I am leaving AF as a mod. This should come not come to a shock to those who do know me, because I have been wanting to do so for like a year or better already As a few of you already knew this for a long time. I know some of you have talked me out of leaving in the past. But this time I will be leaving. When I am done with this post Minako will remove my mod levels and revert me back to a normal level. It has been a fun ride over the past few years, as I have had my ups and downs here at this site from when it was AG to its transformation over to AF, and to what it is today. I originally wanted to leave back in November but stayed on as I could withpout because my 2 co-mods have been extremely busy with their personal lives and jobs. So I am going to lock this post as my last act here, because their is no reason for me to leave it open.