" About myself you say? " He asked as they went on, tracking through the dirt road on their way past the high grasses and the low hanging trees shining with the bulbs of starlight locust flowers blooming in the ocean of the night. He noticed a few bulbs going out, but kept his calm.

" Well I am Vahngard Kaethmour.. The previous Captain of the Star Order Guard at the Star Kingdom Castle. I am of Saeth descent, meaning as you noticed I'm like a cat. " He brought a hand to his chest, on his white place armor where the Rose Crest sat engraved near his heart.

" When I was young I just couldn't help but be so enticed by the romanticism of being a Fencer.. a Knight or Duelist as you could say. What I am made it the perfect art to get into. Though I realize their is more to it then beauty. Though the sword is more then just a weapon.. " He stopped for a few seconds to emphasize on that note " It's a tool to revitalize one's soul, and protect that which one cares about. "

He would look down at his Vahjia, the Rose Brand forged in the deep cataclysms of the early world, a blade to shine and breathe through the darkness. He could only wonder how it really was him who became one of the five. But that thought wasn't of any true importance. He was one of them, so be it. He would take it as it were and be the best he could.

" Beyond that... I grew up like any other Saeth.. But I was basically raised in that castle. The head of the Kitchen; Ginsel was like a second mother to me. " He turned to them as he walked and asked them the same thing. " What about you two? "