*A young man walking down a hallway*

Yeah thats me. My name is Bill Kalik, but you can call me Billy. I am almost twenty I just started my first year in college.

*peeks in the door window to his class*

You see that beautiful girl there with the multi-colored streaks in her hair. Her name is Savannah Rose. No thats not my girlfriend. She's been my bestfriend for the past 4 years, though I have feelings for her I just don't know how to express myself. But maybe things are better that way, I'd hate to lose another good friend because of 'love'. I remember when we first met, we were at a concert, I was tearing up the mosh pit as usual but then she came in. Time seemed to stop for just a moment as I caught a glance of her eyes, like the eyes of a wild yet calm horse. It was like looking at a small campfire, full of rage yet so small, and like a moth I was drawn to the flame. In that I mean she tackled me into a bleacher, giving me a concussion, but it was cool. Because she rode with me all the way to the hospital, I never had a complete stranger care so much for me.

I guess you could say that she redefined me, since I am now in college, I have decent grades and that my clothing style changed (for the better). I could blame her for making me soft, but alas I cannot express my love for her much less hate her.

*Looks over to the right a bit more, and his facial expression changes*

Thats my teacher. Mr. Whitmore. He's a bit of a perfectionist and is rather derogatory towards people if they aren't perfect. He's been like a father to me as I never had a father and that he happens to be my next door neighbor. I just hate it when he notices I drift away from my studies in school and he will pop over to my house to help me out.

Oh speaking of not being perfect.

*Silently slides the door open and starts sneaking toward his desk while Mr. Whitmore is writing on the board*

Mr.Whitmore: Mr. Kalik, late as usual.

Billy: I am sorry.

Mr.Whitmore: You know saying your sorry is just admitting that your worthless and not really stating that it won't happen again.

Billy: Oh, it won't happen again Mr.Whitmore.

*Takes his seat*

Savannah: Looks like you forgot about the mirror again, dweeb. Why didn't you just use the window again?
Billy: Yeah, yeah...

Savannah: Why don't you come hang out with me today.

Mr.Whitmore: WHO'S TALKING?

Billy: Sorr.. Won't happen again.

Mr.Whitmore: You say that everyday, Mr. Kalik.

This could be my chance to ask her out. Yes! Wait, what if I am not good enough? What if she says no? Why are these thoughts running through my head?

LATER THAT DAY in the parking lot

Savannah: Remember, StarBucks at 5:00, ciao.

I don't remember her ever liking coffee. Oh, well.

*Starts to put on his helmet*

Mr.Whitmore: Still driving that two wheeled launch pad of a motorcycle, I see.

Billy: Yeah... Hey Mr. whitmore

Mr.Whitmore: Please, we're not in class anymore, call me Robert.

Billy: Robert, I have a question about girls, what do I do if I am not good enough?

Mr.Whitmore: You kids and love, no wonder you were late you walking bundle of hormones. There isn't anything you can do, you can change but that isn't really being yourself anymore.

Billy: Thanks...

Mr.Whitmore: Just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

StarBucks, 4:59 pm

I don't know why I came so early. I bet she hasn't even left her house yet. *sigh*
Oh, there she is.


Savannah: Hey, I want you to meet someone.
Billy: What? Who? Where?

Savannah: A guy I met last week.

Billy: Oh... Where is he?

Savannah: Behind you, dork.

*Turns around slowly, a giant body blocks out the sun*

Billy: AHHH!!!

Savannah: Don't worry, he won't bite. He only plays football for the varsity the other college in town.

Thomas: So your 'BK', Savannah has told me a lot about you.

*Shakes hands with the towering brute, a slight pop is heared coming from billy's hand*

Billy: So you two are...

Savannah: Yup! I am so happy I met him.

*She hugs the giant*

Billy: Oh..

Savannah: Say, do you want to go to the movies with us?

Billy: I can't I have to go to work soon.

Savannah: I thought you had today off?

Billy: Someone called in sick, sorry I should have told you sooner.

Thomas: It was nice meeting you... he left.

Billy's House
Oh man. I feel sick to my stomach... This can't be happening...
*A knock at the door.*

Billy: It's unlocked.

Mr.Whitmore: Here I thought you might need these.

Billy: I won't need those.

Mr.Whitmore: What happened?

Mr.Whitmore: It happens, so I take it you won't be coming tomorrow?

Billy: Yeah...

Mr.Whitmore: Just read over chapter 16.

