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Thread: Naruto Fanfiction: Konoha Academy

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    Post Naruto Fanfiction: Konoha Academy

    Konoha Academy! Chapter 1: First Day's Morning

    My name is Kairi Hikari. I'm a 5'4" 15 year-old girl with long blonde hair that reaches to my back with blue eyes. Just like everyone in this world, I have a secret, and just like every other secret that people have, mine was not supposed to be found out. However, unfortunately for me, it was found out. How and why did it happen? Well, we'll just have to look back at the beginning of the school year.
    *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*
    It was 6:30 in the morning and I was already awake. I didn't feel like sleeping any more, but I also didn't feel like getting up and getting ready for school. First of all, school started at 9. Second of all, I could easily just walk there since it was close to where I live. It would only take me about 15 minutes to walk from the apartment to the school. Yes, that's right, I live in an apartment. It's not one of those old, run-down apartments that have bugs, termites, leaks, and all of those other problems. No, this is a fairly new apartment that looks more like it could pass off for a mini luxurious hotel. It's pretty big too. If anyone in this place knew me, they'd probably ask how a girl of my age could live all alone in a place like this. Yes, that's right, I live alone. Anyways, enough about the apartment and back to the school problem. Even though I didn't feel like it, I decided to get up and get ready for school. If I got there early, it would give me enough time to roam around the campus long enough to get familiar with the building. Not only that, but I could probably get my schedule and find my classes along with my locker. Then I wouldn't have to deal with all of the crowds and stuff. Not to mention all the kids that stop you in the hallways and ask you if you're new to the school, even when they know you are. Then the kid starts talking to you about how cool and fun it'll be to have you around, even though they know that's a big fat lie right there. Well, enough about that. As I was saying before I went off talking about annoying people, I got up and did my usual morning routine: I got up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed, made breakfast, and left the mini hotel of an apartment that I have. Well, you're probably wondering what I'm wearing. Well, let's take a look: Im wearing blue jeans with a plain white shirt, along with a black jacket that has loads of pockets and zippers everywhere and a black hair with my hair up in it. So, now, for people that don't know who I am, I look like a guy. Yes, you heard right, I, Kairi Hikari, always get mistaken for a guy at some point. I don't know how or why this happens, but it just does. So, getting back on track, I walked to the school, which only took about 15 minutes as I stated before. By the time I reached the gates of the school, they were open and it was already 7 in the morning. Well, this High School was just like your regular high school. I might as well tell you about it: This high school is none other than Konoha Academy, found in none other than Osaka, Japan. Joy (sarcasm).It's an okay school with three different buildings. The first building, which is in the center, is the main building with all of the classes and the office. The second building is the gym/pool, which is to the right of the main building. The third building is to the left of the main building, and that's basically the theatre stage. It's supposed to be a great academy where all of the top students come to learn. It's supposed to have a great faculty and staff, along with cafeteria food that you can actually call food and eat it without having to go to the nurse's office. It's supposed to be a great school with nice and friendly students and a great learning environment. It sounds like so much fun, I just can't wait to meet new people(more sarcasm).I really couldn't care less about the people, but unfortunately, because of this little secret that I hold, I have no other choice but to be social. Anyways, I got through the gates of the school and into the front doors. When I walked right through them, my first impression was "This place looks a lot bigger on the inside" The ceilings were pretty high up, the tiles were white, the hallways were wide enough so the students wouldn't be clumped together when the bell rang. I guess this school couldn't be that bad. Besides, the main office was easy to find seeing as how it was to the left of the main entrance. Once I spotted the office, I casually walked there to find a dark-haired lady with dark eyes and short hair in there looking through files.

