I've had a think and I'm not sure if this should go on this forum or a different one, so my apologies in advance to moderators if I've messed this around at all.

My current project is correctly transliterating kanji and lyrics for Weiss Kreuz and for E.M.U/Sotsugyou M for a project of my own outside of the animelyrics site.

However I intend on submitting some of them here as well, as time goes on - although the last kanji I submitted for Weiss's "No Surrender" still doesn't seem to have been added, so maybe there's still a backlog and I might hold off for a while before doing so in case I'm adding to an already busy workload.

But to get back to my point:

Today I went to make a list of the WK and E.M.U/M songs on the site which lack Kanji, etc. And I was surprised to find that there are three songs listed under Weiss Kreuz which don't belong there (one is Anime Tenchou, the other two come from Koyasu Takehito's solo album Meri-san no Koneko and have no connection to WK at all).

When I got to Sotsugyou M, I found E.M.U songs interspersed with M songs and some of the M songs incorrectly sub-credited as solos to Midorikawa Hikaru rather than the group as a whole. (Of course, there are also a bunch of E.M.U songs missing from the site and none of them seem to have kanji, which may be part of the confusion). I didn't find a separate entry on the site for E.M.U.

I'm willing to formulate a proper list of what songs are E.M.U and what are Sotsugyou M since I have the CDs etc in front of me and I know who sang what, what was on which album, and which were and weren't connected to the characters. My question is - if I did this, would it be applied to the site? And if so, where would I best be posting it so that it would be easy for the site admins to find it and verify it?

Obviously it's useless me submitting any kanji or additional lyrics if the categories are so messed around...any advice??