*For my bf InfiniteCreativity (alias) and BLOODyOrCHIDZ735, my biggest poetry fans and supporters. Something a bit more positive.*

Created:2/8/07 5:25:35 PM


The faceless man who had lost his eyes,
Cut all the threads, which bound the lies.
Severed his head then cut off this toes,
Broke his back and wretched off his nose.

When he went to cut off his nerves and lose his heart,
That is where my story shall start.
With his hands that still remained,
I griped them tightly until he attained,
The sense of living so far lost…
Now the faceless man wept at his own cost.

I held him close and he did reform,
Into the person who was his own norm.
“Hold as tight as you wish and never fear,
Because I care my so wandered dear.”

Those were my words simple and true,
Telling this now faceful man “I love you”.
He griped me tightly with tears amiss,
I will treasure him now with a first kiss.

For we all can become faceless,
When we think life is even less…