So recently, being out of commision recovering from a Rugby causes concussion. I figured I might look into my sisters godly connection of Anime.
Now I've looked into it, it would appear she has got nearly everything which for me is a plus at least. Though she can speak japanese and I cannot which cuts the collection in half anyway but nevermind :P

So I dug through and picked out a couple. I didn't really know what kind of Anime I preferred because I'd never really had time or the interest to sit down and become entralled. I'm talking to you now on an anime fansite of sorts so you can tell the outcome of my recent decision to watch some :P

So I ended up picking out Elfen Lied, Beserk and Chobits.

So I figured I'd go for this Elfen Lied title first. My only other experience with anime was from several years ago when I liked the 3x3 Eyes series and the Devilman film which I personally thought was the coolest thing ever

So for those that have seen Elfen Lied the first few minutes I was actually chuckling to myself and wondering why in the world my little sister would want to watch such violent stuff but still I kept watching.
I have to say from me putting that first disc in I didn't stop watching til the series was over. Needless to say I liked it a lot, though I did have a few issues with how it all went seeing as I guess my maleness and being used to action flicks and the like came through and wondered why the leading male didn't act more like a man which left me wondering why in the hell I was expecting him to get laid in what is essentially a cartoon! regardless. Elfen Lied was great, I enjoyed the excessive violence and the like. I found it entertaining.

So going from Elfen Lied to something like Chobits was a bit of a change, to say the least it was a change of pace that I almost stopped watching again until my sister told me I really should watch the rest of them, so I did and It was alright I guess even if the whole human and robot was a bit wierd to me, But now knowing a bit more about the whole anime scence I can tell it isn't such a strange thing after all

So then came Beserk. I'm a big gaming fan also, Be it Final Fantasy or soul caliber, Big swords is what I like. My living room wall proves this . So the first few episodes went passed and it was a bit confusing at first but wow, Once the series picked up I thought it was awesome. I watched the whole series in 3 days which for me is a lot :P I thought it was awesome and the best series I've yet seen, Devilman still being my fav film I guess for those who have seen Beserk will understand me saying when the final episode finished I was sat there in disbelief staring at the screen for about a minute wondering what the hell they had left it on. Oh well, I liked it a lot and have been told to check the manga out but I don't find them as engaging as watching the anime's.

Anyway. Those were my first 3 titles I've watched and made me only want more, So currently I'm on Gantz, We'll see how that turns out, I'm 9 episodes in and waiting for something awesome to happen. Hopefully it will.