Name: Hanaukyo Maid Team
kanji: 花右京メイド隊
Episodes: 15 (supposed to be 17 but ran out of money )then 12 with the real ending
Type: TV series
Source: my dvd collection
Genre: romance, comedy, Echi
Companies: Geneon, Domu, M.O.E.

I originally saw this at an anime convention 2 years ago, and bought dvds with a gift card I won in an anime costume contest at my local mall (I was nick wolfwood of trigun fame, huge cross in a sheet and belts) So this series if anything proves what an anime dork i am.

I've heard lots of things about this anime, some say it's like richie rich, others compare it to a shota softcore porn, the truth lies in niether.

So it begins with Tarou mourning his parents death and setting out to see his grandfather whom he is supposed to live with. When he gets there, it's mansion, filled with hundreds of maids, a security team rivaling the government, and no grandpa, he left instructions for this 12 year old to be head of the household.

In the origanel he is allergic to girls and only his true love Mariel can touch him (why her? that's a secret the show doesn't tell cause it never had the real ending but in the comic.... there is a reason) In the new one he is simply to shy to allow them to touch him, even the 3 *ahem* chamber maids, his grandpa left him. They presume him to be gay in the origanel because he won't respond to their constant come ons. (obviously cause he loves Mariel and is in middle school)

Even though he has all this he's not happy, cause he has a crush on his head maid, who is a good foot taller then him (she's the same age but the reason she is so healthy is also revealed later) He must deal with rival families, another household whose head wants to MARRY him (even though she hates him and is the butt of the series) All in all his kindness and goodheartedness shows through. He tries to help each maid achieve her goals.

One of the more interesting maids is the one in the basement, a middle school aged mad scientist/anime nerd girl who writes romance comic books about gay men and seeks to have them published. He goes out of his way to help a schizophrenic 8 year old (whom in the origanel has a pet ferret who lives in her bonnet) one personality is a mute kind 8 year old, the other is a hateful supergenius bent on protecting her other personality from further trauma.
those two (or three?) are shown here.

It may seem serious but you will be laughing throughout the whole thing, and at the end you'll want to cry and you'll really be rooting for Tauro and his love interest, and if not him then his body gaurd who has a crush on her commander. At the end they all band together under Taro's leadership and understand why he was picked to be their master. (I can say that without spoiling the SPECTACULAR ending. SERIOUSLY a must see.

All the while he wants to lead a normal life, the girl he loves wants to be his servant but he wants her to be his equal, and the girl trying to marry him goes more and more extreme, as does his security team as he keeps finding hints about that one maid he has such a crush on.... something.... ominous.

long story short this is my favorite anime of all time and I HIGHLY recommend it. Brief nudity in episode 1 but other then that it's all good.

: was passable in the first series, 7 out of ten, but it went pretty impressive in the remake I have to give it a 9 /10.

: This started out shallow but then towards the end you stopped laughing and started watching intently on the edge of your seat. I was never bored. 10/10

Voice acting and sound: 9/10 They really did a great job here. You didn't smell a lot of bad acting they did a very professional job BOTH times. The music was forgettable but the sound effects were great through my system.

Over all 9.5/10 truly some of Geneon's best work.