I try to move my leg forward and stand up. I grab at sand wall, attempt to use my arms to help me get on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any strength at all, my fingers gasp at the wall. A gleam of pain flows from my fingertips. My fingernail started to bleed because of my weight moving all to one point. My muscle is so sour like they have been steeped in the vinegar pot for years. My skeleton seems lost its calcium…they do not support me any longer, and at the other second, I wonder they might break up against my limbs. But I have to move…I cannot give up yet…I admire Gaara…I think I can totally understand him…his feeling of receive loves, his feeling of close friend…his feeling toward his past history…I comprehended all of it, and I want to say it loudly to my classmates what it is really like…I must not to die before I did it…I need to stay alive.
The miracles coming up, my thigh begun to move instantly at a short distance, my feet can hardly bear with those sour feel. And my ankle started to get forward.
I don’t know where should I go, all the anime episodes did not even give me any clue of Sand Village’s map at all. I stopped below a building (Actually for me all of them are the same!) The door is huge with the stairs connected with entrance. My back faces the doorway, which I could lean against the door. It’s a bit cold even in the desert…wind wipe against my face. My face. Skin is not as transparent and smooth. Eyes aren’t big but small, like the star at Wind Country. Those are so tiny, so easy to ignored by people, though, they nearby the moon, that smooth, glistening, silver moon. Also, because of the moon, the stars near it can never got any chance to bear it…all for them is the destined fate-be fragile, be weak, then die as no one would notice, but in peace…in a simply life without regrets…that what my fate really are, I am happy just for it. Please, just let the wind below my smell, my dream, my happiness in to the thin air, and let them stay in mind…for hundred? Thousand? Million years.