hallo there, I'm Alessio (Nowitzky is the nickname I'm used to be known in internet), nice to meet you all.

I'm an anime fan so, surfing on the web to make some singalong (I can be very bored I guess) I found out animelyrics.com, and that there's a forum too, and here I am. I must admit I'm impressed from the dimension of this board, never been in a place with so many users.

Personally, I like many kind of animes, if I have to list a few I enjoyed I can say Naruto, Air, Lucky Star... many others that, as usual, I can't recall now that I'm writing a post.
I'm a student in the languages university of my city and I'm on my second semester (about to begin): my major is on English, Japanese (eheh) and Arabian.

I amaze myself for the number of things I wrote, I'm usually not good in introductions.

Anyway, thanks for reading and hope we can get along well.

*goes to set up avatar and signature*