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Thread: RPG: The Academy of Mages

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    Default RPG: The Academy of Mages

    OOC: YAY! Its finally started. Sorry if things are a little at the bare minumums, but school and guard take up alot of time. Okay so let the legend begin. (At least I hope it becomes legendary. )

    For miles around the forests are deep and lush. Filled with wildlife, never had they been touched by man. This forest was said to be inpenatrable by humans because we had given up the things that made us natural, our claws, teeth, and four legged reflexices.

    Hundreds upon hundreds of years ago a traveling group looking for salvation found a grassy plane in the middle of that forest. They believed it was a miracle, and that they must use this land to build a safe haven for all. There were five leaders in that group, each having their own people wishing for hope, promising to follow them to the ends of the earth to find their sanctuary. Their need was so great that they called upon the long, hidden property of this plane. Magic. They were bestowed upon great gifts of power and knowledge. The greatest of them all were the five original leaders who led the people to protect the land they loved.

    The leaders declared themselves council and they heard all problems with open ears and kind hearts. After ten years of happiness on the plane a large group of people found themselves lost and stumbled upon the people’s precious town. The townspeople were kind and generous to these new people. One day the leader of the new people said that they should have leaders and their own land since they knew more about the present world.

    The council said, “We left your world because we didn’t like the way it was. We do not want to adopt the old worlds vices.” The new people were furious and forgot the fact they had only meant to stay a short time to not burden the townspeople. They brought out new age weapons and attacked the townspeople. The townspeople and the council were furious themselves and confronted the new people head on. Before that the townspeople had kept their abilities from the new people, but after the attack they used them to protect their little piece of the world. The new people were so frightened they fled, but before doing so they injured some. From that moment on the council forbid outsiders from coming onto the grounds and set a mighty barrier for miles around their land.

    Part of the problem had been the lack of training. So with a few other decrees the council built a school at the center of the town. They called it the Academy of Mages, after the Magic they had received. Each of the five civilizations sent their Mages be trained at the school. The whole town was set up in a star shape to symbolize the peoples hope and the importance of magic in their culture.

    The most important part of the school was the great limestone in front of it. On it was the name of the school and the importance in working together, believing in your friends, magic cannot be destroyed, everyone is equal, and you must respect them. After many years though more people did come and the mages interbred and moved away. Sometime during this all the first councils' words were covered up, so now the stone is blank except for the name of the school. The magic was still with the families and seemed to never die out. The original motives of kindness and hope were lost to new generations and they used their abilities for personal gain. Over time the families all moved out of their little city, out of respect they turned the whole place into a school. A place they could send their children to understand their powers and to learn, enrich their minds.

    Present: September 25, 2016 (Changed it to first quarter. I’m fickle.)


    A cool breeze glided threw the many trees on the grounds. Rustling leaves sounded throughout the school, as a melody. A young boy sat upon the roof of the outer wall that connected the dorms. Eyes closed he listened to wonderful sounds of the new school year. Students were rushing about to get to classes, nervous freshman ducked in out of sight. Abram smiled at their obvious worry. It had been tradition to scare the newbies a little, and even though he had been one himself last year he was a known prankster already. This was his pride and joy time, besides Halloween of course. Abram stood up and gazed for his first target. A nerdy mind freshman walked along the path near Abram, completely oblivious to his wicked smile. Abram played a quick tune on his flute, that which sent the girl in the completely wrong direction. A direction that would lead her straight to the school maze behind the Nature dorm. Abram smiled again knowing his fun had just begun, but the warning bell was ringing and he knew he musn’t be late for class. [I]To get on a teacher’s bad side, oh that was just not done[I] Abram thought deviously.


    A redhead rested her head against the trunk of The Tree. She relished the shade this tree provided her. With the coming of fall the area wasn’t that warm, but for now it was still pretty sunny and the redhead had afternoon classes she couldn’t afford to sleep through out there in the nature dorm gardens. The redheads name was Caley Brookes, and she lifted one eye-lid up in response to a small noise. The noise seem to come from a confused Mind girl. She was a young girl, looked about the right age to be freshman. She seemed to be in a trance of some sort, but when the girl ran into a young sapling Caley knew what was going on. She sent a bit of water at the girl, making sure not to get the girl’s shirt wet in the process. Within seconds the freshman was looking around in horror. This was obviously not where she had intended to go and Caley smiled kindly sending the freshman in the proper direction.


    On her way out of the gardens the Mind freshman almost ran into a very tall African girl. She loomed over the Mind freshman for a moment, before the freshman ran away in fear.

    “Ashanti you should be nicer to the new students. They are already going to get quiet the scare within the next few weeks let alone the whole year. The way upperclassman even sophomores act freshman are their own personal punching bag.” Caley said eyes closed again nodding off a little. Ashanti just shook her head in response before sitting down on the other side of the tree. She too leaned back and enjoyed the relaxtion brought with being a Junior the first few weeks of school. Ashanti always hoped that someone who looked like her might arrive in that planefull of kids every year, but no one ever came. It wasn’t that Ashanti didn’t love her kin-sister Caley, its just hard to be somewhere where everyone has an ability like you, yet is totally different. She sighed and decided Caley’s idea of taking a nap wasn’t so bad and nodded of herself.


    OOC: Don't forget 2 posts a day so make them count!!! Also if you stop posting and hold up my roleplay I'll hunt you down and you won't like what happens next ^.^

    EDIT2: I will be uploading a picture of the campus tommorow. Its a VERY rough sketch though, and for everyone if you are not sure about where something is when in doubt pm me. Do not post a location or a monumental thing in the roleplay if you are not totally sure.
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