> > > Cyber Connect Corporation (Nasdaq: CCC) is a site that is based on the .hack// series. It has a free membership an no frees for usage of "The world". Though, you do have to upload "The World v6.0" but it has it already for you to do so. There has also been a network crisis with in the CCC system and around the globe:
As the site indicates>
Network Crisis?NEW YORK, New York, November 27 – CyberConnect Corporation (Nasdaq: CCC), the game production corporation, which is know for such games as The World and the in-development title The World R:2, has announced that ‘AIDA virus’ seems to have been cleared from their systems. At the same time however, CC says that their servers have gone offline, including their web server as the result of something known only as the ‘rebirth’. The CC Corporation BBS has just recently been put back online in an attempt to restore communications between CC Corporation and the users of The World.
In other news, networks around the globe have been receiving strange error messages, as well as massive server loads ever since this ‘Rebirth’ incident began. The server loads are causing massive strain on the network as a whole, in what is being called the ‘Third Network Crisis’. All around the globe, communication systems, as well as security systems, transportation systems, etc have been receiving error messages, and have been on the fritz.
CC Corporation has yet to release a public statement about the incident, but we hope to hear from them soon.
More news to come on this incident, as more is found out about it.

> > If you ask me, I think this is news that needs to be noticed. It means that some hackers have to much time, power, or both to be able to do this kind of thing. I have noticed as well as some other people of this
occurrence, have you? Well, if you found this part boring at lest you know of a site that dedicated in how it runs like the .hack// series. So there is more then just the bought games, comics, and dvds for the people who are really into the .hack// series to check out. Or just want to have fun too I guess.