Billy: Sure thing...

Mr.Whitmore: Hey, don't drag yourself down so much. Trust me there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Billy: But this one means so much too me...

Mr.Whitmore: Right, well time heals most wounds, and I have to go.

*The door closes*

If only I acted sooner...

*crys himself to sleep*
*The TV is on and a live news broadcast is going*

Newsreporter: We're here live on the scene of a hostage situation at the Midway College...

*A spilt bowl of cereal is laying in the floor and the door is left open*

Security Guard: What good is that helmet if you don't use it?

Billy: Why are you just standing here?

Security Guard: Hey, I am just making sure no one comes in or out until the SWAT team gets here. Besides how do I know you didn't have a part in this mister I didn't come to school today?

Billy: Screw you, my girlfriend is in there!
Oh great, I just called her my girlfriend. Too late now.
Billy: So your just going to sit here as people are dying.

Security Guard: I am not paid enough to die.

Billy: What good is a security guard if he doesn't work.

Security Guard: What did you say?!

*Billy knocks the guard out and rushes in.*

Think, think where is she? She should be in Mr.Whitmore's class this period. Room 220. Wonderful, thats upstairs. The elevator and the stairs are probably blocked off. Oh! The lattace I used that the other day to sneak in. Hehe.

ROOM 220

Savannah: This can't be happening... this just can't be happening...

*tap. tap. The entire room goes silent.*

Billy: Let me in.

Savannah: Why did you come?

Billy: To save you, of course.

Savannah: So you do care for me...

Billy: Come on I am getting you out of here.

*He tugs on her arm*

Savannah: What about the others?

Billy: What others?

Savannah: The hostages?

Billy: I'll save them too, but first I am getting you out of here.

Savannah: No, I am going with you.

Billy: What if you get hurt?

Savannah: I am a big girl.

Billy: *sigh* Fine, lead the people here to the entrance I'll meet you at the gym.

Billy: This door is locked you go try that one, I'll try this one over here.

I wonder why she wants to help them...

*Billy catches a glimpse of someone sneaking up on Savannah. Billy takes off running towards her. Savannah turns arounds and finds herself face to face with a gunman.*

Gunman: Hey there pretty lady. Show me whats under that skirt and I promise I won't hurt you... MUCH! Hahaha.

Savannah: Blow me!

Gunman: Is that a promise...

*Billy tackles the gunman, in the struggle a few shots are fired. The Gunman is dead. Billy stands back up*

Savannah: I could've taken him.

Billy: Sure thing, miss snake charmer.

*Billy almost falls*

Savannah: Oh my god, your bleeding.

Billy: Don't worry about me. I am fine.

*A gunman comes to check to see what the noise was.*

Gunman Leader: So Mr. Hero think you can just come here and mess this operation up.

*The gunman starts unloading his machine gun in a pray and spray fashion. Billy and Savannah head towards the closest door.*


Savannah: We are screwed...

Billy: No we're not.

Billy waves the gun he grabbed off of the dead man.

Billy: Just survive, and I am sure that Thomas will make a very good boyfriend for you.

Savannah: He's not my boyfriend.

Billy: Wait, What!

Savannah: He's my long lost brother. My mother put him up for adoption all those years ago, I just never thought he'd live around here too. Wait, you thought. HAHaha. Did you not noticed that he looked like me but with shorter hair?

Billy: HAhaha... ow.. ow that hurts... I was too busy fearing for my life.

SWAT team leader: Inside are multiple gunman. Here are the layouts, memorize them quick because shots have been fired. We need to hurry before more lives are lost.


Savannah: You don't have to go out there.

Billy: If he decides to shoot through this door we ARE screwed.

Savannah: Please don't go and die on me. It took us this long just to fall in love.
Billy: A Native American shaman once told me people are like water. Once you have been spoiled, the sun and the wind will lift you up to the heavens and once your ready. You'll fall back to the earth like an angel, bringing life... You've changed me for the better. Just promise me you will bring life to me in my next life, like you've done this one. Maybe next time I won't break your heart...

Newsreporter: We've just recieved word from a student who managed to escape that another student is fighting back, we'll more info for you as it comes in. Just now the SWAT team has entered the building.

*Gun fire is heard and the newsreporter jumps to the ground*

Newsreporter: From what it sounds like, its almost as if we are in the middle of a war. Could this be our hero or the SWAT team?
*The Gun fire stops, moments later the hostages come running out.*