OOC: This is such a strange thing on so many levels. First, this might technically constitute fanfiction. There are others but I don't really want to talk about them unless I'm forced to

The Parable of the Twins
Jesus stood before the crowd and was preaching, his apostles and his women followers were near him and listening intently when a young Pharisee approached them and asked of Jesus, “Why say you are holy and I not? I who keep holy the Sabbath and always follow the Torah? God can have no cause to punish me and therefore must grant me good tidings in the next life.” As he did this he threw his arms wide in a self-gratifying gesture.

Jesus looked at him gently and said, “Child, there was once born into a family twins, two sons. Both of these sons were strong and capable however the mother had a prophetic dream in child birth in which the archangel Mastema spoke to the mother and said ‘oh woman of divided womb! How lamentable is the sorrow that will be fall half of your fruit. Twins shall be snatched from you and one will walk to Sheol and the other to the side of the Lord. This fate is unavoidable, it is set in stone! A soul of darkness to balance a soul of light!’

And so the two boys were born and the mother related to them of her vision. The boys grew up and became men. However, their dispositions were as different as the sun. One boy went always to pray and kept holy every sacred law. He read his Torah with deligience and feverishness. And everyone had only good things to say about how he smiled and said good words to them. His father made him heir.

The other son, however, spurned the law of God. He walked where he willed, wore what he wished, and gave defiance to God. Everyone saw only the devil in him and he rebelled constantly against both father and town. His tongue was as flame and his eyes as thorns. He was disinherited by his father and cast out.

Both sons grew old and eventually both sons died. And the good son, the one who had kept holy the Sabbath and lived by the Law, found himself tossed away by god and in darkness and he cried endlessly in the dark. “Oh my Lord, my Lord! Why? Why am I, the one who always followed your laws and did no evil act the one who is kept away from your table, while my brother dines at your throne? I who spent years forcing kindness upon myself and studying your law? Well, to hell with it! You are no God of mine!”

Suddenly God spoke to the man, ‘Do you not see, my child? You were always good only in action but never in heart. You acted kind because you knew that if you were not better than your brother you would end up where you are now. You wanted to use the prophecy I gave your mother to your advantage. Your brother however, acted mean and pretended to spurn me. He acted this way only so that you would go to my side, knowing that if he made me reject him, by the angel’s words you would be accepted. He used the prophecy not to his advantage but to yours! He willingly sacrificed himself to see you happy. That is the action that is truly holy. The holy action is not the action of the body but the action of the mind. ‘”

Jesus thus finished his parable and looked to the Pharisee and spoke, ‘Now do you see? You follow the law only out of fear! You should not fear God as the ‘good’ brother did but love your fellow men and in so doing love god as the ‘bad’ brother did’