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I could probably afford a car. I just haven't felt the need to get one, or indeed, get a driver's license. Everything I need is so close, it's all just few minutes walk or bike ride away.
Then that's lucky. I'm not so fortunate, my house is located deep in the kingdom of Suburbia where I'm isolated from stores, school, and work.

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Food is not a symbol of freedom. If anything, buying food is an even worse symbol of freedom than cars. Images of a dog begging for food spring to mind when I think about grocery stores. Growing your own food could possibly symbolize independence.
I was pointing out that spending cash doesn't mean less freedom. Of course, there's limited freedom in everything. No one is truly free. We're all bound by somethings like law or physical capablities.

And food can symbolize freedom of choice. Do I want a pizza or a cheeseburger? Also, growing your own food would symbolize independence, but it could also symbolize lack of freedom. You'd have to work to grow that food, and even then there'd be lack of choice especially depending on your location. You can't slaughter cows for your own cheeseburgers in an apartment in New York. You'd be bound and forced to depend on the food you grow yourself, restricting you from anything that you can't grow and make yourself.

And now this thread is completely off topic.