Well,I was searching the forum but I didn't find this kind of thread so I hope it's not a problem.I was wondering if someone and I'm sure of that watched and is still watching this kind of anime.So,what are the sports anime that you have seen and which of them do you like the most?I saw:Milla Superstar(my first anime watched after all),Kaleido Star(<33),The Prince of tennis,Dear Boys,Hikari no densetsu,Captain Tsubasa and Aoki densetsu shoot.I like the most Milla Superstar(also called Attack no.1) and because of this anime I'm loving so much playing voleyball,Kaleido Star it's also great and it has a nice story and a lot of interesting characters and now I think I like also tennis because of The prince of tennis.That's all from me,now I'm waiting for you opinions^^.