    "Um, excuse me" I said, trying to get the attention of the lady behind the desk.
    "Oh, hello. How may I help you?" she asked, smiling at me as she put down the files she was working with to face me.
    "I'm new here and I need my schedule" I said, hoping that the lady wouldn't go on and on about how great it was to be in this school and how I'd make great new friends here.
    "Oh, yes, your name and grade please." she said, getting four boxes with some cards in there.
    "Hikari, Kairi, 10th grade." I said, as I looked at her getting a box with what looked like to have all of the 10th grade students' schedules in there .It didn't take her long to find it, and when she did, she gave the card to me.
    "On there, you have all of your classes along with your locker number and the locker's combination. Make sure not to lose it though .If you do, just tell us and we'll reassign the locker combination so nothing goes wrong. Welcome to the Academy." she said, smiling once more.
    "Thank you miss-"I said
    "Shizune. I'm Shizune, the principal's assistant. "she said
    "Thank you Miss Shizune" I said, trying to seem more social than what I really was.
    "You're welcome. If you need any help, then just ask. I must say though, you kids sure do seem like you've taken an interest in school now a days. You're not the only one who has come here early on their first day of school. It makes me so proud to see all of you wanting to pursue knowledge even more." she said, getting back to work. I guess I'm not the only one here early. Either way, as long as they don't come near me while I'm trying to find my classes and locker, I won't have such a bad morning. It wasn't that I don't know this school so I'll unfortunately have to ask for directions .No, just the opposite. I memorized this school from the map that was given to me a couple of weeks ago. I basically knew where everything was in this place, but I want to familiarize myself with it. Anyways, as I was roaming the halls looking for my locker, I decided now was as good as any time to see what my classes were .My first class was Gym with some guy named Jiraiya, second was English with Iruka, third was Biology with Orochimaru, fourth was Chemistry with Asuma, fifth was Theatre with Anko, sixth was Study Hall with Kakashi, seventh was Calculus with Ibiki, eighth was Human Geography with Zabuza, ninth was Physics with Gai, and finally tenth was Art with Kurenai. Ten classes in one day right, wrong! We have A-Days and B-Days. The first five classes are A-Day, and the last five are B-Day. As I looked up from my schedule, I saw that I was in front of my locker # 366. How I got there, I don't know, but I'm not complaining. My locker was just like the other lockers in this school: blue and taller than me. I bet I could probably fit in there too, but I don't feel like finding out. I moved closer to my locker and put in the combination to make sure that it would open right. To my great luck, the locker was able to open with ease. I decided that since I was done with my locker, I should move on ahead and find my classes to familiarize myself with my schedule. I was just about to turn around when I closed the door to my locker, but I found myself pushed face-first against it while being hugged from behind.
    "KIYO!!!!!!TOBI MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!! TOBI THOUGHT YOU HAD DISAPPEARED AND THAT YOU DIDN'T LIKE HIM ANY MORE!!!" was the screaming I heard from the person that was hugging me and also pushing me onto my locker. I wanted to know what my locker was like, but not like this. The person started to cuddle up to me and I just couldn't take it any more.
    "WOULD YOU GET OFF!!!" I yelled at the boy, who immediately let go of me when he heard my voice. I took a few steps back from my locker and started to turn around to get a good look at my attacker. To my surprise, it was a cute little guy about 5' with black hair and dark eyes. He had some white bandages wrapped around his left part of his face, also covering his left eye, so the only thing you could see was his right eye. He was wearing black jeans and a dark orange shirt. As I was examining him, he started squinting his eye and getting closer to me. Next thing I knew, he took off my hat and my hair was exposed.
    "Hey, you're not Kiyo! You big meanie! Tobi wanted to hug Kiyo! Not some Kiyo imposter!" he said as he walked away with my hat. He was a strange kid, but at least he was gone. I don't get what his problem is though. One minute he slams me into my own locker while hugging me, the next he's yelling stuff at me running off with my hat. And I thought this was actually going to be a good day for me. Well, after I got over the whole confusion, I roamed around more and seconds turned to minutes, and before I knew it, the halls started to crowd up with people. There were many kids meeting up with one another asking how their summer vacations went, loads of people just standing around looking lost, probably the new freshmen ,and others just walking around trying to find their classes and lockers. It was already 8:55, so I decided it was a good idea to get to gym. As I was coming out of a corner, I was instantly knocked down to the floor by something orange and prayed that it wasn't that same kid I saw this morning. To my surprise, it was a different boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing an orange jacket with orange baggy shorts and a white shirt. If it wasn't for the different hair and eye color, they probably could be twins. He got up and offered me his hand, and me being the nice social person that I am, took it and he helped me up.
    "Sorry about that. he said smiling at me. At that moment, part of me wanted to ask him if he was related to the little weird kid, while the other part wanted to yell at him for not looking where he was going. It ended up that I could do neither because just as I was about to open my mouth, the bell rang and he ran off screaming "I'm late! Now I'll never get my schedule and to my classes in time!" Yup, another weird kid to add to the list.

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    I think in the begining when you're describing yourself, you should do more describing. Like you should say my eyes are blue with wisdom because random reason. You don't leave much description, do you wear glasses, how do you wear your hair, what kind of facial expressions do you have, what's your face look like, body type etc.
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