I already posted a second chapter. But I'm changing it a bit. I didn't see a rule saying I can't.

"A puddle of blood? Then shouldn't you be dead?" Kiba asked.

"Normally, yes. But because of what it was that attacked me, I didn't."

Hinata spoke up. "W-well, Kurenai-tdtsensei? You still haven't told us what attacked you."tar
She looked away. "You wouldn't believe me."

"Just tell us already!" Kiba was getting very anxious.

"Fine." She started to speak but Hinata pricked her arm on a thorn in a bush.

"Ow." It was a big thorn. So it was bleeding quite a bit. She looked in a bag she had brought for a wrap. Kurenai stopped talking and tried to block Hinata's arm from view. "Kurenai-senei, what's wrong?" Hinata asked while bandaging her arm.


"So?! Are you gonna finish telling us or not!?'

"I'll wait." Then she got a terrified look on her face. "He's here." She jumped into a tree. "Where is he? He's gotta be here somewhere." Then a kunai went through her stomach. "Ugh!" Then one went into each leg.

"Just try to protect your team now." A voice said. Then a shadowy figure walkled toward her and crushed her hand. "Especially without jutsu."

She glared at a shadowy figure.

"Kurenai-sensei! Kurenai-sensei! Are you okay!? Do you need help!?" Kiba was worried after hearing her yell in pain.

Then the figure did a jutsu.

"Yes. I'm fine, Kiba." Kurenai was sitting next to them, perfectly fine.

"What happened? It sounded like you'd been hurt."

"I was." Then the jutsu wore off and the true form was revealed.

"W-what?" Hinata hid behind Kiba.

"Who the heck are you!?"

Shino spoke. "I thought it would've been obvious. Especially to you, Kiba. That isn't Kurenai-sensei. It's a man. She was hurt."

"Hinata. We'll hold him off. You check on our real sensei." Hinata nodded and jumped into the tree.

When she finally found Kurenai, there were three blood kunais next to her and she saw the wounds heal. "Kurenai-sensei?"

"Oh! Hinata. Did you see that?"


"Well then, I guess you probly wanna know why. That man is Miyazuki. He's a vampire hunter. And right now, I'm his target.