I stumbled upon this name when I bought a magazine about anime.
I looked at the cast of Suzumiya Haruhi and saw the name.
It says that Ono Daisuke who is the voice behind Koizumi is also the voice behind Yagami Kazuma of Kaze no Stigma. I was intrigued and searched for it and of course I found it.

It's a good anime in my opinion.
It's about the story of Yagami Kazuma, an outcast of the Kannagi clan because the Kannagis being a family of Fire mages or Engutsushi since ancient times was disgraced by the fact that Kazuma being the heir could not use fire magic.
He was driven out of the country. He sought for power and found it in the Spirit King of the Wind. He made a contract with the King and the King gave him enormous power, to be precise, the power to control all of the wind in the atmosphere.

At first, he wanted revenge but as the story progresses, he found himself helping the same family who drove him out four years ago.

I kinda like this anime and the fact that it has an open ending indicates that it may have a second season.

Does anyone else know this anime?
Share your thoughts!!


"Fukitsu wo todokini Staze"- "I came to deliver bad luck"
- Black Cat