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Thread: RPG: Air Gear: Sky Legend

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    Default RPG: Air Gear: Sky Legend

    *Approved by Mia-MOS*

    Ok, before we get this thing started, rules:

    1. Follow all AF rules.

    Now, after a day or so into the RPG, I plan on asking somebody to be the Co-GM of the RPG for me. Maybe even 2 people considering certain circumstances.

    Really, there isnt much for me to say, other than enjoy the RP. Now, let's begin.....

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    The year 500 A.D.......

    It was a war. Hundreds upon thousands of Greek warriors battle each other, blood spewing everywhere. Corspes laid across the war zone, the bodies being moved around as if simple trash on the battlefield. The stench of blood filled the air, fresh. This battle had been going on for the past 2 days, the only rest anybody recieved was an eternal one.

    Hours and hours wore on, and soon, there were only a few warriors remaining on each side. The land below them had been almost completely destroyed, craters littering it all over. The final few of warriors charged toward each other, 4 on each side. These 8 people were known as kings, the most powerful of Greek warriors.

    They all clashed their blades together, sending a sparkle of energy out in all directions. Rays of light spread outward, completely blinding view of what had actually happened.

    The light slolwy faded, and the 8 Kings all stood in a circle, a white light shining down in the middle of them. As if they had been frozen still, they didnt take another step, all just looking up at the shining light. A winged being was seen descending from the light, slowly making its way too the center of the Kings' circle.

    That winged being simply spread its arms outward, and sent out a large wave of white light. That wave spread across the entire land, completely overtaking every inch. As the white light faded, the wretched, bloody battlefield had been changed into a beautiful, lush grassland, flowers blooming all over.

    The battle had finally ended. The 8 Kings all fell to the ground, their bodies completely giving in on them. They layed in the grass, a smile crossing each of their faces. Unity between the most powerful warriors of the land had been reached, and the struggle between them had ended. What was unknown to them, is that something similar to that they just witnessed would take place hundreds of years later. Although, it would be a much far greater struggle......a legendary war that would go down in history.

    Air Gear: Sky Legend

    Colors: Soji Kanihoto - Aya Kurama


    The bell had just rung at Shinanome High School. Within seconds, the kids were all exiting through the doors, free from restraints. Most kids were seen riding their Air Treks, weaving through the large crowds.

    Soji Kanihoto, age 17, a junior at Shinanome High School, walked out of the schoolyard with a pair of ATs strapped to his back. Soji took a look at the ATs, seeing as they had been used to their limit. The wheels were chipped in multiple places, the straps torn at every possible place, and the skate itself was technically one big scratch.

    "Damn........these things are done." He thought. "Time to pay a visit to the local shop...." Soji ruffled through his pockets, pulling out twenty-five bucks. "Aw hell, I can barely afford a wheel!"

    This boy, suprisingly enough due to his lack of equipment, was the leader of a pretty popular Storm Rider team around the school, Blade Dance. Although, the leader seemed to be out of luck. "Let's hope I can find a discount or two..." Soji thought, throwing his ATs over his back again.

    Soji then felt a slight tug on his ATs and turned around, to see Aya Kurama behind him. "What gives?" Soji said, sighing.

    "Have you taken a look at your ATs lately, Soji? Those poor completely killed them!"

    "'Killed them?'" Soji asked. "You say it l ike they have feelings!"

    "If you plan on leading an Air Trek team, I hear that actually having ATs to use helps!" Aya said, arching an eyebrow.

    "I know, that's why I was about to ask you for about 45 bucks. That should get me a decent pair, coupled with my 25 right now."

    "Sorry bro, but I've got my own needs to worry about. I plan on joining an Air Trek team myself later on today!"

    Soji was suprised at this. He chuckled, scratching Aya's head. "What team? If its with an assload of wild boys, I might have to put you on hold."

    Aya almost completely ignores Soji's comment, looking off into the distance. "Anyway, I've got to get going, see ya' when you get home." She begins to walk off, a slight op in her step due to her almost abnormal cheery attitude.

    "Yeah, whatever." Soji said, sitting down at a table on campus, continuing to stare at his broken down ATs. He figured he'd hang around the school a little longer before leaving, not wanting to miss out on any 'opportunities' he may miss in leaving immediately.

    OOC: Alright everyone, here we go. Now, since everybody is leaving the school at the moment, you can all rather meet up with other team members, get aquainted, or just act the fool. Good luck, and enjoy.

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