For this thread, I want to make a discussion on youtube. Here are some of my initial questions and feel free to add your ingredients to the pie.

Here are some things you can talk about

Do you have a youtube account?
-Then talk about whether you put up videos or just have an account for the sake of seeing flagged videos, and what kind of stuff you put up and why.

What are your favorite youtube channels?

Do you think youtube encourages or crosses the line on copyright infringement?

Do you think there are some channels or videos that need to be put down?

Do you think some people (ie, the IrateGamer) should really be paid for what they're doing?

But those are some basics.
Anyway, what has been upsetting me about youtube recently is that they are removing videos from the AngryVideoGameNerd and the guys who did the Juggernaut parody video. Though for separate reasons. I mean, there are people who blog in their underwear and yet they don't get in trouble!!!

I believe since the Angry Video Game Nerd is not 100% violating any of YouTube's policies, I feel his videos should not be put down for "inappropriate content." If you don't want to see his video, don't watch it. I don't think that's very fair to treat one of the biggest celebrities on youtube. Granted his content is offensive, but are there other weird channels out there that should be canceled?

As for the My Way Entertainment guys, I feel the copyright infringement is somewhat loose. It's not like they are taking the entire episode, the episode itself with the original audio and then making money off of it. And it's irnoic that Marvel Entertainment is using the trademark line of "I'm the Juggernaut b*+(#" in some of their own comic books and movies. Quite the irony, huh?

These guys are not asking for your money. They just want to make people laugh and promote the products of the original companies. My Way Entertainment made the old school X-Men somewhat popular again amongst fans (WHY IS SABAN NOT RELEASING THE DVD!!!!????).

And many have ranted on the unoriginal and uninspiring IrateGamer. The guy practically steals the format of the Angry Video Game Nerd and he's actually making money!!! Plus, he takes down videos of others that rant on him or show any clips of his videos because of loose copyright infringement!!! I mean, he is 100% like James Rofle! This guy is as low as Carlos Mensteala.

Copyright is such a vague and loose discussion. It's even more difficult than interpreting the 2nd Amendment. I feel if you're not uploading a whole movie or TV series and making money off of it while the original people aren't, then I think that's another story.

And to conclude, I do happen to run my own review show on youtube for anime and occasionally post AMVs and other kinds of video blogs. Granted I post clips on my show, but I always indicate that I am using the footage strictly for educational purposes and encourage those who are interested to buy or rent the DVDs. What I do is time consuming and helluva lot of hard work. But it pays off that I am getting people interested in the anime that I review and my viewers appreciate that I review some of their favorites.