"A Japanese five-piece expanding the limits of epic rock and hardcore to the point of thoroughly redefining both." - Temporary Residence Ltd.

In other words : This band rocks!!!

I've been listening to Envy for years now, and would like to share them with you guys. Music being my first love, I had always strived to find
the greatest in music. Rock, techno, hip-hop, you name it, I have a piece of it. I have searched the most deepest depths in the most farthest places to find the many CDs that I own today. But never have I felt more grateful, to have come across such a brutal and beautiful band as Envy.

Combining post-rock elements such as Mogwai,
Godspeed You Black Emperor!, and Explosions In The Sky,
together with the hardcore fury of Orchid, Raein, and Ekkaia;
topped off with Japanese lyrics that are as deep as they are poetic...
Envy has won my heart. -_-

Really, if you like emoitional music at all, and can handle some intense screaming, I guarantee this band will touch you.

You can listen to them here...
Official Myspace>>>http://www.myspace.com/officialenvy

Record labels Envy are signed with...
Sonzai Records>http://www.sonzairecords.com/envy.html
Rock Action>http://www.rock-action.co.uk/index.php?id=24
Level Plane>http://www.level-plane.com/php/band_...php?band_id=35