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That is dubious reasoning. What of the people who were on the other side of the planet when Jesus was crusified. Do they also deserve hell for merely being the same species as the romans? And let's not forget the people born two thousand years later? How are they even remotely involved?
The Romans are not the ones who mad us worthy of a life in Hell. I have the same beliefs as Gaara's True Girlfriend. The reason we ALL deserve Hell is because of Adam of Eve, when they ae of the frut of the knowledge of good ad evil. That is how sin came into the world (it is in the first few chapters of Genesis), and because we are all descendents of Adam and Eve, we are all born sinners, that is te reason why Jesus had to die for us.

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Don't forget all the people who died before Jesus came around to save them. Moses is rotting in hell because he didn't Accept Jesus Christ As His Personal Savior™.
The Bible says (although I can't recall the exactverse at the moment, I wl ost it later) Jesus wnt into Hell and freed all of its prisoners,tat is what he was doing the three days before He rose from the dead.
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I'd prolly go to Heaven...I have a question...If you dont go to chruch are you going to hell?
If so....YUS. :3 Hell might beh more interesting then heaven will be...Actually I just wonna float around as a ghost on earth...is that possible? =X
Church does not define who goes to Heaven an wo doesn't. There are people who d go to church, but don't believe, and vice versa, if you don't believe you won't o to Heaven.

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More importantly, Jesus must be roting in hell because he didn't Accept Himself As His Personal Savior™.
If that is supposed to be a joke....not funny

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And... Jesus is not in Hell, because He NEVER sinned.

Everyone sinned, except Him, so we needed someone perfect and sinless to take our place.
Exactly, theJes had to sacrifice te purest lamb that they had in order to be forgiven ofteir sins.Because Jesus was pure ad sinless, which is why we no longer need to sacrifice lambs