Deletion by Moderators and Administrators

User accounts will rarely be deleted by staff. In the case of inappropriate/offensive names or names designed to mimic that of site staff, we will simply lock the account, as deletions just mean that someone will re-register that name.

Deletion Requests by User

User requests to delete their accounts will not be accepted. Because the ownership of all posts made by a user would default to "guest" if the user ID is deleted, Anime Forum choses to maintain the user and posts/threads associations for legal/archival purposes.

If for any reason a user choses to leave Anime Forum, the user seeking to not receive e-mails from Anime Forum are encouraged to do the following:

Click the User CP link.

1. Unsubscribe from subscribed threads

In the left hand navigation column, scroll down until you see "List Subscriptions". Click on it.

Any threads you are currently subscribed to will have a check box the right. At the top of the column of check boxes is a single check box that when clicked will select every single thread. Click that.

Scroll down to the bottom of the list. You will see a pulldown menu entitled "Selected Threads:". Select "Delete Subscriptions" and click the "Go" button.

2. Disable receiving E-mail from other Members

In the left navigation column, under "Settings and Options", select "Edit Options."

In the second box entitled "Messaging & Notification", uncheck all applicable boxes, especially "Receive E-mail from Other Members" and "Enable Private Messaging"

And you're done. If you really never want to use the account again, change the email on it to something non-existent, and the account will be completely disabled.

These steps will ensure that no one from the sites will ever email you, and if you change the email setting also, the account will be completely locked down. However, do make sure that you remove any subscriptions and notifications before you change the email address in the account.