I've been watching anime for a long time, started back when no one really realized what was from Japan. I started out with shows inspired by and ripping off other anime series, like Robotech, Transformers and Voltron. I didn't really become a big fan until a Thanksgiving the Sci-Fi channel here in the US started showing Vampire Hunter D and the first parts of Record of the Lodoss War. And of course at some point I saw Akira.

After that I bought Armitage the Third, Ghost in the Shell, still have yet to watch the more manga based Stand Alone Complex, the entire Record of the Lodoss War and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I spent a period not watching much anime, was not a big fan of DBZ although I think Hercule is the man and even took his name for half of my Yahoo address lol.

Currently I'm catching up. I just started watching Naruto and Death Note, both great series. I am also a huge Case Closed fan and wish they would release the dvd's faster lol. I also play a huge amount of RPG's for my PS2 and Xbox 360. And I just got through both Full Metal Alchemist, which I HATED the ending to, and Last Exile.

I know theres more I could say, and as soon as I can find a good one I'll add an avatar and other stuff to my profile, but its Christmas and its early in the morning, and I suck in the mornings lol. Anyway, feel free to suggest shows to me, drop me a message, and I have worked at an EB Games, now Gamestop, for 10 years so if you have any video game related questions, feel free to ask. I know a ton and I like to share lol.

Talk to you all soon!