Hey guys, I was just curious if anyone else has heard of this band, Oliver Future.

Back in December, I walked into the AWESOME record store and did what my friend usually does in there: go to the dicount wall, find an album with cool cover art, and buy the CD (for only $1.99!!!). So, that's what I did, I picked up four of these CDs. One was awful...just plain awful. The other 2, I haven't even listened to yet, because I've been in LOVE with the fourth one, Oliver Future's album, Pax Futura.

I know very little about these guys (because their website is currently under construction). All I know is that there are about 5 people in this band. They have this lofty sound to them (I can only categorize them as "Indie") but they are awesome!

If anyone wants to check them out, you can see their myspace page:


They've only really played in LA and in some cities in Texas, but the second they get to NY, I'm seeing them! So, if anyone knows them, or likes what they hear from the myspace page, post back!

P.S: Favorite songs from Pax Futura - "The Second" & "Signing Off."