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The entire series is simply a tasteless, smutty gorefest, lacking originality and decent structure. Honestly, one of the worst series I've ever seen, through and through. The characters were shallow and moot at best, and the main character is just another exploitation of the old "Grotesque Cute" trope. I figure it was to lure in the "I'm dark and misunderstood" kids. Oh! And random symbolism, thrown in just for the hell of it; it was all over the place! Because, you know, it's the best way to appear "deep", really fast. It seems like everyone reads really deep into it, completely unjustified, and pulls out some apparent deeping meaning out of nowhere...it's like reading in between the lines, when they are no lines! Watch the series at 100% face value, because that's all it actually is.

I'm honestly astounded that anyone could find anything semi-decent about this series. And whenever anyone talks about it, the first thing mentioned is the gore, which is pretty sad that it's the most interesting thing the series had going for it. But, the tremendous overuse of it, especially when unnecessary, is a serious con for the series.

I not only hate it, I hate it with a burning passion.
You know you're right. Although I can say with a straight face that I liked watching Elfen Lied. The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that it's over-violent. I mean, she killed a bunch of kids and their blood was all over the room, the yellow wall became red. It's too violent for it's sake. It could have been better if they reduced it.