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Bleach: Souls of the Unknown

Soul Reapers, also known as Shinigami, have kept the bonds between living, breathing humans and those of the departed severed since the beginning of time. Their trusted Zanpakuto by their side, they put their lives on the line, battling the tainted souls of the dead called Hollows. They reside in the Soul Society, the home of the Seiretei, the most powerful force of Soul Reapers alive. The Soul Society is a normally peaceful place, no matter what happens outside its' hallowed halls. But the universe had to stay in line, so this time of peace would not last much longer.

The Sayuchi: a group of rogue Shinigami whom have been, for a while now, planning the ultimate demise of the entire Soul Soceity. What was their motive? Where did they come from? Questions left without answers would run through the minds of people all over the Soul Society. This, although, was not of importance. With a large group of the Seiretei's more powerful forces off on a recon mission in the human realm, the time for the Sayuchi to strike was at hand. To strike the Soul Society, although, there would have to be a large opening in the defense forces, and there indeed was one.

Unfortunately for them, though, not large enough.

In the shadows of the darkest parts of the Soul Society, covered in a cloak of likeliness, there was something waiting for the Sayuchi, and it's name was the Matsuki.

The Matsuki: A secret to the entire Soul Society. Only members of the Matsuki even know of the groups' existence. Why were they so secretive about their existence? Some would probably categorize them in leagues with the Sayuchi themself, but this was indeed not true. The Matsuki was a completely different kind of group, with a special attribute all their own. Granted the power of two Zanpakuto, which is one more than a normal Soul Reaper, the Matsuki shared some resemblance of a family. They were a group that was different from all others in the Soul Society, and even though they went out like regular Soul Reapers, talked and befriended Soul Reapers, even had regular Soul Reaper families, they were anything but "regular." They were of a different league. A potentially valuable addition to the forces of the Soul Society, or a group of misfits who would only endanger the balance that the Seiretei strived to keep in their home? You decide.

That was all beside the point, although.

The Sayuchi have waited far too long for a day like this, and now that is has come, missing this opportunity was simply not an option. 6 hours and 32 minutes. That's how long it was until midnight. That's how long it was until the Sayuchi would raid entire Soul Society. That's how long it was until the Soul Society itself would go through an amazing change.

The balance, would be lost. The universe had to stay in line.

__________________________________________________ ____________

At the Matsuki hideout, all members of the group stood in a large, dark, room. Shion Kimagi, the creator of the group, stood in front of his companions.

"Alright, I'm sorry for bringing you all here today, but I just had to say something to all of you," Shion said. His tone showed that he may have felt somewhat guilty for taking away from the time of their day. Even though it was clear that he was the creator, he himself did not necessarily like the others being degraded and referred as under him, so he kept everything at a level. The reason he created this group was to bring them together. Ranks and such? Bleh.

"Listen.....I have a pretty bad feeling about today. I really can't think of an explanation for this, really, but there something inside my body that's telling me that we should all be cautious for today." He knew that he sounded weird about this entire thing, and no doubt somebody was bound to be skeptical, but he had to get this out to his companions. The Matsuki was unknown by the entire Society, but it was still a place that they all called home.

"Just do me a favor. If something is to happen tonight....the Matsuki might just have to come out of hiding. Try your best to keep this from happening, but if our home is faced with a problem, don't hesitate to unleash all hell on whoever is the cause of it. Just watch out for today, alright?" Shion said what he had to say, nothing more, nothing less.

"Alright, I think we're done here," he said with a grin, scratching the back of his head. "Yeah, meeting's over. Let's hope that I was wrong about all of this, but if I'm not, let's at least have fun tonight, alright?" Shion joked.

With that, Shion himself began to walk out of the room. This underground organization gave the word a new meeting, as the actual hideout was hidden beneath the floors of the Society. He stood at the exit, as it was his courtesy to his companions to leave last.

OOC: Alright everyone, this is pretty much free time. Until midnight, characters can do anything that they may feel like, be it converse with each other or simply go it alone. You'll know when it's time to get this thing really started. The RPG has begun.