while i was reading some post in some thread i realize on thing
in same grades the people that is usa have different subjects from those i have/had in that grade

and i think itīs about our educational system

till we have 14/15 years we have subjects in school from all kind of knowledge, history, cience, math, languages, arts, music, etc but when we enter in secundary school with 15 years (we give it that name here in portugal) we have to choose one "knowledge" area to focus our knowledge process. itīs like: you wanna be a language professor or something related with languages so you discard the subjects more related with maths, physics, chemistry, bio, etc. do you get it?
i am in universty in a management course so i donīt know nothing about chemistry or biology because till i was 15 (now i am 19) i focus my study in economics related subjects without forgetting my mother tongue and sport subjects.

can someone talk about the education system of your country?
i have the idea that in usa you have a more global school and not so focused as mine. you know a little of everything and i know a lot of just one subject