I wrote this a long time ago. before I joined AF so ya take a look at what was going through my head a year and a month and one day ago.

Who I am I to say that Iíve seen it all when its just begun ?
What I am I to say when they come to me what do they expect of me ?
Do they not know what its like to be me ?
And I answer NO theyíve got no idea what it even means and they just donít see
I keep it to my self and tell no one I donít hear what they say because I know there wrong
I answer to NO one who thinks they all there is to know

I fear no one who threatens me cause I donít care and I donít care But still I keep moven on cause I just got to keep moven on and yet I pray and yes I pray that some day they will see the true part of me and learn to see past the act and mask but until that day I will stay the same in there eyes and not mine. 10/18/06
age 11