Soifon sat on a nearby building watching the exit of where the Duos normally met. Enoch had told her the location, saying he saw no reason to hide the location and asking her to make sure they didn't do anything stupid while he was being punished. She told him she would decide on her own whether or not to do so, but it seemed Enoch didn't really care either way.

Ultimately, she decided not to intervene, because she wanted to see the groups real colors and she worried that if she interfered she wouldn't be able to test their trust worthiness. As she expected Enoch had no loyalty to the group, rather it seemed to be something he used at his convenience. While, this made him untrustworthy, since he could easily be doing the same to the whole Seireitei, it also meant that he provided a foothold into the Duos' organization. One, which wouldn't mind being a double agent if he felt it worked to his advantage.

But Soifon pushed such thoughts from her head and merely watched and waited, there ws no need to rush these things... in fact rushing could have a very negative effect.